Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ray Lions wants you in some active-wear!!!!

Former Wildcat 1st Team All-American Safety (2000-2003) and Linfield Legend Ray Lions is a man of many talents. In college, not only could Ray light up a hapless Rat wide receiver that dared come across the middle of the field but Ray was also a standout in the spring as a decathlete for the Track & Field team. And from accounts from his former teammates, Ray was a constant source of entertainment even if Coach Locey might have objected to Ray’s locker room dance moves.

Life after college hasn’t slowed down Ray’s ability to tackle new challenges and when you examine #23’s life you find out that Ray is a Swiss army knife of life or a modern day Renaissance Man, if you will. Since leaving Linfield, Ray has been excelling as a personal trainer in the Vancouver area but he’s such a good looking guy that he felt obligated to dabble in the world of modeling. Who is Ray to deny the local Portland Metro area of those pearly whites?

So, Wildcat11 received a call from a fellow ‘Cat asking me to pick up this past Sunday’s Oregonian and check out the Fred Meyer Ad flier. Sure enough there is #23 shilling some Freddies active-wear. At first I said to myself “Wow, it really is Ray!” and then I said “WOW, Men’s Microfleece Jackets and Pants for only $19.99!!!!” If you’re going to be in the Newberg area this weekend, you might just bump into Wildcat11 at Fred Meyers looking for some new threads to blog in. No knock on Ray but that gear sells itself!

***btw, Ray is a great sport and when I contacted him about posting this blog entry he told me to go for it. Not too many would be open to ribbing like this. Ray Lions...a legend!

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