Friday, January 15, 2010

Around the CatdomeO'sphere

Well, we had some articles that slipped by at the end of the year that I wanted to round up for you all. You've probably had already scanned most of these but there is a real gem from the Lewis & Clark Student paper about the Pios Homecoming win. You guys enjoy your weekend and the NFL playoffs. Go 'Cats! Linfield explodes back on the National Scene in 2009.

Statesman Journal: Aaron Boehme finalist for Ad Rutschman Small College Athlete of the Year

The Olympian: Linfield's Scott Millenbach, All-American

News-Register: Linfield's 2009 season named #2 top sports story in Yamhill County.

News-Register: Former All-American Quarterback, Danny Langsdorf, is man behind the numbers for Oregon State. Former Linfield Head Coach, Jay Locey, brought Linfield flavor to help make OSU a tighter program.

Loggerathletics: Willenbrock, done. Pacific has hired their Defensive Coordinator and Offensive Coordinator...both from Portland State. Pacific's Football Staff Running Hard To Recruit.

Added Bonus:

The Pioneer Log: L&C Football Wins Homecoming Game: 57-35. WC11 added this older story not because the Pios won Homecoming but for the quote of the year from L&C student Rainier Goubault ('10) that appears 1/2 way down the article. That's some school spirit!


Downtown48 said...

Quote of the year is right!!! That is AWESOME! I don't know what's funnier, the quote or the fact that they put it in the paper word for word!

Yves Beulynxx said...

That is, hands down, they greatest article ever to appear in any newspaper.

doc said...

What college other than Lewis and Clark and Reed WOULD print quotes like that verbatim?