Thursday, March 28, 2013

Road Work

Putting in work!

The 'Cats will be starting up Spring Football next week and Wildcat11 will be giving you heaping spoonfuls of video and other coverage from practice. The 'Cats ended their winter conditioning last week before Spring Break and as you can see by the photo above the 'Cats don't mind a little rain. In fact, Linfield doesn't mind the heat, smog, wet, dry, snow, ice, mud, etc. The 'Cats will play anybody in any condition and will bring it. You can always count on the 'Catdome.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Linfield baseball storms to #1 club in the country

A diamond that's a true gem.
The Linfield Wildcat's baseball team is having another tremendous season this spring.   Linfield just wrapped up a 3 game sweep in Spokane this past weekend over Whitworth to move the 'Cats to an 18-3 overall mark and 11-1 in Northwest Conference play.  The hot play of the 'Cats hasn't gone unnoticed, far from it, as the voters and the American Baseball Coaches Association have both ranked the 'Cats the current #1 team in the nation.  Tremendous.

It won't be easy to hang onto as the NWC plays tough baseball and the 'Cats have series remaining with PLU, George Fox, and hosts a scrappy Puget Sound club this weekend at Roy Helser field.  

I'm fired up as to see where this team, and Linfield Softball, will go as the spring continues. Go 'Cats!

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ABCA: March 26, 2012 Top 25

Monday, March 25, 2013

2012 Highlight Video Opening Clip

Ok, here is some football coffee to get your week started off on the right foot.  Above is the opening clip of the 2012 highlight video. Flip the video to full-screen mode and to HD and enjoy 2 minutes of catdome video.  Facebook share it, tweet it, pin it, email, or whatever but if you have a friend of Linfield football let them know that every Monday for the next 3 months we'll be posting up a new video up of the 'Cats 2012 season.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Coach Rombach is named 2012 DIII Strength and Conditioning coach of the year.

Photo Courtesy from Linfield Sports Information Department
Linfield's Linebacker and Strength Coach, Phil Rombach, has been named the 2012 Division III Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by American Football Monthly.  Coach Rombach was a fierce competitor for the 'Cats (2003-06) and has taken that intensity into Linfield's coaching staff the past 6 seasons.  In reaching out to Coach Rombach he deflected and stated that this is a program honor.  I appreciate Coach Rombach's line of thinking but we're still going to single you out for a job well done.

Linfield head football coach Joe Smith weighed in on the honor for Coach Rombach and the program:  "Coach Rombach has taken a strong training foundation that Neil Fendall built, and has added to it wonderfully.   Right now, our team is working harder and more efficiently than ever.   Coach Rombach, in his typical fashion, has put his entire heart into our training and this fall our entire program will reap the benefit of that commitment and investment.   I could not be more proud of Phil, as he is doing exactly what I knew he would do- turning out a great product by putting all he has into its formation." (subscriber site)

Monday, March 18, 2013

The 2012 Linfield Highlight Video is in the bag!

Respect All, Fear None

Actually, the 2012 Linfield Football highlight video has been completed for a few months now. Next Monday (March 25th) we’re going to start rolling out weekly clips from the 2012 video. I’m fired up to showcase the weekly highlights of a team that finished the season 11-1 and reached the Division III Elite 8. A little healthier and I felt the 2012 team would have been playing for a national title but that’s a post for another day. This year’s highlight video is our traditional format of weekly game clips that starts with the offensive fireworks and moves to the defense highlights. The total runtime is at 1 hour and 18 minutes. I really like this year’s opening clip. It’s what we usually do but has a bit more stylistic flare.

I told the players back in January at the premier that the quality of the highlight video is 99% on the players themselves. They are the ones putting up over 40 points and making huge defense plays after the next. It’s their cohesion, tenacity, and fire that makes my job infinitely easier. All I have to do is point the camera and try not to miss another big play. Putting together a quality highlight video would be much more difficult at most other football programs but not at Linfield.

So my first thank you goes to the players. Thank you for letting me get in your personal space and for accepting me and my camera in the locker room, in the huddle, and on the field. You guys always treat me with respect and it’s my honor to be around another standout group of young people. Thank you.

Video: Once again 2010 All-American offensive tackle Aaron Heston was my 2nd cameraman on the year. Aaron was great once again as he worked one of our cameras for Hardin-Simmons, at CLU, Whitworth, Lewis & Clark, Willamette, and Pacific. Aaron’s intimate knowledge of the game and his instincts were a huge asset in capturing some top plays on the season. I don’t know if I’ll have Hesto back next season but he’ll always have my gratitude for the help the past two years.

As in 2011, we incorporated much more coaches’ footage (wide and end zone) into our sideline shots. Coach Gabe Haberly was instrumental in getting that footage to me on a weekly basis. Gabe is a proactive person and that trait was on display in getting me what I needed weekly. Thank you Gabe!

Linfield Sports Information Director Kelly Bird also needs a big thank you for taking care of field access both in the ‘Catdome and out on the road. Kelly has a reputation for being one of the best small college S.I.D.’s around and it’s for a good reason. He’s on point.

Photography: Headed into the 2012 season I was nervous on this front. Photography is a huge part of the highlight video (transition pieces) and with our weekly game recaps on the blog. Linfield Professor Brad Thompson has been helping me out since the 2009 season with his incredible game shots but Brad was on sabbatical this past fall. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but then came Linda MacClanathan to my rescue. Linda has a deep connection to Linfield as her husband, Todd, played at Linfield and her son, Michael (#28), is a current player for the ‘Cats defensive line. Along with that, Linda is a fine photographer and provided me with a huge amount of photos to pick and choose from. Linda saved my bacon this year and I cannot thank her enough for her generosity and kindness. The MacClanathan’s are Linfield to the core and I’m thankful for getting to know them over the past few seasons. Linda provided me with photos for every game this season (sans the CLU game – Kelly Bird hooked me up for that game).

Music: This is something that I always labor over and try my best to get right. There are over 100 players on the team and different tastes in music. I do my best to represent a wide range of taste because I know music is important in all of our lives. We all love music and how various songs are linked to memories in our lives. It’s important to try to get it right. With that said, I am approaching 37 (yikes) so I do need help on what’s good and not. 2011 ‘Catdome graduate and 3 year starting monster back Kala’e Parish offered up two great suggestions (Top of the City & No Friend) that worked perfectly. Former All-NWC linebacker Jaymin Jackson (2009) is always looking out for me and sending me suggestions. I always appreciate it Jay. Mrs. Wildcat11 is my country music expert and set me up with (Creepin’ & Feel Like a Rock Star). However, much to Colin Forman’s disappointment I didn’t use Bangarang , but due to his persistence, I did find a dubstep track that worked. So thank you Colin for the inspiration in finding the Bulls on Parade remix.

Radio: Linfield play-by-play man Bill Johnson is all-in with the ‘Cats. Bill is a good man and is incredibly generous and willing to do what he can to help me out with my stupid requests. He is passionate about the ‘Cats and pro’s pro behind the mic. I think we’re dang lucky to have a talent like Bill calling the action for Linfield. I always feel welcome up in the booth with Dave Hanson (the ‘Cats longtime color man) and Bill’s wife (and spotter) Laurie. They’re a tremendous group of ‘Cats.

Voice: When I write “voice” there is only one man I could be talking about. Retired professor of speech and director of forensics Craig Singletary might have one of the greatest voices….ever. Craig has provided free of charge his voice for numerous voiceovers on scoreboard intro videos and opening clips. It would break my small budget in half if I had to hire out a voice talent at Craig’s level. He has a true gift that he provides at no cost because he loves Linfield football. On top of that, Craig is the best PA in any sporting venue in the country. Find me one better, I dare you.

Support: I can’t thank Linfield Head Coach Joseph Smith enough for his support. I do my best to leave Coach alone but occasionally I need some help and Coach always has my back. When he asked me to put together the highlight video in 2006 I had no idea what I was doing but Coach Smith has done nothing but provided unlimited access to the program and his assistance. It’s made all the difference.

Along with that I have to thank Linfield Athletic Director Scott Carnahan for his continued support and Coach Doug Hire and Coach Phil Rombach for behind the scenes support. The support they offer are paramount for me in being able to offer up the best product I can make. Thank you coaches!

To wrap this up I have to thank my incredible wife Kelly. There is no way I could do these projects without a partner and loving wife that didn’t support this “hobby” 100%. After our baby goes down for the night, I spend countless hours in the fall pulling and editing clips for the highlight video. To her, it has to seem endless but she’s always encouraging me to chase the ‘Cats around the country and make the best videos I can. I’m blessed to have her in my life and so are the Linfield Wildcats.

Next Monday, the fun begins!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Eyes of the 'Catdome are upon you.

Sorry to the lack of posts this past week but WC11 wasn't able to break away.  That's ok because even though I didn't post this past week doesn't mean the 'Cats were just sitting around doing nothing.  Lots of developments are going on around the 'Catdome and I can't wait to start rolling them out.  2013 is going to be a monster year in the 'Catdome and the future beyond that continues to look bright.  Even if you're not looking, the 'Cats are.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcome To The Shark Tank

Quarterbacks that have played against Linfield's defense understand the feeling of getting put on their back. For a long time Linfield has been an aggressive and physical defense that gets to quarterbacks often.  However, the past three seasons Linfield's defensive sack numbers have exploded to the heights where Linfield has been the top sacking team in all of Division III in 2010 (49 sacks), 2011 (47 sacks), and 2012 (63 sacks).  In fact, Linfield has twice led all of the NCAA in team sacks (2010 & 2012) and has the most sacks in the country over the past three seasons (159 sacks).

Fans of the 'Cats might have noticed some shark fins popping up on the field after big plays and that's for a good reason.  A few of the players on the team coined the nickname of "Shark Tank" during the 2011 season and that name has been embraced by the 'Cats.

I'll let Linfield All-American Defensive End Brynnan Hyland explain:

"When Kyle Wright, Tyler Murphy, Nick Popma, and myself lived in a quad in Miller last year we were trying to come up with a name for the room. One night, all of us, plus Tyler Robitaille and Kel Poomaihealani, were watching a terrible shark movie (I can't remember the name but it was horribly campy) and I said we should call the room the "Shark Tank". Because we always had a bunch of football guys in the room the name carried over to practice and we started being referred to as the Shark Tank guys. Finally in the Willamette game throwing up the fin caught on as a celebration. After that game it took on a life of its own and the rest of the defense picked up on it. That's the birth of The Shark Tank."

One note I do want to make is that the video is a QB grinding video but a crew that deserves their fair share of the credit are the Linfield defensive backs.  The 'Cats have had a tremendous secondary over the past 4 seasons and made QB's hold onto the ball a number of times a little longer than they want.  The end result are more chances in getting to the QB.  The video won't show it but they also deserve their fair share of credit.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


On my way to the photo shoot this past Saturday night I stopped by the HHPA to take a look around the trophy cases.  It was such a great reminder of what Linfield football is built upon.  There are so many generations of Linfield College Football players that have put in the time, effort, and realized their potential in order to fill up the trophy cases with various versions of the NWC conference title trophy and to bring home 4 National Championships. 

Everybody in the conference and on the west coast is gunning for Linfield.  It's nothing new and it's where this program thrives.  I can't wait to see if this 2013 team is going to add to the already impressive collection of hardware.  Go 'Cats!

Monday, March 4, 2013

'Catdome Saturday Night

Worked on a project this Saturday night with some talented people behind the lens and in front of it.  Can't wait to roll this one out.  'Catdome!