Monday, June 30, 2014

Video: 2013 Linfield vs Hampden-Sydney (playoff)

Not too much to say here but this was a great football game. The 'Cats had to climb out an early big hole to send the Tigers from Hampden-Sydney home 31-21 in the 2nd round of the 2013 NCAA Division III playoffs. A great day for football

Linfield's Individual Camp was a hit!

Linfield's 1st individual skills camp will become one of the best on the west coast.
Last Tuesday, the Linfield College football staff concluded their 1st ever individual skill camp in the 'Catdome.  For nearly 30 years the summers in the 'Catdome were exclusively for the highly regarded and well attended team football camp (this year's two sessions saw 1,600 campers come through Linfield over a 9 day period).  This past spring the staff decided to add a more personal touch to the football opportunities available for high school players in the Northwest by offering up a smaller and more personal learning experience.

The result was nearly 50 players receiving a two day clinic in championship football as the Linfield staff put these players though technical position training that made the $150 price tag a bargain.  The players were put though two 3 1/2 hour non-padded workouts on Monday and Tuesday that the Linfield staff uses daily during the college season.  Each position group was filmed constantly by a student worker and that video was later broken down in film sessions ran by the staff. 

This camp was a hit with both the players and the staff and you're going to see this individual skills clinic continue to grow and become a major destination on the summer circuit.  The training the players received was just too good not for players in the Northwest to pass up.

Below is a link to an article on the skills camp that ran in the Oregonian and the embedded video is of Coach Tyler Robitaille discussing the indy camp. Linfield football clinic adds intimate atmosphere to Oregon summer football camp circuit

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Parental Perspective: Repp Family

Josh Repp was a clutch performer for the 'Cats

Most of the focus in the recruiting process is understandably geared towards the student-athlete.  However, the other side of the coin is that at the end of the day it’s the parent/parents/guardian that has to buy in and support sending their son to college and entrust them to a coaching staff.

We’re lucky enough to have some feedback from some parents of recent Linfield football graduates about their own Linfield experience and I feel it speaks highly of how both Linfield football and Linfield College continues to shape the lives of young people.

Below is a letter from the parents of Kicker/Punter Josh Repp who wrapped up an excellent career for the ‘Cats this past season.  

As a high school senior, there were so many opportunities available for our kicker/punter son, Josh Repp.  We visited schools, he fielded calls from coaches all over the country, we researched; it was grueling.  After taking a trip to Linfield on his own, Josh came back, and all other options were no longer considered.  He was going to Linfield, and that decision was certain. In somewhat of a panic, we sought to research the school and talk with people living in Oregon about the program.  Everyone had the same answer; you could not find a better place.  The students from Linfield carry the reputation of people of excellent character, dedication, and those who are well prepared for the working world.  They graduate ready to give back and contribute in every way.

We were excited to find out about the history and quality of the football program, but it was the school and the concern for the student athlete that really helped us to agree with Josh's decision.  Who would know the team would be amazing?  Certainly, not us Southern Californians, but amazing it was!  We will never forget the night he called, in December of 2012, to express his sadness about his first loss at home in four years.  He was so disappointed, and yet we shared how inconceivable it was to be able to play for a team with that kind of record.  During his time, he had phenomenal coaching support, made lifelong friends, and was treated by a training staff that rivals professional football teams.  The trainers are fantastic, and it gave us comfort knowing they were looking out for our son, while we were more than 1,000 miles away.  Now, Josh is trying to find young men in Southern California in order to encourage them to attend Linfield.  He knows what an incredible opportunity it was for him and he wants to share that with other Californians.

Academically, Linfield has been a challenge and we have reveled in watching our son grow through this.  We just kept saying, "That is why a college diploma holds so much meaning."  He found advisors, professors, and support staff on campus that helped him navigate the college experience.  As his time winds down, it is with some sadness, but we rejoice and feel confident, like other Linfield grads, our son is ready to contribute in a great way. Whether he ends up in law enforcement, as is his dream, or any other profession, we know he will take Linfield with him throughout his life.  To all you coaches, staff, trainers, fellow athletes, and students: Thank you for blessing our Wildcat!

Sharon and Gary Repp

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Video: 2013 Linfield vs Puget Sound

Above are the highlights of the 'Cats 79-3 victory over the Loggers of Puget Sound. Linfield came out early and put the game to rest in an avalanche of an effort in taking a 58-3 lead into the break. Linfield didn't even attempt a pass in the 2nd half in order to keep the game from getting more out of hand than it already was. Lots of young 'Cats were able to get in large chunks of action and you can see the future of the program remains bright.

This is about as big of mismatch that you'll find.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Top 'Cats

The 2013 Linfield Wildcats led NCAA Division III in scoring in putting up 48.8 points per game.  The 2014 will return 8 offensive starters including big play receiver Evan Peterson. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

2013 Linfield game highlights: Lewis & Clark

70 was the halftime.  Linfield put up a whopping 42 points alone in the 2nd quarter to hammer (hammer doesn't do it justice) the Lewis & Clark Pioneers in 2013.