Sunday, August 31, 2014

2014 Fall Camp Interview: Center Jeremy Patrick

We're back with our next 2014 Fall Camp interview.  Today's subject is 3rd year starting offensive center, Jeremy Patrick.   As with the Evan Peterson interview, I found Jeremy to provide some great thoughts as we touched on a number of subjects including: this year's offensive line, the future of the position group, the difference between regular season competition and the playoff talent, Coach Hire, and more.

Expect Jeremy to have a great 2014 as his experience and talent should be a key building block for what has the potential to be a great Linfield offensive line.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

2014 Linfield Fall Camp: Quick Look (Aug 30th)

Wildcat11 was lucky enough to get out to practice once again on the 1st wet day of the season as some light showers rolled over the valley to help snap a stretch of hot late August weather.  The identity of the 2014 Linfield Wildcats is slowly forming and it's exciting to see young guys getting the chance to flourish in a number of key positions.  There is a large amount of talent in the program and it will get their 1st chance to shine in two weeks.

Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 Fall Camp Interview: WR Evan Peterson

Leading up to the 2014 kickoff down in Chapman we'll be grabbing some of the 'Cats over the phone to discuss the progress of fall camp, their position group, and how they are feeling about the 'Cats 2014 outlook.

Starting us off is senior WR Evan Peterson (#9).  Evan had an outstanding 2013 season in leading the 'Cats in receiving TD's (7) and yards per catch (31 receptions for 553 yards = 17.8 yards per catch).  EP and the 'Cats return a large amount of talent at receiver and we discussed that and much more.

Photo is courtesy of Brad Thompson:  View and Purchase Brad's Photos here.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

2014 Alumni vs JV game set for Oct 11 at 7pm

The annual Linfield Alumni vs. Junior Varsity will take place on same weekend as the home opener (Oct. 11th at 7pm).  This is one of the best kept secrets in terms of viewing experiences for Linfield fans. The 'Cats have been playing alumni/j.v. game since 2005 and to see the past of the Linfield program suit up once again to face the future of the program is always a thrill for all involved.

Again, this year's game will be played at 7 P.M. on Saturday, October 11th.  If you're interested in playing in the game contact Coach Aaron Boehme and tell him that you want to buckle up one more time.  You can reach Coach at at

Admission to the game is free and with the modified rules (no special teams) the game is a quick and action packed affair.  So get a double dose of Linfield football at homecome.  Watch the 'Cats play the 1st year George Fox Bruins at 1 P.M. and finish it off with the Alumni vs JV at night.  It promises to be a great day in the 'Catdome!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

2014 Linfield Fall Camp: Quick Look

The above video was shot last Saturday (8/23) during the 'Cats morning practice as Linfield was nearing the 1st full week of fall camp.  The video is just a quick glace at some of the work the 'Cats are putting in as the September 13th season opener at Chapman quickly approaches.

The reports coming in so far have been very positive from the Linfield contingent.  There is no sidestepping the fact that the 'Cats defense is going to be a new look group from the senior dominated team from 2013.  However, there is a great deal of optimism of the players that have been assuming larger roles headed into this season.    On the offensive side of the ball the big question is going to be who will be the Linfield quarterback.  I still don't know if that question has been fully answered but I think the picture is becoming more clear. All three quarterbacks could start for just about any DIII team in the country, so it isn't a matter of talent, but finding out who is going to be the one that can push the right buttons on what has a chance to be a high octane Wildcat offensive attack. 

Along with the video be sure to go check out the fantastic feature that The Oregonian ran on Linfield Head Coach, Joe Smith.  Coach Smith has been a Linfield lifer and has become one of the top Division III coaches in the country.  While some programs make their head coach the face of the program and are constantly pimping their HC's image, Coach Smith has purposefully made it about Linfield during his tenure as the Top 'Cat.  That alone speaks to the nature of what Linfield is all about in that desire to put others above your own personal accomplishments.

Low Ego, High Output.

The Oregonian: Joseph Smith finds his place at Linfield

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Northwest Conference Coaches have selected Linfield as the 2014 preseason favorite.

#5 Brian Balsiger and the 'Cats look to make it 6 consecutive NWC titles this fall.
(Photo courtesy of Brad Thompson: View Brad's 2013 Linfield Football Photos here) has released information that shouldn’t be surprising to anybody as the Northwest Conference coaches overwhelmingly pick Linfield as the favorite for the 2014 title. We all know the preseason honors amounts to a hill of beans once the actual games are played. It’s a nice nod of respect to the fact that Linfield has won 11 out of the last 14 NWC conference titles but has zero impact the season ahead.

However, this is the 13th time in the past 14 years that Linfield was named by the coaches as the NWC favorites. Even during the 3 consecutive seasons that Linfield didn’t win the NWC crown (2006, 2007 & 2008) the ‘Cats were still preseason favorites. It wasn’t until 2009 that the coaches finally decided that Linfield wasn’t Linfield anymore and choose Willamette as the preseason champs. I think we all remember what happened that year as Linfield went 9-0 during the regular season and reached the NCAA final four (12-1 overall).

2014 should be a very exciting year in what many, including myself, consider one of the best Division III conferences in the country. It will not be an easy road for Linfield as the ‘Cats have three tough road games to open up the year and that includes a gigantic test up at Sparks Stadium vs PLU on Oct 4th (The ‘Lutes are stacked on offense). The rest of the major NWC tests consists of a new look Whitworth team and NWC showdowns against Willamette and Pacific.

As for the rest of the NWC coaches picks….I don’t know if I agree but here are how the coaches see it:

1. Linfield -This is where Linfield belongs until proven otherwise and there’s a list of teams that are gearing up their programs to make a run at the ‘Cats. Send 'em up.

2. PLU -Easy top two pick. The ‘Lutes have a chance to be a scary offensive unit with weapons on the outside, tight end, RB, and proven offensive line. They lost some key defenders but I feel PLU will be outstanding.

3. Willamette - I’m not sold on Willamette. Their offense is so quarterback-centric and I don’t know if they had a QB in waiting to replace the productivity of now departed Josh Dean. The Bearcats have some pieces but I can see them slipping this year if they don’t have a dynamic trigger man.

4. Pacific - Again, quarterback play is a big question in 2014 but could be a year away from pushing the top teams to the limit. The Boxers lost their 1st true senior class that logged a huge amount of games played and experience (especially on off & def lines). The Boxers have some good vets and a lot of young talent. They could have some bumps early but should be hitting a stride at end of year.

5. Whitworth - New Coach, New attitude, New look. Word is the offense is going to be a major departure from Tully Ball (zone left, QB draw, incomplete pass, crown moans, and punt) as the Rats should be playing a minimal substitution passing offense and switching to a 3-4 defense. The Rats brought in 50 something new players and I think that while this will be a transition year, Whitworth will be on an upswing moving forward.

6. UPS -Might be better than last year but not good enough to challenge the middle NWC teams. I see them beating Lewis & Clark to start NWC play (BREAK UP THE LOGGERS) and maybe…just maybe are able to beat George Fox (maybe) but it gets into mud stopping territory after that.

7. Lewis & Clark - The Pios could be historically bad this year. That’s saying something. Since the 2000 season, the 2013 Lewis & Clark team had the worst total defense (502.6 yards allowed per game) and allowed the most points per game (53 points per game!!!) than any NWC team over the past 14 years. (yeah, I keep track of that stuff). With the departure of their lone difference maker, Keith Welch, and a 57 man roster, I just don’t see them winning an NWC game this season. That includes George Fox.

8. George Fox - The Bruins are screaming they’re going to be better than people think and that could be the case with their weak non-conference opponents, numbers, and some transfers. They could fast track some wins before their players realize they actually are having to go to school at George Fox. 

How Wildcat11 sees 2014 playing out (reminder, I’ve been terrible at this in the past):

1. Linfield
2. PLU
3. Pacific
4. Whitworth
5. Willamette
6. UPS
7. GFU
8. L&C

Thursday, August 21, 2014

We are the hammer

I'll be getting out to camp this weekend to get my eyes for the 1st time on the 2014 Linfield Wildcats. Lots of exciting news this week on the early returns of the team but I'll dig into more of that this weekend. Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2014 Linfield College Football Video Feast!

The 2014 Linfield football team reports for camp this Sunday.  We are about 30 days away from the offical kickoff of the season as the 'Cats will open up against an up-and-coming Chapman squad out of the SCIAC.  The 'Cats 2014 team has great mix of returning talent a number of new faces that are going to have to come together quickly for the year to start right.  It's exciting as heck and to get you primed for the season below is a collection of some of the best highlight videos we've produced over the past 3 years.  16 videos and nearly 58 minutes of Linfield football action to get you ready for another year in the 'Catdome!

Linfield 2013 Linfield College Football: Higher Ground

2014 Linfield Wildcats Inspirational: Beyond Limits

Linfield 2014 Spring Football: "Daring Greatly"

GoPro: 2013 Linfield College Football

Linfield 2013 Linfield College Football Highlight Opening Clip

Linfield 2013 Pre-Season Video "Going In"

2013 Linfield Football Scoreboard Intro Video

2013 Spring Football's "The Difference"

2011 Linfield Hype Video "Send 'Em Up"

2012 Highlight Video Introduction

2012 Linfield Hype Video "Fear None"

Linfield Football's "A Cut Above"

2012 Linfield Scoreboard Team Intro Video

2011 Linfield Scoreboard Team Intro Video 


Welcome to the Shark Tank

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is this heaven? No, it's the 'Catdome.

The 2014 Field Turf replacement project is coming to an end before the 'Cats report to camp on August 17th.  The field configuration is almost identical to the previous field.  The only notable change is the Linfield "L" in the middle of the field is now purple instead of red.  The field looks fantastic with alternating shades of green, clean lettering in the end zones, and spacious and professional quality sideline boxes.  Along with the field of play, the 'Cats surface also has extra turf that extends past the North End Zone that allows much needed space during practice that allows Linfield's 100+ man roster to practice without being crowded.

Not all field turf football fields are the same and Linfield's installation, look, sidelines, and size make Maxwell Field the Top 'Cat in the NWC in regards to synthetic playing surfaces.