Monday, February 5, 2007

Least Favorite Time of the Year

Seriously….that super bowl is the capper to the 2006 football year? What a crappy season. First, the ‘Cats miss the playoffs, MUC wins (again), we find out Tank Johnson is not a good person, and get to watch a 15’ shadow of Prince and his “guitar” during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Now all we get to do is speculate in what kind of recruiting class our ‘Cats are going to get in. However, since this is DIII we have no real idea who the incoming kids are. We just sit around and talk or read about “I hear this transfer is going to leave (insert major university here) and will be a ‘Cat next season”. Or we can wait read some articles this spring about various kids that will be ‘Cats next fall.

I’m sure this is the same song for 99.5% of other DIII programs. However, I know PLU doesn’t do that because they are too busy building sandcastles and waxing their mustaches (I kid, I kid). No seriously, if you’ve ever been to Parkland, Washington would you not be surprised to see a Xmas decoration setup like in the picture to the right? I thought so…


Beancounter said...

Come on now WC.....don't kick the Lutes around so hard.

Your comment on Tank Johnson is reminicent of one Jim Rome made when Randy Moss was coming out for the NFL draft. When a caller talked about Moss' problems, Rome responded "I don't know if Randy Moss is a good person or not, but I know this....if you get run from Florida State, you're not a good person...."

Tuxguy said...

Is a former Wildcat player/coach/student down in Cottage Grove? Just noticed 3-4 players looking at Linfield and wondered If there was a connection?