Friday, March 2, 2007

38 and counting....

Just a quick note today. I ran into this article yesterday about another tree falling at Linfield due to sever weather. That is the 38th tree on Linfield’s campus to bite the dust this past winter season with at least 12 being some of our incredible old oaks. I blame Menlo’s new affiliation with the NWC.

The good news is that the College’s physical plant (which many a Linfield athlete has worked for) has planted 181 various species of tree during 2006. Granted, by the time these trees reach full maturity it will hurt for me to pee, but at least they’re staying on top it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be volunteering at Linfield’s annual Ice Breaker Track Meet. As long as a tree doesn’t fall on me it should be a nice day at the Catdome. I’ll give you the scoop tomorrow night.

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