Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Coming up a bit short/Linfield Spring Sports are good

The 2006-07 NWC sports season is wrapped up and the Puget Sound Loggers repeated as the NWC All-Sports Trophy Winner. It’s the Logs 2nd title.

The ‘Cats started the spring sports season in a distant 3rd place but made a hard charge thanks to every spring sport finishing 3rd or better. That also includes Men’s Track and Field, Women’s Tennis, Softball all bring home NWC titles.

No doubt that Linfield is a “football” school in the sense it’s the college’s most successful program and is really what Linfield athletics is know for, however, the college’s sports programs during the spring season are flat out tremendous. How tremendous? Our spring sports programs that participate in NWC play have won 24 titles since 1999!

Spring Line-Up:
Women’s Tennis
Men’s Tennis
Women’s Golf
Men’s Golf
Women’s T&F
Men’s T&F

If you go back and look in the NWC standings since 1999 there have only been one instance where one of our spring sports teams finished 6th, only three times have one of the spring sports finished in 5th, and seven times our spring sports team finished in 4th place. The means that 88% percent of the time since 1999 our spring sports teams has finished in the top 3 of the NWC. That is ridiculously good.

Now let’s bring back that All-NWC title in 2007-08!

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