Friday, May 18, 2007

I guess you could say that he's a fan...

Being married to a die hard Wildcat fan certainly has if which is that gift giving for birthdays, Christmas, heck even anniversaries is made easier because I can always go with some Linfield gear. So when WC11's birthday rolled around last month I decided to follow my instincts and decorate the basement of our new (well- new to us) house with some of WC11's most prized possessions.
WC11 has a very strong appreciation for the job that Kelly Bird does as SID at Linfield and has been collecting the football media guides for years. Initially I wanted to frame them all, but upon closer inspection I discovered sticky tabs marking statistics and history that get used for this web site and highlight films. (Plus I suspect that WC11 secretly thumbs through them from time to time.) Framing the media guides would make 'em hard to use.
Instead, when WC11 came home from work he found the media guides displayed - along with his football plaques, trophies, and everything else Linfield. It is a basement that any Wildcat fan would love...
The 2004 National Championship ring gleams from a small shelf, and now (thanks to the generosity of Tuxguy) we've added a classic Linfield poster from the Rutschman era. We are still trying to decide where the helmets will best fit into the room, and he's going to have to wait until the next holiday to get his jersey framed, but for a work in progress it is a great representation of the Linfield Love in our household.

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