Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Mixed Bag.

Sorry the updates have been a little slow this week. I’m in San Jose for work this week and have been going crazy. Thanks to Downtown48 for keeping us up to speed on the ‘Cats DIII Title run in Softball. Those ladies could really smash the rock.

It was a mixed bag this week for our 5 former ‘Cats during last weekend’s indoor/European action. There were some personal victories but an overall 1-3 record has left a sour taste in their mouthpieces. Let’s take a look back and look forward to this week’s action.

Two in a row and not the good “two in a row”

Our Boise Burn took one in the shorts this past week against their rival Spokane Shock 62-44. The loss dropped the Burn to 4-3 and created a bottle neck at the top of the AF2’s West division. The Burn is now tied with Tri-Cities, Spokane, Central Valley, and Bakersfield. Needless to say it’s a wide open division.

Casey Allen brought in two more TD’s for the Burn and Brandon Hazenberg racked up 3.5 tackles, one or an 18 yard loss.

Boise is back at home this week vs the 2-4 Stockton Lightning and really need to get the ship moving in the right direction in order to keep pace with the rest of the west. I’m calling it right now that we see multiple former Wildcats with multiple TD games. Phone it in.

The Butcher makes most of time

Brett Elliott might have played his best ball during this NFL Europe season but it was only during limited time. BE was inserted into the game during the 2nd quarter and on his first pass found PK Sam for a 17 yard TD during a 20-17 loss to the Cologne Centurions. No word on if PK took off his lid but I’m sure that the Butcher was happy to get off the bench and toss a 6 pointer. Brett’s second and last possession started off at the Fire’s 21 yard line and BE moved his squad to the Centurions 25 yard line where the Fire muffed a field goal attempt.

From there the Cowboy took over and was put in a position he doesn’t like too much….having to make a play to get his team to win. Down 20-17 with 3:38 left in the contest the Cowboy was anti-Montana-esq in throwing two drive killing picks. The loss dropped the Fire to a basement 2-4 and are on the road this week at Frankfurt.

Since I’m on the road I wasn’t able to post up a vid of BE in action but I’ll grab the tape this weekend and post it up.

Wild gets tamed

The Alaska Wild (0-6) is finally done with their brutal 5 week roadie and last week might have been the low point of the season. Just when the Wild showed back-to-back weeks of major offensive improvement the Wild just bottomed out in a 72-13 loss to the Frisco Thunder (4-2). It was so bad that they didn’t even to post up stats from the game so I have no idea of TFJ (Thomas Ford Jr.) was able to be a lone bright spot for the Wild.

However, the Wild do get to play in front of a home crowd this week as they host the Katy Ruff Riders (4-1).

Fever win but no Carter.

The Tri-Cities Fever won this past week but I have no idea if former ‘Cat standout George Carter was hurt again but was just a DNP. Tri-Cities moved up to 4-3 on the year and play someone who I’m not bothering to even look up.

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