Friday, May 4, 2007

Playing for first

Saturday is a huge for our former Wildcats as we take a peak at the upcoming action in the Indoor/Europe leagues and what roll our former ‘Cats will have in this weekend's action.

There are no off the field distractions in Bakersfield

After Saturday night "our" Boise Burn is either going to be sitting on top of the AF2’s American Conference West Division or will be looking up the skirt of the Bakersfield Blitz. The Burn (3-1) will be visiting the Blitz (3-1) Saturday night for a tussle between the division leaders.

“The great thing about this team is that we’re all rookies right now. Each game we’re learning more and more about the game and little tricks that help on the field” says former Linfield All-American Brandon Hazenberg (’05) as he and his teammates wait to catch a plane down the California.

A key to victory this week for the Burn might have happened two weeks ago when the Blitz number one offensive threat, DeRonn Finley, when down with a bum knee. You’re still going to score in the AF2 but having Finley out might just swing the advantage to Boise.

Look for Boise to keep feeding the beast as Casey Allen ('04 & '05 Linfield All-American) has been pretty much unstoppable around the goal line for Boise. Number 8 is leading the Burn in catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Sounds familiar? Dude’s good.

"Rub some dirt on it "

That’s what my dad would tell me when I would bust open a wound or stub a toe growing up in the Wildcat11 family. Pretty sure that’s what he would tell Brett Elliott after the Rhein Fire’s (1-2) miserable loss to the Cologne Centurions (2-1) last week.

Brett didn’t start the fourth quarter of last week's game and the Fire staff was rewarded with a Cody Pickett pick for touchdown that would wind up being the death blow to the Fire in that 14-6 loss. Look, I’m a huge fan of BE but I’m sure he’d be the first to say he stunk it up. However, Brett doesn’t seem like the type of player to be down for long so I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit to bounce back.

Now, only if the staff would play the better QB but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. In reading the Rhein's offical German website, with the help of Google Translator, it looks like the Fire's head coach, Rick Lantz, is giving the Cowboy more time to stink it up:

We decided to make Cody Pickett the starter. (He) has more control and seems mentally stronger than (Brett) Elliott. Pickett will deny two thirds or three quarters of the play. We hope the fact that the decision contributes to the fact that cramping separates and Pickettdann in the play makes the correct decisions." Whatever the hell that means.

NFL Network doesn’t have the broadcast listed right now as they list the Berlin game twice this weekend….me thinks that’s an error so you’ll either see the game broadcasted Saturday morning at 10 AM (PST) or Saturday night at 10 PM (PST). My bet is the later game. Don’t SCREW WITH ME RICH EISEN!!!!!!!

Send some Karma to T.Ford

The Intense Football League’s Alaska Wild (0-3) continues their horrific 5-week southern road trip this week as the Wild will visit the Katy (Tx.) Rough Riders (1-1). Pretty much the Wild is a total disaster. Another coach quit this past week and their quarterbacks threw a combined 6 picks in last weeks dismantling by the Louisiana Swashbucklers (1,232-3) Ok, maybe the score wasn't that bad but it had to feel like it.

At this point, I just want former Linfield All-Star, Thomas Ford ('04), to stay healthy and just enjoy playing football. The Wild might be looking at a perfect season at this rate.

Carter shelved again?

The AF2’s Tri-Cities Fever (2-2) has bounced back from a 0-2 start but former Linfield All-American, George Carter, has been unable to put his mark on this team. Carter missed the first three games of the year due to injury and it looks like he could be banged up again. There’s no “official” word so I’ll not comment any further. The Fever is at home this week vs. the Stockton Lightning (1-3).

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