Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back in the Saddle!

I apologize for the delay in entering a blog but it’s been a hectic summer. Mrs.11 and I have been working on the home improvement front and work has chewed up most of my free time. Couple that with my laptop’s hard drive crashing and it’s been a long few weeks for Catdomealumni.com.

However we just wrapped up our 2007 video season with the release of our defensive preview and I have to say that it turned out aces! I would have like to highlight a few more players and some of the LB’s that should be getting a bulk of reps this year but I just didn’t have the footage to do them justice.

So the rest for the rest of the year Catdomealumni.com will be blogging on the 2007 season and I’m excited to cover the ‘Cats. There’s no need to get into game previews because Kelly Bird is one of the best in the business but we’ll still fire off on our thoughts about upcoming games and how the previous week went down. I hope to get a few of the contributors (Downtown, Beancounter, Mrs. 11, etc) back on board to add some much needed spice.

Open for Business

Linfield opened up camp this past Thursday night and I had the chance to stop by a few times during the weekend and I’m really excited to get this season going. Of course we have some questions to answer but we have great senior leadership and skill players to make it happen.

There are some new additions to the staff this year and they are fantastic. Gary Thorson is back with the ‘Cats and will be heading up the Defensive Line as Defensive Coordinator Jackson Vaughan moves to coach the LBs. Coach Thorson left his post has the head coach of Dallas High this past season and is a big score for the Linfield staff. This will actually be Coach Thorson’s 4th year on the staff as he coached 3 years at Linfield back in the early 90’s. 2006 graduate Nic Soo will be helping Coach Thorson out. Nic is a very bright young person and should help bridge the transition for Coach Thorson.

Also, on staff this season will be former All-NWC running back, Thomas Ford. This is another high character coach that Coach Joe Smith brought back to the program. T. Ford will be working with Clyde Powell in overseeing the running backs. I listened in as Thomas addressed the running back’s last Thursday night and any Wildcat fan would have loved it. Thomas is a born coach.

Who’s ready for some football?

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