Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekend AD-genda

It’s Friday and it can’t be here soon enough. It’s a three day weekend and that leads to some Football/Linfield related plans for the weekend. Saturday is really the big day as I’ll be attending the Linfield scrimmage in the morning, working on some video projects during the afternoon, and attending the WOU beat down of Willamette that night with Mrs. Wildcat11.

Linfield Scrimmage:

This will be the first time I’ll have a chance to watch the 2007 Wildcats in action. I’ve been getting some nuggets of info over the past few weeks but I’m really looking forward to seeing what this group will have to offer the Catdome fans during 2007. I’ll bring back a report of the action on Sunday.

Video Projects:

Not that you all care but I have a few little side projects that I’m looking forward to wrapping up. Kelly Bird has been working triple time to bring some new elements to the game day experience and I hope my small contribution will be a hit.


I think Willamette will be slightly improved from the 2006 season but I don’t see how they can stand up to WOU. Western’s program is finding a nice groove in the talent they bring in and will be very physical. I did read this article in the Oregonian about WOU and they are very confident about their team.

That is fine because they’re going to be very good but someone should send a copy of the NCAA Division II playoff criteria (page 12 of manual) to their starting QB. While the Wolves are going to be tough they were pretty much eliminated last winter from the 2007 playoffs due to their schedule. Win or lose, the three games vs. sub-DII schools (Willamette, Linfield, and SOU) realistically kill any playoff hopes WOU may have for this season. They will play 7 DII or above games (the minimum to even be considered for playoffs is 6) but every other DII school that will be a playoff contender is playing 9, 10, or 11 DII games. I’m curious to see if WOU will drop any of the three sub D-II’s next season.

Kelley Bertrand is the MAN!

Be sure to read this article on former Linfield standout Kelley Bertrand. Kelley is currently a police officer in Tualatin and running down bad guys like he used to do to NWC quarterbacks.

In fact here is the mug shot of a car theif that Kelley recently wrapped up. With that hair the guy kind of looks like he should be on the Whitworth Roster.

I ran a Red and Purple Interview a few months ago with Kelley and that is a great reflection about his 2004 story. Be sure to check that out.


Downtown48 said...

Love the pictures...With that shot across the bow I would say the 2007 season is officially underway!!!

Wildcat11 said...

That is a classic mug shot.

I would have gone with Tully's kid for the Whitworth link but he changed up the long locks to a terrible rat-hawk hair style.