Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Red & Purple Interview: Central's Reid Evans

Welcome to the first edition of the "Red & Purple Interview" where ADvantage Catdome will interview various people that have been involved with Linfield College Athletics. Not only will we talk to former 'Cats of the past but track down various Wildcat past opponents that many Linfield faithful will remember.

Breaking the ice for us is former Central Dutch standout Reid Evans (Center 1997-2000) who was the player that picked up the muff kick in the 2000 overtime thriller that lead to the winning touchdown that would be instantly dubbed "The Miracle in the Mud".

Reid is currently in his 7th season on the Central Dutch coaching staff (offensive line) and I think you'll see that Central is fortunate to have such a class individual still involved with their program.


Hi Reid,

Thanks for joining us at ADvantage Catdome for our first edition of the "Red and Purple Interview". I know there are a number of Linfield fans that would love to kill...er...hear from you so we'll just jump right in:

(WC11)- Going into that 2000 playoff game with Linfield, did your staff have any idea that the field would turn into that big of a mess and did the Dutch have much experience playing on sloppy fields?

(Reid Evans)- Our team did not prepare any differently for field conditions. Our Friday practice before the game we practiced on some sort of community field and it was sloppy there, so we got as good of a look as possible the day before the game. Coach Kacmarynski (our head coach) always stressed that field conditions were the same for both teams, so it shouldn't matter what they were. We had practiced in everything from sunshine to snow to rain, although I don't recall playing in a game where it rained that much. We always felt like we needed to play our best game, regardless of the opponent--this was just the next game on our schedule. We were just excited that we weren't playing on a frozen field like we had the week before!

I will say that the field at the beginning of the game looked immaculate. It would have been a great surface if it hadn't rained throughout the entire game!!

(WC11)-During the game, Linfield scores on their first possession, you come right back with Koerselman finding McCullough for a TD strike. Were you surprised that the game bogged down after that exchange or did you feel it was going to be a struggle for both teams to score?

(RE)- Our defense has always been the strength of our program, and that year wasn't very different. Our offensive philosophy was to take care of the football and play the field position game, trying to take advantage of the other team's mistakes and hopefully wear out our opponent, so I'm not surprised that there wasn't more scoring. If I remember correctly, both teams had turnovers in the red zone that could have changed the game. I believe Linfield threw an interception and we had a fumble going in. Both teams could play great defense, so I would have been more surprised if it was a high scoring game.

We really respected Linfield's entire team, offense, defense, and special teams. I'm sure there are plenty of players and coaches that say the game would have been different if we would have played on a dry field and I agree, but I don't think the game would have been lopsided either way. We were two very evenly matched teams and were used to winning close games.

(WC11)-We’ll skip ahead late into the game. You get that ball back with only a few minutes left, deep in Linfield territory, and Koerselman gets picked on the Linfield 5 on what felt like a forced pass. At that point were you just trying to get within FG range or was the field so sloppy you were thinking “touchdown or nothing”?

(RE)-I remember the play. Our receiver slipped (imagine that!) as he tried to plant to jump for the ball. We definitely wanted to score a touchdown, but would have felt confident getting a close FG opportunity as well.

(WC11)-OK, let’s get to the good stuff. We go into Overtime and Linfield gets first crack. We stall on a three and out and send our kicking team out and Scott Cannon (our PK) splits the uprights for the 3 spot. Your Dutch get the ball and also don’t convert a first down on your first three plays and your field goal unit comes on the field.

At that point was the mud and rain creeping into your mind about snapping the ball and if Tim O’Neil (Dutch Kicker) was going to be able to get decent footing?

(RE)-I was very confident in snapping the ball. I had dealt with a wet ball the entire game as the center, so I wasn't too concerned about it. My most difficult challenge was hearing our holder give the "set" cadence. It was so loud on the field, he yelled it three times before I finally heard him. I wasn't so sure of Tim's footing since the field was so torn up, but I had confidence he would make the kick.

(WC11)-Obviously you don’t see O’Neil slip in the mud and kick the ball into the LOS. Did you feel the ball hit you or did you just see it on the ground?

(RE)-I did not feel the ball hit me. In fact, that is one gray area we have here in Pella. We have no one that claims to have been hit by the ball. Either we didn't feel it because of the moment, or one of the Linfield players blocked it. Linfield ran a very tough, and somewhat questionable, FG block where the two offensive guards were pulled away from the center by defensive linemen (the questionable part) and two linebackers came over my shoulders to make the block. I believe that one of the Linfield players was actually struck by the ball, but I could be wrong.

After the snap, I didn't hear the normal thud of the kick. That's when I looked down, and the ball was right at my heels.

(WC11)-….so you pick up the ball and it looks like a rugby scrum but then you add Linfield’s bench running onto the field along with some fans. Where did you find Joe Ritzert in this melee? Did he rip the ball away or did you hand it off to him? BTW…you can also come clean and tell us that the handoff was a forward lateral!

(RE)-As soon as I picked up the ball I wanted to start moving forward. I got about one step and was immediately hit by what seemed like 5 or 6 Linfield players. In fact, I believe I was held up and prevented from going to the ground because there were guys all around me. I knew that I needed to get the ball out of my hands. Lucky for me, I was actually turned around by the mass of players holding me up, and I was facing our own endzone. I was hoping at that point to just throw the ball backwards so that someone would be able to pick it up and run for a first down---the thought of a touchdown never crossed my mind. I just wanted a fresh set of downs!

As I was attempting to get rid of the ball, Joe was there in my line of vision. It was one of those weird times, where we both knew what to do. I did my best to push the ball up to where he could grab it and he reached out and took the ball from me. I was still facing our own endzone. Immediately after he grabbed the ball, the net of players holding me up collapsed and we all went to the ground. I still remember the noseguard, who was one of the best defensive linemen I played against, laughing and thinking the game was over. Of course, I knew I didn't have the ball...

(WC11)- So we all know Ritzert slips away into the endzone, the officials signal a TD but there is just mass confusion in the stadium. What was the feeling like on the Central Sideline after the play when the officials circled up to confer if the mishap/miracle would stand or not?

(RE)-I would describe the feeling as cautious excitement. Because the officials did signal a TD initially, I would say most people believed the call would stand. I knew how things went down from my standpoint, and believed that the TD was the right call. It was fortunate for us, and unfortunate for Linfield, that none of the officials got whistle happy, and they let the play unfold. I know they made the correct call, as much as the Linfield contingent doesn't want to believe

(WC11)-Hey, I’m still in denial it didn’t happen! :)

I know it must have been a pretty wild feeling when the officials confirmed the TD. Tell us what it was like when you made it home to Iowa. You had a playoff game to get ready for the next week but there had to be a lot of media people wanting to talk to you. Was it a circus?

(RE)- It was definitely a wild feeling when the officials signaled for the final time that it was a TD. When we got back to Iowa, we had a couple of the local television stations come and do interviews. It wasn't too much of a circus, but enough for an offensive lineman!! It was more of a circus telling everyone on campus than anything else. Our SID, Larry Happel, does a phenomenal job of handling the media for the college. I wouldn't say it was a distraction as we prepared for our next playoff game.

(WC11)-Was that play the defining moment for your playing career? I mean, here we are still talking about that play seven years later, it’s part of a book, and when you say Reid Evans around a Linfield tailgater it’s usually followed by an expletive. (only kidding)

(RE)-I feel honored that someone outside of Central remembers me, even if it is with anger!! :) I would guess a lot of people would call it a defining moment in my playing career, but I don't really think of it that way. I really think that it was a small part of my time at Central as a student. Just being part of a great group of people and having success with what we were doing was the best part of my 4 years at Central. I think that is why so many people love Division III, and specifically Division III football--the experiences and relationships you build.

(WC11)- I have to say that without that play maybe Linfield doesn’t get the 1.5 million dollars a few years later to upgrade the facilities that help Linfield win a title in 2004. Does it feel weird to think that you may have started a chain of events that would have a historical impact on Linfield’s program?

(RE)-I have a hard time believing that the facilities at Linfield played that large of a role in the national title run in 2004. I believe a great group of talented athletes and coaches that worked together were the reason the 'Cats were champions. Facilities are great and all, but it's the people that make a program.

Oh, and in case I am wrong about the facilities and their role in the title, "Where's my ring??" :)

(WC11)- Thank you very much Reid for talking about this game between two outstanding football programs. It was a wild finish that nobody will forget. I hope the ‘Cats and Dutch will get a chance to play again soon. Take Care!

(RE)-Hey, it's been fun reminiscing a bit. Keep up the good work with your blog--it's a great way to keep people connected. I also hope the Dutch and 'Cats can meet again. Maybe in Iowa next time :)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Elliott looking to make it Rhein

The NFL Europe allocated their American players today and the Rhein Fire picked up Linfield's Brett Elliott via the Chargers. Other QB's the Fire scooped up were Cody Pickett (Washington) and Brian Wrobel (Winona State) both from the Free Agent route.

I'm not sure yet if the Fire will keep all three QB's on the roster. I like Brett's chances to crack the starting lineup. If so, Catdomealumi.com will bring you highlights of Elliott in action.

So Elliott's with the Fire, Hazenberg/Allen are with the AF2's Burn, and Carter/Ford were on the AF2's Fever last season? I'm picking up on a theme here.....

NFL Europe.com: Elliott is not on a European Vacation

Haze and Casey Allen to Burn up Boise.

A quickie from the Idaho Statesman shows that former Linfield All-American's Brandon Hazenberg and Casey Allen have been allocated to the Areana Football 2's Boise Franschise (The Boise Burn). Great people and we'll keep tabs on their season.

Idaho Statesman: BURNED!

Lady Cats season come to a close:

As a big fan of Linfield's women's basketball team, I was bummed to seem them roll out such a dud first half up at UPS that really put them in too deep of a hole to come back from. The Cats played some great ball the second half of the season so I know they have to feel down about last nights game. They should be a playoff contender next year as well. Good season ladies!

Hardballers drop home opener:

The Yamhill County Spring Classic fired up yesterday. The Classic is hosted by Linfield and GFU and runs through Sunday. There are six teams in the classic. From the NWC: Linfield, GFU, and the Lutes, NAIA's: Concordia and Corban, and rounding out the group is British Columbia.

Linfield (3-2) dropped their first game yesterday by a score of 5-3 vs Concordia (1-3) to give the 'Cavs their first win of the season. I'm sure Carney isn't too thrilled about that and will look to bounce back vs Corban today at 6pm. Weather doesn't look too hot today when I headed out so we'll see if they get today's games in.

Linfield Sports: We lost to who?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

NFL combine news....

The NFL combine starts tomorrow in Indianapolis. Todd McShay of ESPN has every player invited to the combine rated. And as such, I couldn't help but surf over to the tight ends, where these local and small college guys are rated by McShay (on a scale to 100):

Joe Newton, Oregon State 59
Kevin Boss, Western Oregon 56
Michael Allen, Whitworth 49
Dante Rosario, Oregon 45

I have a hard time thinking Rosario has much of a chance to be a traditional tight end in the pros due to his size....maybe some H back offense where he can get out and run a bit, but he seems undersized as a tight end.

And yeah, considering where these guys are on the list of tight ends, they had better have a good combine in order to move up the list.

Two Sport Cats/NWC b-ball playoff update

The Winter Sports season is closing out and that means we are upon the early season for the spring sports. One of the hidden gems for Linfield football fans is the opportunity to follow some of our football players as they trade in their pads for bats or running spikes.

Below is a list of our Two-Sport Cats and what they are up to now:

Baseball: (Football) Baseball Position

Jordan Boustead: (WR) Infield
Ty Stanley: (CB) 2nd/SS
Cory Ellis: (WR) 2nd
Gunner Cederberg: (WR) OF/Catcher
Blane Goodwin: (Saftey) Catcher

Track & Field: (Football) Event

Gabe Haberly: (CB) Pole Vault/Hurdles
Jermey Lovell: (WR) Jumps/Decathlon
Josh Lovell: (WR) Jumps/Decathlon
Bubba Lemon: (CB) Sprints
Brad Lau: (WR) Sprints
Jake Kleffner: (OL) Throws
JT Martin: (WR) Sprints
Clint Moore: (TE) Throws
Drew Regan: (RB) Sprints
Josh Scheel: (DE) Throws
Chris Slezak: (WR) Sprints
Jon Styles: (WR) Sprints
John Torsey: (WR) Sprints
Andrew Woods: (CB) Jumps
Tramaine Payne: Running Back Coach/T&F Coach


Jackson Vaughan: Defensive Coordinator/Softball Head Coach

Lady ‘Cats will try to outlaw logging tonight in Tacoma:

The Lady ‘Cats will open up in NWC basketball playoffs tonight in Tacoma at Puget Sound at 7pm. The ‘Cats tied for 3rd in the NWC with Lewis & Clark but had the tie breaker that sent the ‘Cats to the three team shootout. The winner of the Linfield/UPS game will play at George Fox on Saturday night (7pm) to determine who will gain the auto bid to the DIII big dance.

The ‘Cats have dropped both regular season games to the Logs so they will have their work cut out for them tonight in that pit UPS calls a gym.

You can listen to the game here: Linfield's audio stream

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fending off D3 dullards

People that don’t know much about the Northwest Conference sure do have a lot of opinions on the quality of football. By “these people” I’m mainly talking about the people that follow the local states schools in the NW. They say our conference is “weak” and that our level of competition is “pathetic”. I find this line of talking to be pretty amusing.

This is coming from the same groups whose teams have recently lost to multiple members of the NWC or really don’t understand where the conference stands in terms of national scale in the division.

The fine people at d3football.com continue to have the NWC ranked 3rd out of 26 conferences in nation. (http://www.d3football.com/atn.php?id=91). Not to mention that the NWC’s has the 2nd highest winning percentage during the playoffs from 1999-2006 (18-10, .643).

What else you ask? Please name another conference during this time that has had four of its members qualify for the DIII playoff and what conference has multiple members win national champions during that period? That right…only the NWC.

Yeah, Lewis & Clark is in shambles still but I feel the conference isn’t going anywhere on the DIII stage anytime soon. So next time someone calls the NWC “weak” just remember that this is coming from someone who’s team doesn’t even belong to a conference or their team plays a round robin schedule…yes there are football conferences that do that.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just a few notes....

Just a few notes as we meander our way in an offseason....

--Columnist John Canzano of The Oregonian is campaigning for Willamette University head coach Mark Speckman to become the new head coach at Portland State


I would miss Speckman if he left. But somehow, PSU is probably going to stay in family at this late date or look for a guy who can make a splash in the media.

--Can't help but giggle a little bit at the recent posts at d3football.com regarding McMinnville RB Josh Armstrong, who is apparently staying in town and coming to Linfield. Josh is a great kid who has had a tough life situation. But he is being made out on that board to be the "second coming" with comparisons to David Russell...a bit heady for a guy who wasn't all Pacific conference in his senior year of high school. I'm rooting for him to have a great college experience at Linfield (which may or may not include football). But the platitudes are a bit much. Next thing we know, we'll have QB's being compared to Brett Elliott.

--A tip of the cap to the Linfield women's hoopers, who secured a playoff date at Puget Sound on Thursday night. I guess the "AV geek" will have a night or two on his own for dinner this week......

--And a sad note. Linfield has lost one of its biggest boosters. Former faculty member Elmer Fricke passed away this morning. His son Eric is a frequent contributor to d3football. com. My prayers are with the family.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

NWC Presidents and ADs beware of uprooting Oaks

Yeah this is probably the conspiracy theorist coming out in me but talk around the water cooler would suggest that our newest NWC member, The Menlo Oaks, might be looking to dance with another partner.

I came across a blog entry from the sports department from the Medford Mail Tribune (Mail Tribune Blogs) where the writer had a recent sit down with SOU’s Athletic Director Dennis Francois. The writer was there to do a mainstream piece on Southern’s budget issues and how that might effect their athletic department. That was OK but then I read the blog and something jumped out at me:

“(SOU), Azusa Pacific and the University of British Columbia are the primary movers and shakers trying to form the Pacific International Football Conference. Francois says negotiations are ongoing with other schools, and the NAIA is directly involved.

Other schools in the discussion are Simon Fraser, Cal Baptist, Concordia Irvine, Fresno Pacific and Menlo College. Azusa, Cal Baptist, Concordia and Fresno are members of the Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC), and several don’t have football programs at present but are considering adding it if this comes to pass.”

What does AD Francois mean by “Menlo”? Now I know I could be jumping to a big conclusion here but is Menlo in backroom discussions with SOU, Azusa and others about jumping the DIII ship and taking their football program to the NAIA? On some level I would get that, all of the Oaks athletic programs are NAIA except for football. If Cal Baptist, Concordia, and Fresno Pacific brought back football then I can hardly blame them for making a move to the NAIA and being able to have 4 more local rivals but hearing items like this should be really concerning to the NWC.

Let face it, at this point the NWC needs Menlo in the conference while Lewis & Clark tries to get some sort of footing. Just imagine if L&C tanked their program and then Menlo bolted for a new NAIA conference…..the NWC would be in worse shape than old Maxwell Field in mid-November.

A true comfort to me is the local NAIA school's inability to get anything done and that the Pios might have a better chance of upsetting the ‘Cats next season than those California schools bringing back football anytime soon.

For now we can rest easy but we should be keeping a close eye on our newly adopted sister school from California for Menlo’s NWC roots don’t run that deep.

Medford Mail Tribune Blog: Are you down with PIFC? Ya you know me!

update: Matt has pointed out to me that Menlo's Baseball and Softball programs are also DIII. Talk about an identity crisis.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Hawk doesn’t dig family time

Current Colorado Buffalo head man and former Willamette Bearcat Head Coach (1993-1997), Dan Hawkins had a sweet rant the other day. Apparently a parent slipped the coach an anonymous letter bitching about their kid not having enough free time during the spring/summer. I guess the Hawk wants his kids to be working out and getting ready to play Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Florida State instead of loading up the wagon and headed out for the yearly camping trip.

I don’t really blame the Hawk for going all D.Green during that news conference. Really, high school sports are already being ruined by medaling and overbearing parents. It’s only a matter of time before there are parents writing letters to the Colorado AD complaining how their kid’s feelings are hurt because the Hawk replaced their son with a female kicker.

Here’s the audio:
The Hawk wants you to go play I.M.'s

Deadspin: Dan Hawkins REALLY wants you to practice more

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Harrison, I swear it’s on the way.

OK, I’ll admit one of my worst traits is that when I move a “to do” on my list to the side, that “to do” doesn’t get done for a long time. Sending Harrison’s helmet back to him has been on my “to do” list for over 3 months now.

How did I get it? Well after the 2006 edition of the Alumni/JV football game (The Alumni team rolled 35-14) I get an e-mail from a panicked Harrison who forgot to grab his helmet after the game. What do you expect, he’s a linebacker. I assure him that I’m on the case. I swing by practice the very next day and find that senior defensive tackle Mike Ketler grabbed it up for safekeeping.

I shoot Harrison a message back to deliver the good news that his lid is on the way. He has to be saying to himself “Man, WC11 is really on top of things” Fast forward 3 months later and it’s still hanging on a hook in the garage and I’m sure he thinks I’m an ass. But no more I tell you! As you read this I’m packing up his helmet in a cardboard box that was storing some old VHS tapes (Men in Black, Porky’s, Porky’s Revenge, Beaches, etc) and putting one of his prized possessions in the trusted hands of the Post Office.

Don’t worry Harrison, I swear it’s on the way!

Sidenote: Big props to Linfield’s Women’s basketball team who just won their 4th in a row and ran their NWC record to 8-6 and have a shot at making the NWC playoffs (top three in the NWC play for the NCAA playoff auto bid)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

It’s a national letter of intent world and we’re not living in it.

I know that Nike, ESPN, and other evil media types have put the high school athlete in the crosshairs but National LOI day has become has become an “NFL draft” type of guy holiday. I can’t even imagine what kind of sales pitches these kids and their parents are getting from coaches around the country.

That leads me back to the NWC and Division III. We all know there are no athletic scholarships at our level and also no letters of intent to be signed. Pretty much you know when a kid is going to come to your school is when they send in their deposit. That is about as close to an LOI as you’re going to get and it’s rare for a DIII school to work up a press release about that info.

Personally, I would love to know in advance what recruits have committed to Linfield but I’m not going to lose much sleep over it. We are going to get exceptional students and exceptional football players at Linfield…just without the fan fair.

So for the time we just have to sit back and read about the small state school programs and their LOI days and how coaches “heard that XXX could be national contenders” or freshly committed players say “"I think this next season they'll be a strong contender for the national championship."

Should I tell them that XXX is already eliminated from the 2007 playoffs before the season starts due to their schedule? Guess the recruiter forgot to mention that?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My A-V nerd use to play football.

So, I am really excited that WC11 has invited me to particpate in this blog. He spends quite a lot of time on the internet so that he can continue being a true expert on all things Linfield and of course D3 football. For some reason it still suprises me that there is so much football to talk about in February, but I guess I'll never learn. :) I'm really glad to have the chance to get involved in the Linfield Football chatter and hope that I have something to offer here. This is my first time 'posting' anything I've written, so - thanks in advance for your patience.

Personally (and I know I'm biased) I think that WC11's catdomealumni web site and the videos he posts there are AMAZING! Even more amazing than the videos themselves is the fact that he taught himself to make them. We do joke (a little) about how he has gone from "big man on campus" to "A-V nerd" in a few short years. Guess that is what married life will do for you! :)

In terms of Linfield Football, I know that WC11 is already chomping at the bit to watch the Wildcats continue their tradition of classy, smart and relentless football next season. As much as I like having him around the house, I have to admit that the giddy look he gets on his face when he is heading out for game day is pretty wonderful. Guess that I am looking forward to football season too... :)

Go 'Cats!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Least Favorite Time of the Year

Seriously….that super bowl is the capper to the 2006 football year? What a crappy season. First, the ‘Cats miss the playoffs, MUC wins (again), we find out Tank Johnson is not a good person, and get to watch a 15’ shadow of Prince and his “guitar” during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Now all we get to do is speculate in what kind of recruiting class our ‘Cats are going to get in. However, since this is DIII we have no real idea who the incoming kids are. We just sit around and talk or read about “I hear this transfer is going to leave (insert major university here) and will be a ‘Cat next season”. Or we can wait read some articles this spring about various kids that will be ‘Cats next fall.

I’m sure this is the same song for 99.5% of other DIII programs. However, I know PLU doesn’t do that because they are too busy building sandcastles and waxing their mustaches (I kid, I kid). No seriously, if you’ve ever been to Parkland, Washington would you not be surprised to see a Xmas decoration setup like in the picture to the right? I thought so…

Yes, this is going to be fun...

WC11, I'll echo along with Downtown...this is a great idea.

This is a day that I traditionally mourn more than others. The Super Bowl is done and I won't see another "significant" football game now for almost seven months (that may change if Mr. Brett Elliott finds some success in NFL Europe). And yes, the tax season really begins today. I'll likely be in this office every single day for the next 72 days for my busy season....comforted by the knowledge that the long hours now means that I'll have more time in the fall for football officiating and yes, our Wildcats.

My hope is that this blog gives us a chance to discuss football (with a Linfield twist of course) with a level of football intelligence that isn't available other places. No criticism of Pat Coleman from me, but Hamms' beer has little to do with the great game of football.

And about the photo.....I'm with three of my favorite people. I was overjoyed when Mack Farag joined the staff as our equipment manager this past season. Dave Hansen has been with the Wildcats longer than I have and is a member of the Linfield Athletics Hall of Fame. And seated is team chaplain Tyler Matthews. Tyler and his wife Molly's home is the same home my wife and I had for our first home when we came back to McMinnville in 1983. Tyler's courage at St. Johns' in 2003 will not be forgotten.

For some quick amusement, go to the football recruiting section of Oregonlive.com and read that a few kids have been "offered" by Linfield. Nobody gets "offered" in Division 3. And the offers given to Western Oregon recruits? Since they have about ten scholarships to give, the financial help that these guys get is about the same amount as "passing go" in a game of Monopoly...$200.

Let's have fun!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tacoma / Gig Harbor = Catdome North!

So here we go...the Linfield Football Blog is up and running! Now don't worry, this was just the most relevant picture I had at the moment and I wanted to test this thing out. So we'll see how good the Coyotes are this year without their stud RB and TE. Never too early to pile on those pukes. Nice work WC11, I think this will be fun.

Now the real question of the day is, who will be going to Disney World? Will it be Peyton and the Colts or will Tank Johnson be packin' enough heat to get the Bears a win? I know one person that will probably be shootin' blanks is Rex Grossman. I told Ditka I was pullin' for the Colts and and you can see what he thought about that.

It should be a good game and sitting here at 2:00 PM, it looks like nobody will be MIA for this game. No reports yet about any hookers, cocaine binges or trips to mexico so it's all good heading into Super Bowl XLI. By the way how bad are they killin' Denny Green...they've been running his meltdown all day!!

We'll talk more Linfield a little later!

Friday, February 2, 2007

ADvantage Catdome (beta)

This could be a good idea or a bad one....let's see how it goes.

Yeah, That's me on the right....with a jersey that is way too tight. Maybe it wasn't such a hot idea to wear number 11 in college because all of the #11 jersey's they have now are not for 30 year old has been's playing in alumni games. See the move where I'm pulling to jersey down for a "slimming effect"? Stay classy #11.

I've shied away from putting anything out there on the d3.com/catdomealumi.com sites that are about "me" but since the idea of this blog is to be more "intimate" I guess I should put myself out there just a tad bit more.

I've found out over the past few years that I'm a video geek and have found said hobby to fit one of my great loves in life (besides Mrs. 11)....Wildcat football. I started up Catdomealumni.com last spring as a host site to post up video clips that some great people have put together over the years. It may not be the slickest site (Christsakes it's a geocities site) but I think it get the job done. In kicking around some ideas this winter to help "enhance" the mothership and I thought that we are living in a blogging world and we should jump the shark with the rest of the media whores and wannabes.

The reason why we're doing this blog is to give various people that are Linfield backers a place to really sound off on their thoughts on our Linfield Wildcats, the NWC, small college football, and just life in general. Some of these contributors may say something’s that I don't like or you don't like but I hope we can bring up some topics without very much filtering.

I wear red and purple blinders and would Jack Bauer somebody if Coach Smith asked me to. I would be hard pressed to say anything bad about Linfield except for I think the weight room sucks to the 10th degree.

This is why I hope others posting on here will voice how they feel...for good and bad. We can just roll with it.

We're going to get this fired up in March to go hand-in-hand with the new videos rolling out on the mothership (catdomealumni.com).