Friday, March 7, 2008

Linfield Review: Cats lend helping hand

Just came across this article in Linfield's student run newspaper, The Linfield Review, and here is another great example of the incredible people that reside in our football program.

In an article in the previous edition of The Review, it focused on Junior Darcy Thompson. Darcy recently had a baby boy and decided that she needed to complete her education in order to give her and her baby the best chance of success in the future. The college doesn't provide on-campus living for family living so she moved into a nearby apartment. The article briefly mentioned that Darcy didn't have much furniture in her apartment for her and her baby boy.

Upon reading this Linfield Offensive Line Coach Doug Hire rallied members of the football team to help pitch in and provide Darcy with an apartment full of the necessary furniture to make Darcy and her baby more at home. You can read the story the football team provided here.

We're all very proud of the program for their continued success on the field but hearing these stories of the Wildcats off the field should make fans of Linfield football even more proud.

Great job Wildcats!!!!

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