Monday, April 28, 2008

One week away from Linfield Legends Month!

Next Monday will be the start of Linfield Legends month on For those of you who are new to the monthership for the past two years I’ve used the month of May to post up video clips of standout Wildcats of past years. For me, it’s a blast to go through the old clips and appreciate what these former players did during their careers at Linfield.

One thing is for certain is that the production values of the video clips for this year’s batch of Legends is way beyond my first Legends clip that I posted up two years ago of Running Back Gary McGarvie. Gary was such an incredible player that I feel bad that A) I missed a number of standout runs that I overlooked on the old highlight tapes, and B) my production values sucked.

So here is May’s line up of Legends that will bring back many great memories for any long time Linfield fans:

May 5th: Joe Dominey, Defensive Tackle, 1990-94

I’ll speak more on Joe later but he was a force of nature on the defensive line and his blend of speed and power made him a unique player for those great Linfield teams of the early 90’s.

May 12th: Joey Rector, Running Back, 1992-95

Like Carl Haberberger, I find that Joey was very underrated as a dominate running back for the ‘Cats. Joe had uncanny strength and great balance. Overall, Joey is 2nd in all time rushing TD’s in Linfield long history of stand-out running backs. IMO, he just might have the greatest single rushing TD in Linfield history vs Puget Sound in 1995. Joey broke off a big 70-yard TD run where he literally ran over a DB in the open field 10-yards out before punching it in. The only angle of this run on tape is from the crow’s nest but it’s still amazing to watch that run, bad angle and all.

May 19th: Darrin Causey, Linebacker, 1990-94

Linfield has a long…long list of incredible linebackers to man the Wildcat defense but one the finest was Darrin Causey. Darrin wasn’t terribly intimidating when you first saw him in pads but his demeanor and style of play scared the hell out every team that had to contend with him. Causey had everything you could want in a linebacker, leadership, great instincts, playmaking ability, toughness, speed, and was just a great tackler.

May 26th: David Russell, Running Back, 2000-2002

Where do you start with D.Russ? For Linfield fans, David has almost reached a level of mythical proportions. Every single characteristic of why Linfield football is so embraced by its fan base was embodied by #25. Humble, blue collar, tough, durable, team focused, and a winner. An incredible running back and person.

A couple of notes: Yes, I know that I’ve gone through 4 running backs over the past couple of years. That’s my basis towards the running game. Next season I’m going to try to highlight an offensive lineman and a QB on the offensive side of the ball.

Also, I know there was many, many, many great Linfield player’s pre-1990. My video vault only goes so far back. I would do back flips if I could score highlight tapes of seasons pre-1990. If you can spare a copy please let me know.

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