Thursday, June 12, 2008

News, Notes, and ramblings from the desk of Wildcat 11

-Starting to put together some ideas for this year’s scoreboard video intro for all the home games. I sat down with Kelly Bird (Linfield SID) and we came up with a general concept but now it’s time to start planning it out. I hope we take a step up from last year’s Scoreboard Intro.

-McMinnville’s home town paper, the News-Register, just announced a new sports editor to replace Allen Moody. Guess where the guy is from…Abilene, Tx. Yup, the home of the Hardin-Simmons Cowboys. Coincidence? Maybe not, but me thinks that Coach Keeling has planted a mole in McMinnville. Keep an eye on this guy Coach Smith!

-Linfield’s Athletic Director, Scott Carnahan, is plotting out the next facility upgrade for the athletic department/Catdome. The ‘Cats are working on building a 5.2 million dollar fitness center that will sit next to Memorial stadium (between the stadium and HHPA) and house a multitude of other offices/uses. The project is in the fundraising phase and A.D. Carnahan has about 2 million in commitments so far. (source Linfield Review)

-How about a T-Shirt? I want to get the word out at home games about and I think a great way would be for people to shill for me with T-Shirts. If I did this then any proceeds would go to the ‘Cats helmet for hunger program they have every Thanksgiving. What do you think?

-I missed the annual Ad Rutschman Luncheon this past weekend and I’m pretty bummed about it. Mrs. 11 and I are working pretty hard on projects on the house and there are only so many open weekends before football starts. Trust me, once football starts nothing is going to be worked on at Wildcat 11’s house.

-Indoor ‘Cats continue: Three former ‘Cats are putting in some good time this season with the Arena Football League 2’s Boise Burn. Casey Allen is once again having a monster year and Chris Boock has been clocking in some great minutes at Corner for the Burn. Brandon Hazenberg has moved to the sideline this year as the Burn’s DB coach and will be back on the ‘Cats sideline this fall.

Speaking of Linfield coaches, Thomas Ford is still staring for the Alaska Wild of the Intense Football League. T.Ford is leading the team in scoring and is team tops in rushing yards, rushing attempts, and tied for the top spot in catches on the season. Looking forward to T.Ford’s little brother (Reggie) playing his final year as a Wildcat this fall after transferring into the ‘Catdome.

Brett Elliott has spent the whole season on the I.R. for the San Jose Sabercats of the AFL. As a sidenote, the life of a pop music star can be cruel. The Sabercats are promoting the fact that Ashanti will be performing at halftime of one of their upcoming games. Wonder how long it will be before this former top selling ‘artist’ will be performing at the Yamhill county fair?

-The Linfield Review did a nice job of throwing some coverage on Linfield’s spring ball this past year. They examined the race for the #1 quarterback spot between Junior Aaron Boehme and Soph. Cole Franklin. My own opinion is that I think that AB has the edge but I really like Cole’s talent and know that it’s always good to have a choice of talented players in picking your quarterback.

-If you’re a Linfield’er and you’re out on the town in various parts of the world in your Linfield gear, snap a photo of yourself and send it into Just send me a photo. I’d like to post some of these up.

Wildcat 11

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