Monday, July 7, 2008

'Cats pick apart 'Vikes in Skelly Session was lucky enough to get a run down of last weeks ‘Cats 7-on-7 scrimmage up at Portland State. The 7-on-7 was organized by Linfield newcomer Reggie Ford who’s brother Tracy plays for the Vikings. It was close to a full collection of Viking and Wildcat skills players that used a modified scoring system to keep talley of the scrimmage and the ‘Cats walked away with the 12-8 win.

Here is a the game run down as reported from one of the ‘Cats.

-‘Cats started on Offense and marched down to the PSU 25 and punched it in with Corey Ellis from Aaron B.( it took probably 6-7 plays to score). Linfield 1-PSU 0

-PSU started on their 35 and completed the first pass for 6 yards. ‘Cats pushed them to a fourth down and PSU converted a 12 yard gain for a 1st down. PSU completed another pass for 5-6 yards and it was 3rd down around the ‘Cats 40. 3rd down pass is interception by Jaymin Jackson (who was playing safety) returned for a touchdown. Linfield 2-PSU 0

-PSU marched down from their 35 to score. The series took them 10-12 plays to score and a few 4th down conversions. Linfield 2-PSU 1

-Linfield tipped ball interception by PSU. Linfield 2-PSU 2

-Linfield interception by Bubba Lemon no return. Linfield 3-PSU 2

-Linfield Offense marches down and scores with a pass to Gunner Cederberg. Linfield 4-PSU 2

-PSU completes a few passes but then stopped on fourth down. Linfield 5-PSU 2

-Linfield Offense uses Bret Smedley a few times and then caps the drive with a TD pass to Henderson. Linfield 6-PSU 2

-PSU work their way down the field and scores on a pass (Again drive took about 10-15 plays) Linfield 6-PSU 3

-Linfield throws a bomb to Mikey Lemon for a touchdown. Linfield 7-PSU 3

-PSU drove down and was able to punch another one in on a long drive Linfield 7- PSU 4

- Aaron finds Bret Smedley in the endzone. Linfield 8- PSU 4

- Linfield Defense stops PSU on downs. Linfield 9- PSU 4

- Aaron B connects with Ellis for another TD. Linfield 10- PSU 4

- Linfield defense stops PSU on downs again. Linfield 11-PSU 4

-PSU stops Linfield on downs after a long drive. Linfield 11-PSU 5

-PSU marches down and scores. Linfield 11-PSU 6

-Linfield is intercepted. Linfield 11-PSU 7

-Linfield defense intercepts PSU. Linfield 12-PSU 7

-PSU intercepts Linfield on Final play. FINAL score Linfield 12-PSU 8

Scoring Recap:
Linfield Offense Scores: 7 All receiving
Linfield Defense Scores: 5 (3 ints, One returned for a score, 2 stops)
Portland State Offense: 4 scores All receiving
Portland State Defense: 3 ints, 1 stop

It looks like the re-match is going to be at the ‘Catdome this Wednesday around 6 pm. I’d like to applaud both PSU and the ‘Cats palyers for being self starters and getting this organized on their own time to help sharpen up their play.
****Update 7/8. According to my inside guy the 'Vikes have declined the return favor and will not be coming down the the Catdome tomorrow. :(


DOC said...

"PSU converted a 12 yard gain for a 1st down" HMMMM

"and a few 4th down conversions"
Let's the self-starters take a vow now to shore up that 4th down thing.
"stopped on fourth down"

"Linfield Defense stops PSU on downs"

"Linfield defense stops PSU on downs again"


Wildcat 11 said...


I'm assuming that it was AB that was at the pivot the majority of time. Hope to see them in action tomorrow at the 'Catdome.