Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall Camp: The 300-Yard Shuttle

During the first couple of days of each Linfield fall camp the 'Cats legs get a test of where they are at in terms of endurance. This year the 'Cats ran a timed 300-yard shuttle where the staff grouped players by positions.

It's pretty simple; cones are set 25-yards apart and the players have to run down 25-yards touch the line and come back to the other line for one full set (50-yards). Do that 6 total times and you have a 300-yard shuttle. The linemen had 2 sets of 300-yard shuttles while everyone else had 3 total sets of shuttles.

Instead of just shooting a wide shot of the whole team I thought it would be better to just focus in on one player's experience. I thought that senior running back Dan Lever would be a great guy to follow so I trained the lens on #27 and off he went.

Tomorrow: Sights and Sounds of Linfield's Fall Camp.

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