Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fall Camp: Sled Work

I'll admit it...the pop-up sled was my least favorite drill to run way back in the day. Didn't have best hips and I swear Coach Smith would let the hinges of our old sled rust up. However, it's a great drill to work on separation when taking on an offensive player.

Defensive Coordinator and Linebacker Coach, Jackson Vaughan, is working with his LB's and Rovers on the correct way to shoot the hands so our 'Cat defenders can make a play.

Tomorrow's video: Linfield running back Dan Lever's 300-Yard Shuttle Run.


doc said...

Does Jackson ever wear a National Championship softball ring?

Isn't he the only person to have a football and a softball ring?

Why are they all the way over to the tracks? Stop engines by the end of the week?

Wildcat 11 said...

Yes, I'm sure Jackson does wear his NC softball ring. He and Coach Rustchman are the only 'Cats to win NC's in different sports at Linfield. Good Company.

The 'Cats try to use all of their facilities during practice and it's good to work on the different surfaces.

Besides those pop up dummies are anchored into the ground and are not going anywhere.