Monday, August 4, 2008

A note from your webmaster… only has two more videos left in our 2008 video season and not to toot my own horn but this has been our best. I’ll keep working on upping the ante and we’ll see if 2009 can top this year.

The next two weeks will be our 2008 offense and defense preview. I have mix feelings about these two weeks because I feel that I don’t truly do justice to how the offense and defense is going to look once the season hits. The reason is these videos cannot account for the players that are getting the opportunity to step into rotation and show their talent. On offense, players like Cederberg, Patterson, Lamson, Reggie Ford, etc. are going to have a huge impact and players like Comfort, Nishizaki, Seifert, Morrison, will do the same defensively. So while I hope you enjoy the season preview but do keep in mind these vids don’t really show the full picture of your 2008 Wildcats.

-T-Shirt update. We’re a little close in putting out the shirts. We’ll need a few more weeks before I can get these in my hands but I promise I’ll fast track them to the Catdome family once they are in.

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Brandon said...

The videos are awesome and pass the time during the summer. Can't wait for the home opener 9.27.