Monday, August 18, 2008

Video-boarding in 2008.

As we’re fast approaching the 2008 season Linfield fans will have 5 chances to root on their Wildcats in the comfort of the Catdome. Linfield Sports Information guru, Kelly Bird, and myself have been working on some of the in-game entertainment that will be pumped through the videoboard (sidenote: we should really give the video board a name…”Catvision”, “Jumbo Cat”, ect.).

-“Scoreboard Intro”: Last night I put the wraps on the 2008 team introduction video that will be played before the ‘Cats hit the field for kickoff. I have to put our work over and say this video is rockin’. The length is 2 minutes long and we blended some scripted shots with a couple of current ‘Cats with the last minute of the clip a rundown of the tradition of the program. Our hope is to give you the chills and amp up the excitement even more.

-“Senior Moments”: This is a return sponsored segment (our wildcat backing local Quizno’s sponsored last year’s moments) where we sit down our current crop of seniors and have them share why they choose Linfield and share in some of their other thoughts. So far in the seniors I’ve talked to have been great. BTW, Linfield senior lineman Jared Hinkle likes the color purple.

-“This day/week in Linfield history”: This is another return sponsored segment where we pull out a piece of Wildcat football history that occurred on the same date in the past. I was hoping that one of this year’s games would line up with the 2002 Linfield/Menlo game because I’ll always be fond of the pre-game Dillon Hall incident where a few Oaks had some choice words to a few ‘Cats eating breakfast about Linfield’s 2001 come from behind victory. The game in 2002 was a little different.

-“Linfield Football Trivia”: A new segment to the video board this year is our trivia contest. Each week we’ll ask some current ‘Cats a trivia question about Linfield football to see if they are up to snuff.

So when you’re at home games this year be sure to keep an eye on the big board during timeouts to reminisce about a past great performance, learn a little more about a current ‘Cat, or see if you know your Linfield history.

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