Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wildcatville: Linfield Play-By-Play over the years

The author of a fellow Linfield Wildcat blog "Wildcatville" recently contacted us here a t and asked to pass along this entry about Linfield Football play-by-play radio men during the years.
For my blogsite, Wildcatville, which is mainly about Linfield College football, I
compiled the following list of those who were or are now commercial
radio station
play-by-play "voices" for Linfield Wildcat football. I'm
posting only the names of play-by-play voices, not those who were
color commentators during the broadcasts. And, this is a list only for
McMinnville's 1260 AM commercial radio station (KMCM-KCYX-KLYC), not
Linfield's student FM radio station KSLC, which also has carried
Linfield football over the years. Here's the list, if you have
corrections/updates, please contact me, Tim Marsh, are Thank you.

1956 Craig Singletary
1957 Craig Singletary
1958 Craig Singletary
1959 Craig Singletary
1960 Craig Singletary
1961 Craig Singletary
1962 Craig Singletary
1963 Craig Singletary
1964 Craig Singletary
1965 Craig Singletary

1966 Dick Bacon
1967 Dick Bacon
1968 Dick Bacon
1969 Dick Bacon

1970 Chuck McKeen
1971 Chuck McKeen
1972 Chuck McKeen

1973 Larry Ward
1974 Larry Ward
1975 Larry Ward
1976 Larry Ward
1977 Larry Ward

1978 Dave Hansen
1979 Dave Hansen
1980 Dave Hansen
1981 Dave Hansen
1982 Dave Hansen
1983 Dave Hansen
1984 Dave Hansen
1985 Dave Hansen
1986 Dave Hansen
1987 Dave Hansen
1988 Dave Hansen
1989 Dave Hansen
1990 Dave Hansen
1991 Dave Hansen
1992 Dave Hansen
1993 Dave Hansen

1994 Steve Lindsley

1995 Mark Marshall/Joe Dominey
1996 Mark Marshall/Joe Dominey
1997 Mark Marshall/Joe Dominey

1998 Marty Hough
1999 Marty Hough

2000 Darrell Aune
2001 Darrell Aune
2002 Darrell Aune
2003 Darrell Aune
2004 Darrell Aune
2005 Darrell Aune
2006 Darrell Aune
2007 Darrell Aune
2008 Darrell Aune

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