Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back from the office grinder!

I made it! It was a long.....long week but Wildcat11 made it through another killer fiscal year-end at the job and our team at work did a great job. However, let me say that not being at the Linfield game at UPS yesterday was painful. I couldn't listen to game so the only thing that was keeping me up to speed was the UPS "live" stats, a few phone calls from Gig Harbor Cat (of fame), and I almost had a meltdown in following the game by hitting "F5" (web refresh button) on my keyboard over and over again.

My biggest concern about the loss to Willamette was a hangover the following week and the fact that I don't remember the 'Cats playing well at UPS since a 2002 beat down of the Loggers. (2004 Champs had their lowest regular season scoring output at UPS). I'm getting the film a little later today but it sounded ugly...really ugly. However, I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day of the week and twice on Saturday.

BTW...was there really 3,740 people at the game on Saturday? The Linfield/Willamette game only reported 3,200 plus and it seemed like the 'Catdome was packed pretty good.

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MacQuiz said...

Hey 11,

Can't imagine what it must be like to be cut off from a line to the game. I feel for you bud!
I myself must bribe my work peers to cover my sorry butt on some Saturdays so I can "Plug in". This Saturday I did my thing by sitting in the South parking looking back into the empty dome with my radio on 1260. You can almost see the players on the field by listening to Darrell and Dave. (sort of a Field of Dreams thing)
It's as close as a Wildcat nutcase can get to a game and not be there.
I look forward to your installment of the spaghetti western soon.