Monday, November 3, 2008

'Cats win...but it was Ugly.

What we already know is that with Linfield’s 32-24 victory over Puget Sound is that Linfield wrapped up consecutive winning season number 53. However, what we also know is that Linfield pretty much did it in an incredibly ugly fashion. “Cut and Run” Kavin Williams was cutting and running all over the Linfield offense for over 200 yards rushing on the day. Yikes….

The Good

-Winning. What we found out is that on one of Linfield’s worst days is that Puget Sound still cannot beat the ‘Cats. Even with Linfield playing with a bachelor party style hangover the ‘Cats did enough to avoid total disaster and provide another NWC foe with a moral victory.

-Cole Bixenman. The sophomore came off the bench and helped spark the struggling Wildcat offense in the 2nd half. Bix went 5 of 8 passing for 104 yards and one TD passing and one TD rushing. He made sound decisions with the ball and has made big improvements since his start vs Menlo.

-Erik Koczian: The frosh punter/defensive back had a great day assuming the punting duties for an ill Dan Egan. Koczian had a 39 yard punting avg and let loose some booming kicks.

-Dean Kongslie: The Rover made his prescesns felt in returning a fumbled punt for TD and recovering another mishandled Logger punt. Dean’s early special team play wound up being the difference for the ‘Cats.

The Bad:

-Tackling. It was nasty bad. UPS Williams was blowing through arm tackle after arm tackle. I don’t think I’m offending any Wildcat defender when I say that was some urine poor tackling.

-Not putting away UPS early. Linfield had the chance to put the Logs away early on their home field but the ‘Cats made it interesting and gave UPS the life they needed. Next thing you know Linfield was in a dog fight for the rest of the afternoon.

1st half offense. 50 total yards of offense vs. UPS in the 1st half. ‘Nuff said on that subject.

The Ugly:

Alleged WOU administrator educating members: This is not related to the game but a poster using an WOU administrator's work email account pulled off one of the worst offenses in the interwebs/tubes world and that was fire off a post on the Northwest Conference posting board about Linfield myopic fans and how WOU would have rolled Willamette. This possible WOU administrator thought he was covered by his handle of “jocko” but he forgot that the email you register with is visible by board members. After this alleged WOU athletic administrator was called out he tried to cover his tracks with a lame excuse but it isn’t working. However, the alleged WOU athletic administrator did the first smart thing of his d3boards career and that was shut down his account.

It’s like the first unwritten rule….if you are administration (unless you're posting up general inforamtion) you should just keep your mouth/keyboard shut and let your fans talk smack for you. Alleged WOU administor gets ZERO five-alrights for that boner of a move.


Bubs1856 said...

You had to know it was an administrator think someone that is actually enrolled or graduated from WOU could use the word myopic in a sentence correctly?

Wildcat 11 said...


"Are these two female refs that we're talking about?"