Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Player Blog: Bryce Comfort "Jan-Term Happenings"

Greetings to the ‘Catdome family. We’re going to be kicking off the player blog series again now that 2008 has been put the rest. I asked sophomore defensive back, Bryce Comfort, to kick off 2009 with a blog entry about what he’s been up to during January Term. For those of you that don’t know Linfield operates on a 4-1-4 schedule. That means the fall semester is four months long and the spring semester is four months long and sandwich in-between is January term. This is a one-month long optional term where students may go abroad to study or stay on campus to take a couple of intensive classes during the month. I loved Jan term when I was a student and it sounds like Bryce is having a good time too.

What’s up! I hope you all had a great New Years and have started ’09 out with a bang like the ‘Cats have! I’m currently sitting in my room on a lovely Sunday afternoon, writing out a little blog for you guys to see what’s going on in the life and times of a Wildcat during Jan-Term.

Right now I’m trying to juggle the heavy load of my one class that meets three days a week, training for next season, and spending some quality time with my friends. I must say it’s a rough life, but someone’s gotta do it. In all seriousness this blog is probably the most writing I have had to do since we started school back up (sorry pops if you’re reading this). But even when there is not a lot going on, hanging out at the Catdome with all the guys who are around is a great time to start to mesh together as a team. This weekend we had another one of our top recruit visits, and there were a lot of quality guys who came to see what we were all about. I got to host a kid who I went to high school with during my glory days in the beautiful Tacoma, WA. Hopefully we can continue to get more western Washington guys, seeing as that’s where the best athletes tend to come from. Just kidding all you Oregon boys I love you too! We’ve only been back for a week now but I’m having a blast with all the guys on the team. The other night I taught Jaymin Jackson (Jr. Linebacker) how to play the drums on rock band like a champ, but my performance was overshadowed by the dazzling vocals of Gunnar Cederberg (Jr. WR). He can really hit those high notes!

Winter workouts are going well and it has been great to see a lot of the guys get going on training for next fall. I can attest to the fact that the report date in August creeps up on you much faster than you think, and it is vital as an athlete to begin preparing now. Last spring we really got after it and the senior class did a great job of setting the bar for future teams. I expect even more improvement from last year as we all know what we are capable of and that we can push it much further. We are actually a step ahead this winter and all the credit goes to the amazing Coach Neil Fendall aka “the Weight Room Warrior” aka “the Prince of Plyometrics.” But seriously, Coach Fendall has helped to reshape our training philosophy and has instilled an attitude within the players that has already translated to our performance on Saturdays. This spring will be another chance to put some work in and see where it takes us in the fall!

Like I said before, I hope you all have had a wonderful start to 2009, and I can’t wait to see everyone at the Catdome next fall! We all have extremely high expectations for 2009 and it will be exciting to see them begin to unfold as the year goes on. Take care and God bless.

-Bryce Comfort
Class of 2011
(Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird, Linfield SID)

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