Monday, April 13, 2009

George Fox 2004 baseball championship better than 'Cats 04 Football title?

CBS Sports owned, The Bleacher Report, posted up a Top 10 Northwest Sports Teams of all time today and two NWC graced this list. Coming in at #10 was Linfield's 2004 National Title team and ranked at the #8 slot was the 2004 George Fox Baseball Championship team.

Now, I applaud the author for including small college teams onto this list as you could easily claim there are other teams that could have cracked this list but my question is the accuracy of GFU great accomplishment being put in front of Linfield's incredible 2004 season?

I'm not much of a baseball guy but after I posted up a comment questioning GFU ranked in front of Linfield, the blog's author responded that George Fox's title win "transformed" small school ball. Really? Now that comment needs more explanation to Wildcat 11.

The Bleacher Report: The Top 10 Northwest Sports Teams of All Time

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doc said...

I was stunned by G Fox’s parlaying the NWC title wrestled from LINFIELD into a National Championship; as I was with LINFIELD doing the same thing in 1970 in the NAIA. Great job.
But!….the 2004 LINFIELD football team was remarkable in that offense - with a complimentary defense - in that if you literally turned your head to talk to your neighbor they might score. If you went to the snack bar they might score twice. Once they got their footing in Wisconsin they dazzled all the way to the one hand winning catch in the Stagg Bowl.