Friday, May 29, 2009

Have A Good Weekend Fiesta

Have a good weekend to everyone in the 'Catdome. Mrs. and Mr. Wildcat11 are planning on hitting our favorite Mexican restaurant that's located in Newberg (Lago De Chapala ) or if I'm too lazy then we'll just hit Mazatlan in Mac. I hope that I'll have a better night than Keyboard 'Cat above.

In terms of videos, next Monday is the 2009 Spring ball clip and then we'll follow up with 2008 game highlights of WOU and PLU. Then, we'll move into our Linfield Football Camp (HS) clips and some specials that I'm busting backside on.

Stay safe out there this weekend and we'll see you on Monday.

Go 'Cats!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Former Teammate Luke Buchheit on Daryl Agpalsa

Former 4x All-NWC Tight End (2nd team 1999 & 2000, 1st team 2001 & 2002) and teammate of newly minted Linfield Legend Daryl Agpalsa, Luke Buchheit, jotted down some thoughts about his close friend. Luke was a fan favorite at the ‘Catdome during his playing days as the crowd would call out “BUUUUUUCC” anytime Luke caught the ball over the middle and looked to level a DB. Please leave a note in the comment section if you have any stories or additional thoughts about Daryl.


If I could describe Daryl Agpalsa in one word is would be relentless. In every aspect of Daryl’s personal qualities, except for attending class regularly, Daryl was relentless. He blocked like he had a personal vendetta against every defensive lineman and or linebacker he was responsible for, he ate food like it was a disappearing commodity, he studied film for hours, and was excellent teammate to boot. Daryl had this ability to make you feel comfortable and welcome, yet would get after it when times called for it. He made practices fun and had this ability to spin everything that he did or didn’t do in a “ah shucks” manner (which usually drove coach Hire mad). For a five foot nothing and a 200 pound nothing lineman he was as relentless and fearless as they come.

When I first met Daryl, he demonstrated the Hawaiian culture to perfection. He was cool, calm, and collected, but once you put pads on him and put him in a competitive situation, whether it was practice, scrimmage, or game he was a different person. Playing and being with him in the huddle was somewhat reassuring, because you knew that the correct call was going to be made and the end result was a pancake with a little bit of Daryl on top. Something that should also be noted is that Daryl mastered the art of holding as you have seen in his highlight clips.

On a more personal note, he has always had your best interest in mind and remains to be a good friend of mine and will always be apart of the Linfield football fraternity. Thanks and have a great day!

Luke Buchheit #89
Class of 2002

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pacific Boxers shooting for 2010 Return has posted an official announcement that the university board of trustees has provided the green light for the University to reinstate the boxer football program that has been dormant since 1992. The release states that Pacific will try to field a program by the 2010 season contingent on the necessary start-up expenses. has been following this story since last year with our Red and Purple interview with Pacific Athletic Director Ken Schumann and has been monitoring the push for football at the Forest Grove campus since.

This is a huge development not only for Pacific but for all of the membership of the Northwest Conference as this will drive up the football NWC membership to 8 teams and will provide more scheduling flexibility for the NWC members. Athletic Directors in the NWC have to be excited of the possibility of one less long flight for non-conference games and the reduced pressure in playing a NAIA or Division II team to fill a schedule.

Look for Pacific to start their search for a head coach this summer as they continue to try to secure the funds for a 2010 start. There are still questions about where they will play their initial home games as I’m not sure if their Lincoln Park athletic complex could be ready in time. Hillsboro Stadium is a good and likely solution but it’s a 15-20 minute drive from the campus and I’m sure the Boxers would rather play on-campus.

For Linfield, this is good news. Before the 2007 season the ‘Cats were “this close” to only having 6 Division III games on their schedule but now Linfield could be looking at a pure D3 schedule starting in 2010 (starting 2-Year deals with Cal Lutheran and LaVerne). I guess the question is if Linfield keeps their 2010 schedule in place and adds Pacific as their 10th game or the ‘Cats could alter their current agreements and remove one of the California trips to save costs and stay at 9 games. Either way, it looks like the athletic department at Linfield has options when it comes to their football schedule where in the past there were none.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Daryl Agpalsa at work -2002 Practice

Wildcat11 was lucky enough to get some practice clips during the 2002 season (thanks Coach Hire). Above is a quick montage of Linfield Legend Daryl Agpalsa (jersey #95) at work during some one-on-one pass rush and drive drills.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Head Coach Joe Smith on Linfield Legend Branden Hughes

Above are some extended thoughts on Linfield Legend Branden Hughes. (Click here to watch Branden shut down too many receivers to count). Monday we visit our last Linfield Legend of 2009 as we get to our first offensive lineman, Darly Agpalsa (1999-2002, Offensive Guard) . It's a heck of a clip watching Daryl punish linebackers, DBs, and all sorts of defensive linemen.

Hillsboro High brings back a 'Cat and other coaching updates

A Hillsboro High, Linfield graduate, and 3 time football letter winner Ken Ingram takes over the 5A Hilhi program. Ingram, 43, was a member of both the 1984 and 86 championship teams and played Center for the 'Cats. Most recently Ingram was the offensive coordinator at Aloha High School under former Linfield defensive coordinator, Chris Casey.

Speaking of coaches, the staff at (Wildcat11) has been working hard to update the 'Cats in Coaching page of the mothership. We've been able to track down about 100 former Wildcat football players that are currently involved in coaching either at the pro, college, or high school ranks. However, I know there have to be more 'Cats out there that are coaching but I need your help in finding them. Please take a few minutes a take a look at the coaching page and if you are not on the list or know of a 'Cat that is missing please drop me a note at

Today former Linfield standout wide receiver Brad McKechnie (2005) dropped me a note to let me know that he's teaching health and calling plays for the JV's and working with the varsity WR at Springfield High in Eugene. Brad still has a jones for playing football and found his outlet in playing in the National Nineman Football League for the South Valley Vandals. I'm sure that Keck is cutting fools up like it was a fall Saturday at the 'Catdome.

It's been great to get updates from 'Cats like Travis Masters '08 (coaching at Oak Hill in California), Wendell Say '76 (Head Coach at Aiea High in Hawaii), Kress Drew '86 (assistant at Clackamas), Carl Haberberger '00 (JV OC, Varsity RBs at Wenatchee High School in Washington), and on and on.

Lets see how in-depth we can get this coaching page with 'Cats that are making their mark all over the country.

Link:'s 'Cats In Coaching

Saturday, May 16, 2009

'Cats announce 45 new ballers coming to the 'Catdome

The Linfield football staff just announced 45 new football recruits that have paid their deposits that will be making their way to the 'Catdome in 2009. There are still some more players they are working on landing but another impressive group of kids coming off a great 2008 recruiting class.

Wildcat11 scanned YouTube for clips of this class and came up with 6 clips of incoming 'Cats so you can get an early peak at some of the talent. If any of you out there in the Catdome can find other clips of our incoming 'Cats drop WC11 an email or post it in the comments section.

Zach Anderson, QB Yamhill-Carlton

Max Cavalier, TE, 6'3" 220 lbs, San Marcus HS (Ca.)

Taylor Gregg, RB, 6'0" 180 lbs, Touchet HS (Wa.)

Rex Hawkins, DT, 6'0" 225 lbs, Waterford HS (Ca.)

Chris Pernicano, LB, 6' 0" 200 lbs, Kearny HS (Ca.)

Garrett Saiki, WR, 5'11" 185 lbs, Ferris HS (WA.), clip of kickoff TD

Friday, May 15, 2009

Head Coach Joe Smith on Linfield Legend John Nosler

Above are some extended thoughts on newly minted Linfield Legend John Nosler. (Be sure to watch John's clip on the Mothership). Coach Smith also gets off a thought about the 2000 WR corp/team. Monday we roll out Legend Branden Hughes (CB, 1993-1996). Have a great weekend to everyone in the Catdome.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Inside scoop: Announcement soon

One of Wildcat11's sources passed along a scoop that the Linfield football staff/S.I.D. department will be putting out a press release either later today or tomorrow that should give 'Cat fans a good start to the weekend. Check in on Linfield Sports early and often.

Link: Linfield Sports

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Head Coach Joe Smith on Linfield Legend Bruce Assily

Here are Coach Smith's expanded words on the great Bruce Assily. If you haven't already please take 7 minutes out of your day and watch the Linfield Legend clip on Bruce. Be sure to check in on us Monday as our next Legend clip, WR John Nosler (class of 2000), will be posted up. Nos was a smooth operator

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wildcat11's thoughts on Linfield Legend Bruce Assily

I don’t know where I should start about the great Bruce Assily that I didn’t already put up on the video. I think the highlight clip and Coach Smith’s comments already capture the type of player that Bruce was for the ‘Cats: powerful, athletic, explosive, and a dominate force. Bruce made life easier for the rest of us on the defensive line during the late 90’s and what you should know is the type of person #8 is off the field. He’s a man that has a good heart and cares about the welfare of others.On top of that Bruce is a crack up.He would always leave you in stitches when he would break out the ukulele and spin a song about 7-11 and nachos.

As a teammate probably my fondest memories of Bruce was during practice when the defensive line would be constantly ragging on each other until the moment we went to one-on-one pass rush with the offensive line. It was almost a daily clinic in watching Bruce just brutalize his o-linemen teammates with a bull rush, a quick swim to the outside, or my favorite Bruce move…”The Hump”. The Hump move is something the NFL great Reggie White made famous when he would get a tackle bailing out up-field and then White would violently club the tackle with his inside arm and this would cause the poor tackle to get tossed like a rag doll.(seen here at the :17 mark) You had to be a special talent to pull this move off with any success and Bruce had the hips and power to throw the Hump and have it find the mark. During one early practice in 1998 the staff sent over some poor freshman tackle (who would wind up starting later in his career) who was ready to take on Bruce. First time out of the shoot and Bruce threw his Hump move and I swear he tossed this 250lb Frosh a good five yards in the air onto his can. It was fall out funny and just a small example of the raw power of our jolly defensive end. However, don’t let the easy going Hawaiian demeanor fool you in terms of the intensity that Bruce would bring to the huddle and field. Bruce was a true warrior on the field. I played the opposite defensive end position of Bruce and I was thankful every time we hit the field together. To be truthful, I was mainly thankful because that meant that I didn’t have to play “anchor” (D-End who lines up between the Tight End and Tackle) and I could line up on the air side. I wasn’t nearly strong enough to hack at the 6 tech spot but Bruce always had my back and let me run around free on the other side. He never complained about it but I suspect that he enjoyed dishing out the punishment to the tight ends around the Northwest Conference.

Bottom line is that Bruce was a special football player. He was a rare blend of talents that defensive coaches dream about. Some guys really excel in one area but lack in others but there was no weak spot in Bruce’s game. He could do it all as a defensive lineman: speed rush the QB “Check”, power rush the QB “Check”, not lose ground on convoy blocks “check”, slip a block and make a play in the backfield “Check”, stand up a tackle with ease “Check”, finish plays “Check”. Bruce Assily was always our defensive line’s strongest link.


Class of '98

Monday, May 4, 2009

Jaymin Jackson Spring Football Diary, Week 3

Linfield Linebacker Jaymin Jackson and his Wildcat teammates have wrapped up their 3rd and final week of Spring Football at the 'Catdome and with that comes Jay's final Diary entry. I want to thank #7 for taking the time to write down and share his thoughts on Spring ball and the upcoming season. Go 'Cats!

Day 9

The word for today is Houdini. Today we showed up to practice a little earlier than expected, because coach emailed us saying that practice was going to run late and we need some extra work. As we laced up our cleats and waited for the whistle to start practice, coach told us to bring it in. We all hustled over to coach and he began to pass out maps. The maps were to the beach. He directed us to load up our cars with teammates and follow the maps. I had Nate Dixon in my Toyota pickup and we began the trek. I fueled up at the local shell gas station and we were on our way.

It was a beautiful drive along multiple rivers that lead us to this cove that coach new of. The name of it is slipping my mind but it’s known for surfing and the very large sand dune. After a very scenic 45min drive we all arrived at the location. Coach took his pick up onto the beach and unloaded his barbecue and a bunch of coolers full of pop and hot dogs. As coach was setting up, we ran some plays against each other on the beach. The wind was making the passing game hard for the quarterbacks. It was probably about 60 degrees but a steady wind kept things a little chilly.

Coach Smith led us to this rock wall. We had to get into 4 teams and the object was to get everyone to the top the fastest. Somehow my team had the four biggest guys on the team. Between Aaron Heston and Cheyne we had about 650 lbs of man to get up this wall. It was a very good time watching these small guys try and pull up these linemen. I am happy to say that no one fell from this wall and everyone completed the task. Shortly after we all caught our breath from this challenge, we walked along the cliff to this remote area overlooking the water. We took a quick team picture and it was time to climb the sand dune. As we got closer to this mountain the more of a vertical it got. I like to think that I am in good shape, but this task was very hard. After climbing this mountain of sand my thighs felt like Jello and my backside was on fire. My forearms and biceps were also experiencing great fatigue. After getting to the top and catching our breaths, we all started to head down.

The first person to fall victim to a face full of sand was Kevin Abbot. Kevin took off down the hill at a full sprint and his little ole legs couldn’t keep up with his body lol. Kevin made it about ¾ of the way down then his face decided it was hungry for some sand. Mr.Abbot went down like four flat tires. I give him credit; he did get right back up. Players on the team were crying including me. After seeing Kevin eat that sand burger everyone decided to take a more cautious approach on the way down. After going up and down the hill, it was time to eat. I have never seen so many hot dogs eaten in my life. I personally had 5, but I’m sure that wasn’t the most. As I was watching Ryan Henderson squeeze 4 hot dogs on a stick, I heard some yells. Looking over my shoulder I saw the Hawaiian boys making a run for the ocean. I don’t know if Ian Estrada and the boys were confused but that water isn’t the same as what they are used to. After a quick dip, they came sprinting back up towards the fire. By this time it was around 8’o clock and guys started to head out. This was a very fun time for us as a team.

Event like this are why I think that the Cats of 09 are going to be special. This team is very close and throughout the year we have been building a strong bond that can’t be broken. We are going to need to be a close unit to make it through the first part of the schedule which has us on 3 straight road trips
. Beach trip 2009 was a success.

Days 10-12

I’m not going to spill the beans on the last three days but the cats were working on some top secret stuff. Get ready to see some surprises when the cats open up this season. Thank you for allowing me to fill all you die hard wildcats fans with what’s going on with the cats of 09. Just know were doing everything in our power to perform at our best. Catdome!

Jaymin Jackson
Class of 2010

Casey Allen is still burning defenses

The Idaho Statesman ran a piece on current Boise Burn (AF2) and Linfield 2x All-American Wide Receiver, Casey Allen. The big man has been a force in the AF2 since he first arrived in Boise during the 2006 season. Casey's former Wildcat teammate and current Linfield assistant coach, Brandon Hazenberg, is with his 2nd year on the Burn coaching staff and chimes in on Casey's performance for the burn. Receiver Casey Allen a steady hand for the Burn