Monday, August 31, 2009

Cats at Work

Of course Wildcat11 is going to keep hammering home more practice videos to keep the Linfield masses on the edge of their seat as the season nears. This Saturday is the opening weekend of Division III football but the 'Cats will have to wait one more week but Catdomealumni and The ADvantage will have plenty of more clips and other segments to get you through to Linfield's week 1.

Be sure to set aside a few dollars as the 09 T-Shirts are just about ready to be released. I know you ALL want to rock some new fresh gear for the '09 season.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Cats putting in work early in the A.M.

The 'Cats just wrapped up their first full week of practice with an over 3 hour early morning practice that highly emphasized situational football. Word from camp is that the 'Cats running backs have shown great improvement from even this past spring and that the wide receivers have also made some excellent strides since the spring.

The Linebackers were already one of the strongest points of the team coming into the season but there are some newer faces you'll be seeing this fall that will add to the depth of the best LB core in the NWC.

My own personal observation is the energy the staff has been putting out every time I've been out to the 'Catdome. The offensive, defensive, and specialist staff is CONSTANTLY coaching in just about every moment of practice along with the vets helping out the younger players. It's a tight group that has been shaping their own unique identity over the past 9 days.

As with any fall camp there are some guys with some dings and strains but so far the health of the team has been pretty dang good and I suspect about as full of compliment of players that can be ready to go on the 12th.

The 'Cats main scrimmage will be next Satruday morning (Sep 5th) in the AM and then it will be HSU week. We're almost there.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mic'd Up with Ian Estrada (Part II)

Welcome back to part II of's Mic'd up with Ian Estrada. Yesterday offered up a glimpse into a typical first 1/2 of a day for a 'Cats D-Lineman. Lots of technique work, bag work, and constant coaching up from Coach Vaughan.

Today we'll follow Ian through Team time as the 'Cats go at a "Thud" tempo which basically mean everyone stays off the ground, don't touch the QBs, and try not to disfigure anyone.

Around The CatdomeO'sphere

Things are picking up as next Saturday Small College football officially kicks off for a number of teams including NWC teams. This time of the year everyone is improved and optimism is running at a high level but you really don't know who's going to be the teams to deal with until you actually start playing the games. Here's this week's link dump of news around the NWC and with upcoming Linfield opponents (HSU and SOU).

News Register: Cats banking on LBs to lead defense and Boehme's arm Raiders face off against Eastern Oregon. Coach hammering home that SOU players are now on same page.

Abilene News Reporter: HSU can't help but take a small peak down the road towards giant UMHB/HSU game.

Willamette Vimeo Video Page: Speckman camp interview. Thinks defense will be strength of team.

KPTV: Willamette Hoping for Dynasty after winning their 1st conference title during the past ten years SOU will lean on their defensive front SOU lands 9 on NAIA All-Indy pre-season team (isn’t there like only 5 indies in the NAIA? Just askin’)

Abilene NewsReporter: HSU’s Feaster is going to be a witch to deal with

Lincoln News Messager: Menlo's D-lineman, Tony Ramirez, hopes to bounce back from bad break Rats head man says the team is "vasty" improved

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mic'd Up with Ian Estrada (Part I)

Being a defensive lineman during practice isn't the most glamorous job in the world. There is a lot of simple stance/first step/strike work but those are the basics you have to master if you're going to be a player or not.

Senior Defensive End Ian Estrada (Kailua, Hawaii) was mic'd up and the clip above is part one of two. Part I gives you an idea of what the first half of a typical Linfield d-line practice looks like. It hasn't changed that much since I was playing in the late 90's and there's a reason for works.

Tomorrow we'll post up part II and it will follow Ian through some Thud tempo team time. Thanks to Ian for be willing to be our first subject and for putting up with Wildcat11 stalking him for most of the day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 T-Shirt Art Work is Locked Up

The artwork is in for the two T-shirts for the 2009 season. I should have my hands on them by September 5th and you all will be able to either buy them at the scrimmage on the 5th, before all four home games, or you can order them through

Remember, all proceeds will go to the team's traditional Holiday Giving Program. We're ordering a total of 185 dark gray shirts (125 of the 24/7/365 and 65 copies of the I heart Catdome shirts). I'm a little nervous about the I heart catdome shirts but I've been getting some great early feedback and I may have to order more if we sell out.'s goal is to raise about $800 to give to the 2009 Seniors. We have some work to do because the inital investment in the shirts is pretty decent this time around. I may have to tweak the prices this year in order to hit that magic $800 number but the shirts are still going to be VERY affordable.

I'll have an offical post next week with a price list and where you can pre-order shirts. Go 'Cats!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Video: Sounds of Camp

Above is a clip from last Sunday's practice. is going to try out best to get out this evening to the Catdome and on Saturday morning to mine for more video gold. Tomorrow will be the first of our two Mic'd up clips with Senior Defensive End Ian Estrada (that clip is turning out to be really fun). Go 'Cats!

Video: 'Cats QBs, WRs, and DBs battle

Wildcat11 has some more video to whet your appetite for the upcoming season. This video was shot on Sunday of the Wildcat's one-on-one and two-on-two passing session. There was no need to doing any heavy editing as the 'Cats provided some great action in just the few minutes that the cameras were rolling.

As a note of reference to the 'Cats in the video that I can pick out:
Offense: 14 - Aaron Boehme, 8 - Cole Bixenman, 34 - Andy Hunthausen, 88 - Ryan Henderson, 2 - Gunner Cederberg, 5 - Trevor Patterson, 17 - Chris Slezak, 11 - Chris Saunders

Defense: 8 - Kole Krieger, 6 - Nate Dixon, 10 - Steven Dark, 2 - Bryce Comfort, 31 - Christian Hanna, 4 - Drew Fisher

If I missed or muffed up a name please give me the's pre-season for WC11 too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Video: Tackling Circuit with the Defensive Line

You can't be a good defense without being a good group of tacklers. The cameras latched onto the 'Cats defensive line during this past Sunday's tackling circuit where the 'Cats worked on their craft.

"You've engulfed it like a starfish, engulfing a mussel. There's no escape." -Coach Smith

First Impressions: Hard work, Organzied, and Speed

Wildcat11 spent Sunday with the 'Cats in a very up tempo practice at the 'Catdome. Throughout this week I'll post up some video clips of Sunday's practice. We did a little bit of an experimental run at having a player mic'd up during the 3 hour session on Sunday. We rigged up a mic to Senior Defensive End, Ian Estrada, and I'll be working on putting together a clip(s) of Ian's Sunday practice towards the end of the week.

My overall impressions was that the group is a hard working, cohesive group. There is not a lot of wasted motion during the practice and you see all of the coaches busting butt giving instruction and encouragement for the full 3 hours. I thought the defense look very fast and there has been some big improvements from guys at the offensive skill positions.

Linfield understands they have a very tall task in front of them this season and so far the staff has created a real sense of urgency in terms of learning and preparation.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Around The CatdomeO'sphere

It just seems like it was last Friday since our last link dump...oh wait..nevermind. Small College football is picking up steam and so is the coverage. Still waiting for more articles where NWC coaches are quoted. I pretty much have them down: UPS will overstate, Whitworth will give generic quotes, Speckman will mix in a zinger, PLU will be upbeat no matter what, Menlo's guy is new but he seems like a decent quote so far. Anyways, here is what I dug up this past week. Raiders banking on large earth movers but I’d be worried about their blood glucose levels.

Abilene News Reporter: HSU is also bragging about their fat guys.

The Warrior Beat: Former WR NFL Great has a WR son that transfered from Hawaii to Hardin-Simmons.

Oregonlive: OSU’s Riley has Coach Rutschman address the Beavers. (one line mention) Incoming Cat earning some extra scratch at County Fair

KXLY (Video): Rats open up practice and of course you see a bunch of long hairs running around.

KDRV (Video about 2 minutes into segment): Southern Oregon keeps hammering home message of team unity and bonding.

KDRV (Video): Running looks to be main guy in the running for the QB job for SOU.

Palo Alto Daily News: Coach Fred Guidici was Menlo’s first choice as the head man.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2009 Opening Night kicks off around family atmosphere

It was a picture perfect night in the Valley for Linfield to open up the 2009 fall camp. It was great to see so many familiar and new faces get together at the 'Catdome talk about expectations, family, and Linfield football.

The Linfield coaching staff has some new faces(but not new to the 'Catdome)that I'm very excited to see in the fold. New to the staff is Coach Brodie Unger (Linfield 2003) will be working with the Linebackers with Coach Rombach. Coach Scott Cannon (Linfield 2000) is back at Linfield and will be working with the kickers and punters. Coach Cannon will also be coaching baseball in the spring. We also have a number of 2008 grads as first year coaches with the 'Cats. Gabe Haberly will be working with the WRs, Taylor Summers with the D-Line and Jared Hinkle will be assisting Coach Hire and the offensive line.

Along with the 'Cats players there were various family members of first year players as Coach Smith talked about what the team could expect in the coming weeks and season. The team then broke out by position group for introductions but the most anticipated part of the evening is when the seniors address the team and mainly the freshmen about some helpful advice and pitfalls to avoid in their first year as a 'Cat. I'll try to post up a video of that serious talk this weekend.

Looked like a very tight group of vets and the mood was upbeat. Be on the lookout our link dump post tomorrow but until then enjoy the sideshow above.

Cats Camp Kicks Off Tonight!

It is now officially the greatest time of the year! Forget Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years. This is the greatest Holiday of them all...Linfield Football starting off a new season. Approximatly 145 Linfield Wildcats will be checking in at the 'Catdome this evening for the annual family BBQ where freshman parents drop off their young ones and get to break the ice with the Wildcat vets. It's a nice way to start off camp as I can still remember being a freshman and about peeing myself sitting down in Ted Wilson gym looking at some of the monsters that populated the roster

Wildcat11 is going to do his darnedest to cover fall camp as best that I can. We plan on bringing some video of practice, I'll be tweeting (make sure you sign up with Twitter and follow Catdomealumni), interviews with players and coaches, and of course I'll be making passive aggressive comments about teams that Linfield will be lining up against this season. If any of you have any special requests in terms of players, coaches, or aspects of camp that you would love to see covered just leave a comment and I'll try to hook you up.

Damn, I swear a tear of joy just welled up in my eye in anticpation of another college football season. Give yourselves 5 alrights!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alumni Game Date is set for Saturday Oct 17th.

Linfield fans will get a double header on Oct 17th as the ‘Cats take on Lewis and Clark for homecoming at 1pm and just announced is that later in the evening will be the now annual Alumni/JV game at 7:30 under the lights at the ‘Catdome.

I have to applaud the Linfield program for moving the game from the typical Monday evening/Sunday afternoon to a Saturday. But even better is the fact that they will be offering the homecoming crowd at Linfield a chance to see the past, current, and future ‘Cats all in a one day feast of all things Linfield football.

Admission to the Alumni/JV game is free as usual and Alumni Team organizer Brandon Hazenberg is currently looking for alumni team player. You can contact Coach Hazenberg here: ( In speaking with Coach Hazenberg is he hoping to bring back over 50 alumni players.

Now, Wildcat 11 “retired” from the alumni game after the 07 season but I might just have to give it one more dance. Hell, I’m 33 and I’m not totally broken yet. I’m really out of shape but I have two months to work on running a lap without falling over. We’ll see.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ADvantage's scientific poll results are in. Cats are number one going into 2009 season.

With an overwhelming 64% of the votes the people have spoken and the 'Cats are the number one NWC team headed into the 2009 season. Of course this is a Linfield honk fan site/blog so what other outcome would you expect? I do want to say that whoever voted L&C number 1 is either the most hopeful fan of all time or has a cruel dark heart.

BTW, Western Oregon was upset they were not listed in the poll. I tried to explain that only NWC teams were allowed in the poll but the Wolves were adamant that they should be included. Don't believe me? Well here is proof on how they feel.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Around The CatdomeO'sphere

Our Friday Link Dump post is back! I know that you've missed out on finding links to news and views of the Northwest Conference and other Linfield opponents. Not too much news on our 'Cats so far but with camp starting on the 20th I'm sure we'll see articles start to trickle in. Applogize for being so quiet the past week but Mr and Mrs Wildcat11 took some time off and hit the Oregon Coast. We had a relaxing time but Wildcat11 was abused at the blackjack table at Chinook Winds. I blame the guys in front of me catching all my cards. Anyways...happy reading!

Tacoma Weekly: No Love For The Loggers in NWC coaches poll (no kidding)

A Word With Kelly Bird (Linfield SID Blog) New web digs for the ‘Cats at the end of the month.

Tacoma Weekly: UPS quarterback has no chance on beating out K. Williams so he'll go play defense.

The Olympian: Teammates find their way to Parkland (hope they don't get mugged)

The Olympian: Duel-Sport Twins choose the Rats but I'm sure they'll quit football after the first year to just run track (inside joke)

The Daily Tidings: Southern Oregon’s paper writes rare words about Raiders like "optimistic" and "great chemistry"

Abilene Reporter News: 188 to turn out for the start of HSU Cowboy camp (L&C staff kicks rocks looking at that number)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Surprises in the NWC Coaches Poll

Willamette edged Linfield out in the preseason Northwest Confernece coaches poll by picking up 4 first place votes for the Bearcats to Linfield's 3. This comes as zero surprise to Wildcat11 as Willamette is coming off a very good season and our 'Cats finished second for the 3rd consecutive season. I've mentioned this a few times in on the's twitter feed but preseason poll mean jack when it comes to what's going to happen during the 2009 season. The coaches don't have a crystal ball but this is more of a inside look at what the coaches around the confernece think have the strongest team going into the season. Right now the coaches think it's neck and neck between Linfield and Willamette.

However, don't think for one second that means that Whitworth isn't going to just pack it in and say "Oh well, I guess we won't try to win the NWC this year." I still contend our 'Cats are in a three way dance this upcoming season with Willamette and Whitworth. Along with that there is a potential trap game down in Atherton vs Menlo.

While the polls are fun to talk about the 100% most important item that has to be on the 'Cats mind is week one vs Hardin Simmons. HSU is coming into the 'Catdome highly touted and the 'Cats have a prime opportunity to start their 2009 campain on a very positive track.

BTW, who do you think is the #1 NWC team coming into 2009?

Which NWC team is #1 headed into 2009?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

This might be the video that breaks the internet. Seriously Coach Kiffin your team ½ nude draped in chains while mugging with a sports car? This video of the University of Tennessee's team theme photo just brought up a serious topic to Wildcat 11; when team/senior poster photos go seriously wrong.

It’s a VERY fine line between a harmless team/senior poster that is used to promote and funraise for an upcoming season and then when that line is crossed you enter into all sorts of areas of cheese and unintentional comedy. You start running into a mishmash of mean mugging and special photoshop effects gone wrong.

So WC11 thought he would share with you some of his favorites of the team/senior posters gone wrong.

EauClair’s bad boy bandannas

This 2003 poster might be one of all time favorites for the three dudes in bandannas and the sweet mean mugging from our Division III brothers in Wisconsin. Awesome!

The use of props.

One of the key components in a SWEET senior photo is the use of a large prop. It could be a helicopter, jet, a live animal. Below are some great examples for those scoring at home.

Hilliard Davidson Wildcats – TankFreakin’ sweet! A tank made out of a football. Never thought of that but the best part is the slogan “The Wildcat Battalion: You Won’t Know What Hit You…” I have a feeling that most of the opponents of Hilliard Davidson will know what hit them…a sad looking football team.

Verona High – Stretch Hummer Limo

Nothing too funny about this photo but I just love the fact they are using a stretch Hummer as their prop and they are cooling with their shades.

UW-Whitewater – Grader

The Warhawks have had incredible success the past four seasons and I have no room to knock their team but I sure as heck can poke fun at the major air lats some of the ‘Hawk players are displaying.

Biggest offenders – Jenks High School Football (Ok.)

I don’t even know where to begin with these posters. Granted, Jenks High is a powerhouse high school in the Oklahoma landscape but these posters are about a 10 on the unintentional comedy scale.

They all have the key components that made up a fall out funny poster. Arms crossed to make guns look bigger (check), Sweet graphics to intimidate (check), guys posing as if they are cool when you know they are not (check), extra tight shirts bought in the child’s section (and check).


Sunday, August 2, 2009

You can find it on Ebay.

For all of you fans of 90's Linfield gear can fire up the html and head over the Ebay to purchase this authentic 1998 Linfield Wildcat team jacket. This wasn't my jacket but belonged to WR Aaron Carlson. I have no idea why Aaron would want to give up this prime jacket. Hell, Wildcat11 still has his hanging up in the closet. I'm not sure if I'll work it back into the rotation anymore but it's still nice to have around in case I need to go retro.

So if you wear a large and have $25 burning a hole in your pocket and your last name is Carlson, you can own a piece of Linfield 90's styling.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Boxers hire from the DI-AA ranks

I’m not breaking any news here but it’s official that the Pacific Boxers have hired the head coach that will lead the revived program that has been on the shelf since 1992. Keith Buckley was serving as the DB and assistant head coach of the UC-Davis Aggies (DI-FCS…by the way I’m still trying to figure out why they still don’t call it I-AA)

Buckley is a ’96 grad from Davis and has had stops at Idaho (two seasons), Humboldt State (one season), Stanford (three seasons), and has spent the past four down at Davis. A coach that has worked with Buckley in the past sent Wildcat11 a line and said that Pacific has found themselves a great coach that will excel in Division III. That is good to hear they hired a capable coach.

The best news out of the hiring is that this means that Pacific playing football again is officially “for real”. In the Pacific press release they “The Boxers are scheduled to take the field for a full varsity schedule in the fall of 2010. That is great news and might give Lewis and Clark a real chance at a conference win in about 7 years *rimshot*.

I don’t think anyone is expecting Pacific to come out of the gates like gangbusters but we have see start up programs like Mary-Hardin Baylor reach deep playoff run status within 7 years of bringing football back. Do I see Pacific reaching similar heights as the Cru in 2017? Ummm no but there is no reason for the Boxers not to put out a quality product 4-5 years down the road.