Sunday, September 6, 2009

Camp Closed...Cats Ready To Roll

The 'Cats wrapped up their fall camp officially this past Saturday as the offense and defense took part of an over three hour full tilt scrimmage. I wasn't filming at the scrimmage because I was slinging brand new 2009 T-Shirts (another post on that later) but it was a nice change to put down the camera and just sit in the bleachers and watch the team work.

My overall impression is that if the offense executes the way it did on Saturday then we are going to be just fine. Quarterback Aaron Boehme showed what many around the 'Catdome have been anticipating for the passing offense. I don't want to get into too much detail but I don't expect too much of Boehme running the ball this year but you will see the offense not be shy in tossing the rock around the yard if need be.

Defensively a player that jumped out at me in terms of play making was defensive tackle Paul Nishizaki (5' 11" 280 lbs, Jr.) as "Nish" was creating all sort of issues for the offense with his quickness off the ball. I'm still anticipating to seeing how our talented but young DBs rise to the challenge of a high octane offense and they don't have to wait long as Justin Feaster and the Hardin-Simmons Cowboys will be putting the 'Cats under fire next Saturday.

The video above is from earlier this past week and will be the last camp video of the year. Hope you've enjoyed getting a little inside look at what Linfield has been up to this fall. Keep checking back all week long as the ADvantage will busy all week long.

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