Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Game 3 Preview: Linfield at Menlo

We're going back to 'Cali, Cali...Going back to 'Cali...I don't think so. Sorry Uncle L but Linfield is going back to 'Cali and this time the 'Cats are headed down to the South Bay Area for Linfield's NWC opener vs the Menlo College Oaks.

This is game number 3 in the incredibly long "Linfield West Coast Road Trip" and I have to tell you that I'm not expecting this to be a sure thing for our 'Cats. Yeah, Menlo is 1-3 but the Oaks have shown significant improvement in their passing attack and overall offense in each game and the Oaks have a big physical offensive front. Mix in the fact Linfield is coming off their second really long road trip and headed to a "facility" where Linfield has had some issues in the past and we could have a ball game.

Wildcat11 will try his best to get to the field by kickoff as I'm flying down Saturday morning for a noon kickoff and I'm really looking forward to see if Linfield takes another step forward in their march towards a potential NWC Crown.

Get to Know an Oak: #21 Boo Molinary (Defensive Back)

Hometown: San Diego, California

High School: Scripps Ranch High School

Vitals: 5'8", 190 lbs.

Current Stats: Played in 3 out of 4 games, 24 tackles (tied for 2nd on team), 2.5 tackles for loss, 1 pass break up

A Fan of: Texting, Cookie Dough, Mexican Food, Sour Patch Watermelon

TV Shows: Doug, Fresh Price of Bel Air, Rocko's Modern Life

Figures you Admire: God, Darren Sproles, Will Smith, Megan Foxx

Favorite Place To Eat: In N Out Burger

After last week I thought that we should also get to know one of your Linfield Wildcats each week too so here is our first "Get to know a Wildcat"

Get to Know a Wildcat: #63 Joe Schelsky (Offensive Guard)

Class: Senior

Hometown: Tualatin, Ore.

High School: Tualatin High School

Major: Business

Favorite Place in Mac to eat: Golden Valley Brew Pub

Favorite Movie: Remember The Titans

Favorite Music: Rap, hip-hop, and you gotta love that country-GET' R' DONE'

Favorite TV Show: Two and a half men: Big bang theory, CSI, Entourage, Dexter

Favorite Pro Football Team: Gotta support the Seahawks

Cookies or Ice Cream: Cookie dough Ice cream

Dog or Cat: Dog for sure

Xbox, PS3, or Wii: Xbox

Mac or PC: Mac

Favorite Coach Hire saying: Take out the trash!

Yes or no on Linfield's All-Purple Uni combo: Yes on the all purple i think we should wear knee high purple socks with them.

Wildcat11's Key To Victory:

-Don't Be Satisfied with Good Start: The 'Cats have started out great but there is now a new challenge: how does this group handle the early season success? Is it just more fuel for the fire or does this cause the team to start phoning it in? Being around this group my gut says they're not satisfied with just a good start but they're going to keep working hard to get better but this game vs Menlo isn't a "in the bag" contest. Linfield has to work through the issues of being on the road for ANOTHER long road trip and come ready to play or Menlo is going to have surprise in store for our 'Cats.

-Have to Pressure and Pester Oaks Quarterback Nick Ruhl: The Junior transfer from Stanford has gained his footing and has displayed a strong and accurate arm for the Oaks so far this season. After getting off to a slow start vs Occidental, the Quarterback has thrown for 243, 201, and a 2009 NWC best 361 yards last week vs Whittier. The Oaks offense is built around the passing game and the 'Cats defensive line HAS to get the job done without needing extra blitzers. If we can get pressure with the front 4 the 'Cats will be in good shape.

-Get The 'Cat Backs Running: Linfield should be able to run the ball vs the Oaks defense and this is another must in order to control the clock and to help allow the Cats receiving game to operate.

-Try to limit James Bassett and Kenny Cavness: They are Menlo's 1-2 punch at wide receiver and are pretty darn good football players. The 28 year old Bassett is a big and physical target and the Cavness is a super frosh out of the bay area. The 'Cats Defensive Backs are one again going to get tested and they have to be up for the job this weekend.

-Don't let Menlo stay in the game: The most dangerous thing you can do on the road vs a team you should beat on paper is allow them to hang around late in the game. If Linfield has the chance to put them away they better close the door and not give the Oaks life down the stretch. I want to see Linfield get a lead and CLOSE THE SHOW this weekend.


-'Cats by 14. Menlo is getting better each week and I think they are going to be a stiff test for the 'Cats in their NWC opener. Linfield has to have their road warrior cap on and ready to battle this weekend. Menlo is a difficult place to place because of the facilities are bunk. Linfield has to set up a make-shift outdoor locker room for half time, it's muggy during the day, and did I mention it's another long road trip? If Linfield can continue to play and improve like they have the past few contests then there is no reason why the 'Cats can control this contest from start to finish but I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't some adversity this weekend. Looking forward to it. Go 'Cats!

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