Thursday, September 17, 2009

NWC Week 3 Pick 'Em Contest

It's time for the weekly NWC pick 'em contest. Right now old Wildcat11 is in a vortex of suck as little Maddy Lou and myself are holding down the fort near the bottom of the leader board. Wildcat11 is at the 13th spot (out of 17) and Maddy is dead last. However, there is some good news. Mack has had a very strong start and currently sits in 2nd place overall. If he keeps this up I may scrap the NWC pick 'em and have Mack start picking NFL games against the spread. All right, enough of this lets get to my weekly picks (at your own risk):

Week 3 Picks:

Claremont-Mudd-Scripts over Puget Sound. Wow I can't believe that I just typed that but Puget Sound left me with no other option after losing at home to freaking Pomona-Pitzer. I knew the UPS offense was going to be bad but the Loggers could only pick up 13 first downs vs P-P. That doesn't bode well for their SoCal trip.

Humboldt State over Menlo. While the Oaks defense has been decent so far this season Menlo's offense has only managed 7 points in two games. Humboldt State is an improved DII squad and should hammer Menlo.

Redlands over Whitworth. Adam Anderson sounds like a question mark with his ankle and the Rats number two back is also banged up. Even if Anderson was healthy I think I would still take Redlands here.

Cal Lutheran over Pacific Lutheran. Wow the Lutes really were made to look horrible in their opening contest vs St. Olaf. Now they have to fly down to SoCal and take on a Cal Lutheran squad that hung with Willamette. I'll take the Kingsmen.

Lewis and Clark over Pomona-Pitzer. I'm going to be wrong here but I just wanted to be able to pick the Pios at some point this season. P-P will throw it all over the yard and beat the Pios but I'm picking them out of hope.

SOU over Willamette. I think this should be a good game down in Ashland. The reason I'm picking SOU is that Willamette's offense hasn't started clicking and I know the Raiders are going to want to revenge a close loss to the Bearcats last year. Raider Stadium is a tough place to get it done.

West Region Game Of The Week:

#23 Concordia-Moorehead over #6 Saint John's. This has been a tight rival game over the past few seasons in the MIAC but Concordia has really been playing well to start the year. SJU seems to have knack of pulling this type of game out but I'll take the home team to defend.

D3 Game Of The Week:

#1 Mount Union over #7 Ohio Northern. Please, Mount will once again crush another top ten team without mercy.

Mack and Maddy's weekly picks:

BTW, these two may looks like a good time but they were skunked last Thursday night at 3 am. Mack woke WC11 up to go potty. I took them downstairs and did the typical "skunk check" and as soon as I opened up the slider they went shooting towards the back corner of the yard where Mr. Skunk was chillin' out. Short version of the story, Mr and Mrs. 11 stayed up till about 5 am trying to get the skunk smell off of them with no luck. It's better now but just be thankful this video isn't scratch and sniff because they still have some skunk on them and stink like UPS's offense.

Mack has: Linfield over Oxy (Good Boy!), Mount over Ohio Northern, SJU over Concordia, P-P over L&C, PLU over CLU, CMS over UPS, Menlo over Humboldt, SOU over Willamette, Redlands over Rats,

Maddy has: Linfield over Oxy (Good Girl!), Redlands over Rats, Willamette over SOU, Menlo over Humboldt, CMS over UPS, CLU over PLU, P-P over L&C, SJU over Concordia, Mount over Ohio Northern


Anonymous said...

"...but I just wanted to be able to pick the Pios at some point this season."

That's why the Pio's scheduled Crown for homecoming.

Wildcat 11 said...

Excellent point Anonymous.