Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Week 1: Linfield Vs. Hardin-Simmons Google Map


Catdomealumni.com has a one-stop shop for all of your game time needs for this week's HUGE Wildcat/Cowboy match up. Need to know where you should set up your tailgate? We have that. Need to know where to tune into the Linfield or HSU broadcast? We have your back. Links to game preview? We'll have those as soon as they are out! Want to know the weather forecast? BAM! Want to know where to have a few domestics after the game? Well, WC11 even lists out some of his favorite spots to hit before and after the game. (Best place to take the family (Golden Valley), Best place for best burger without the family (Deluxe)).

All you have to do in move your mouse over the Wildcat with a "1" on it and click. A information bubble will pop up that will give you the run down. If you want to view the Wildcats' 2009 schedule on a bigger page just click on the link right below the map.

Tomorrow we'll have our in-depth game preview along with WC11's game pick (I wonder who I'm going to pick?)

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