Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 2: Linfield @ Occidental College


Catdomealumni.com is hitting the road and making the trip on down to watch the newly minted #14 Linfield Wildcats play the #21 Occidental Tigers in what should be the Division III National Game of the week. So we need a good travel companion and the Catdomealumni.com Google Map Schedule is a perfect helper to make sure that WC11 finds the game and finds the closest In-N-Out Burger from the Oxy Campus.

Remember to view the informattion all you have to do in move your mouse over the Wildcat with a "2" on it and click. A information bubble will pop up that will give you the run down. If you want to view the Wildcats' 2009 schedule on a bigger page just click on the link right below the map.

Tomorrow we'll have our Wednesday game preview, Thursday will be our NWC Pick 'em post (Mack is killing just about everyone right now), and we'll wrap up on Friday with a trip Around The Catdome'Osphere.

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