Friday, October 16, 2009

Around The Catdome'Osphere

A loyal reader of ADvantage Catdome and a Linfield fan from Texas sent in this photo of "Gomez The Wildcat" sporting some Linfield gear. If you guys have photos you want to send in of you or your family with some Linfield swag on, just fire off an email to Wildcat11 at

I freaking love it that Linfield is back at the 'Catdome tomorrow in what should be a pretty dang cool day. Yeah, the weather folks are calling for rain but I can deal with mid-October rain for a few hours (just not during the Alumni Game please). We have more than just article links today as we have some video clips from the Spokane news stations and a radio interview with Coach Joe Smith too. Tomorrow we'll pump out our NWC picks before we head out to the 'Catdome and I'll see you back here on Sunday with game interviews and some clips from the Alumni/JV game. Be safe out there and Go 'Cats!

ESPN Northwest (video): Rats fall at Pine Bowl to Linfield (Video): "Bame" goes the Wildcats as Linfield downs the Rats.

The Whitworthian: Rats on the skids but thankfully they have UPS next week.

News-Register: Linfield finally gets to unpack bags and brings home 5-0 record in a snow globe as a present to their fans. (Does that one make sense?)

Statesman Journal: 'Cats add another year to The Streak but have bigger things on their minds.

Linfield Sports: Dynamic Duo (Player Focus Feature)

KPAM 860 (Radio Segment): Linfield Head Coach Joe Smith on the Radio. Good Listen.

The News Tribune: Loggers have two choices to lead their terrible offense.

The News Tribune: Menlo picks up first NWC win through the air over Puget Sound.

The News Tribune: Greg Ford goes BONKERS but it's still not enough as Lutes fall to Gusties.

Thre Free Press (Mankato, Mn.): Gusties pull out last minute win over PLU.

The Mast: Even though the Lutes lost they don't feel defeated.

Bearcat Press (via Bearcats keep Wagon Wheel by rolling Lewis & Clark Pios taking steps back to being respectable.

The Almanac: (Opinion) Menlo Continues Losing Ways. Why? (Widcat11's quick take: If you or your son has a concern then have your son step up and go to the coaches and not write this bunk on a public forum that can do nothing but harm a team and a program). SJU fan, Touchdown Tommy, and writer, Adam Johnson, run into an official that blew the 2000 Linfield/Central "Mishap In The Mud" call. I'm still pissed about that.

The Pacific Index: Boxer Head Coach talkes about where they are focusing recruiting effort and that he hasn't seen the "Boxer Army" at fall athletic events.

The Pacific Index: Pacific's athletic department is finding out that making a deal with the City is coming back to bite them a little with regards to scheduling.

The Pacific Index: Buckley's first hire is right out of Forest Grove's own backyard.


Downtown48 said...

Love the letter from mom...what an idiot.

Mrs. 11 said...

This is shameful- the initial letter from the mommy and the back and forth that follows. These people should be ashamed of themselves. It is an indication of how overly involved some parents feel they are entitled to become even in college athletics.
If community members (alumni and parents alike) are unhappy then there are a series of steps that should be taken...and none of those steps involve posting criticism on a forum like the Almanac.
I don't know anything about the coaching situation at Menlo, but I know that this type of behavior is corrosive on a lot of levels. Hopefully everyone involved can grow up and communicate in a way that shows maturity and legitimate concern for their athletes and program.