Monday, October 19, 2009

'Cats Win! Linfield sends the Pioneers packing 59-14

(Photo by Brad Thompson: View his Linfield Photos Here)

Really every Linfield fan saw this coming. Linfield is just too darn good to give a rebuilding Lewis and Clark team a chance to hang in even for a quarter of play. The 'Cats did what they needed to do in coming out and hammering the Pioneers early and giving the 'Cat reserves a big chunk of well deserved playing time.

For Lewis & Clark, they know there is still much work to do but they have a very young roster and some good looking athletes. It's just going to take time to continue to build the depth and players required to be competitive week in and week out in the Northwest Conference. I believe they're on the right track and hope they continue to get the support they need to build a good program.

The Good:

Starters Ready to Play: The big concern I had was that Linfield's starters wouldn't be ready to play after coming off a crazy 4 game roadie and then having L&C at home. Those worries were put to rest after the first series as Linfield's 1st unit was sharp and getting after L&C. I loved their energy and readiness.

Special Teams Play: I've been getting after the special teams unit in my "The Bad" breakdown this season but the 'Cats special teams unit was dynamite on Saturday. PJ Sequeira had two huge early punt returns (was sprung by some great blocking) including a 52-yard return for TD and another 46 yard return that set up the 'Cats on the Pioneer 5 yard line. This is what Linfield's special teams unit should be doing against a Lewis & Clark type opponent and I was happy to see it happen.

82 'Cats played: Really cool to see so many 'Cats get a chance to get out in front of the home crowd and show their stuff. Linfield has some VERY good young talent and the future, along with the present, is bright at the 'Catdome.

The Bad

4 turnovers: The lone blemish on the day was the ball security of the 'Cats. Linfield has been stellar all year long in the ball security department but there were some ugly turnovers/fumbles on the day. Some of it was just guys trying to pick up some extra yards but even in a blowout situation the players need to put a premium on taking care of the rock.

The Ugly

All Purple Uniforms: I'm sorry but I'm still a hater on the all-purples. WC11 only gets to get to 3 home games this season (have to miss UPS game) and 33.33% of my Linfield home season is blemished with the all-purples. Maybe I can have that Menlo Mom write an opinion article to the News-Register about how we should get rid of this color combo? Yeah...that's a bad idea.
Brad Thompson's 2009 Linfield Football Photos. View them here.

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