Thursday, October 8, 2009

Game 5: Linfield @ Whitworth via Google Maps!

VIEW IN FULL SIZE CLICK HERE is hitting the road for the 4th consecutive week as the #7 Linfield Wildcats will be taking on NWC Rival the Whitworth Pirates (Rats). If you've never been to Whitworth's Pine Bowl you should try to make the trip. This is Wildcat11's 2nd favorite and 2nd ranked best place to watch a game in the NWC (The 'Catdome being an easy #1).

Remember to view the informattion all you have to do in move your mouse over the Wildcat with a "5" on it and click. A information bubble will pop up that will give you the run down. If you want to view the Wildcats' 2009 schedule on a bigger page just click on the link right below the map.

We'll hit you with a double shot of my NWC Pick 'Em post and take you on a trip around the 'CatdomeO'sphere.

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