Friday, October 2, 2009

NWC Pick 'em: Week 5

Well the good news is that I'm still picking games better than Maddy but the bad news is that I'm in 14th place and Maddy is in 15th. Pathetic. However, Mack continues to represent the WC11 name well as he is still sitting in 3rd place on the year. He's only one point off of the 2nd spot and is sitting pretty darn good. You can check out the action by registering on and head over to the NWC pick 'em page.

Here are my 14th place picks of the week:

PLU over L&C: Now is where we find out just where L&C is headed. They showed some improvement in their first two games (close losses) but we'll have to see how well they do vs NWC teams. PLU is also on the skids this season in only scoring one TD in their first two games. The game is at Sparks so I'll take the Lutes but I'll be checking out this game to see how the Pios made out.

#18 Willamette over Whitworth: I know folks are saying this will be close and granted Whitworth and Willamette have a history of close games but I think the Bearcat defense will really cream the vanilla Rat offense. I'd be surprised if it's a high scoring affair but I think Willamette will control the game throughout.

West Region Game of the Week:

#6 SJU over Bethel: Bethel has beat SJU this year but I think the magic could be back in Collegeville. Folks around the Johnnie program have been pumped about this year's offense and I think SJU will get it done at home.

D3 Game of the Week:

Hartwick over #20 Ithaca: No idea...just trying to pick against the grain in hopes of making up some ground (or I could fall back even further).

Mack and Maddy's picks!

Mack Picks: 'Cats over Oaks (Good Boy!), Willamette over Rats, PLU over L&C, Hartwick over Ithaca, and Bethel over SJU (I forgot to add that clip to the video but I swear that was his pick)

Maddy's Picks: 'Cats over Oaks (Good Girl!), Rats over Willamette, L&C over PLU, Ithaca over Hartwick, and SJU over Bethel.

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