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An NWC Decade of Linfield Dominance

This being the last day of the '00 decade, WC11 thought it would be good to review the first full decade of the realignment of the Northwest Conference (The NWC regrouped in 1996 as the Northwest Conference of Independent Colleges (NCIC) and then officially named back to the Northwest Conference in 1998).

During the past 10 seasons there has been one NWC team that has stood out above the others and, of course, that is our Linfield Wildcats. The NWC is not made up of Linfield and the everyone else because we know that there are some very competitive programs throughout the conference. However, when you take a step back and look at the past 10 years the Linfield program has been incredibly consistent and a force on not only the regional but also on the national level.

When you look at the data of the past 10 years below this is a tribute to all of the hard work by the Linfield staff, players, administration, and support folks who have made this program great over the past 54 years. It was a great ride this past 10 years and I have no doubt on Dec 31, 2019 that Linfield will be on top of these same stats. Go 'Cats!

Decade Records (2000-09) (I excluded Menlo due to they were not a member during the entire decade)

Overall Record

NWC Record

Home Record

Road Record

Playoff Record

NWC 1st Place Finishes
Linfield............7 (1 -tie)
Whitworth.......3 (1 -tie)
PLU................1 (1-tie)

Conference Honors (2000-09)

Coach Of The Year

Offense Player of the Year

Defensive Player of the Year
PLU............ 2

NWC 1st Team Players

Statistics (2000-09)

(Full 2002 statistics were not available on the conference site so these stats are the averaged and compiled from 9 seasons (2000-01, 2003-09) and I excluded the 2005 stats from L&C since they only played 4 non-conference games and canceled their NWC games)

Points Per Game

Points Allowed Per Game

Pass Offense Per Game
Linfield.........286 YPG
PLU..............242.8 YPG
Whitworth.....205 YPG
L&C..............197.5 YPG
UPS..............131.7 YPG
Willamette....114.8 YPG

Pass Defense Per Game
L&C..............171.8 YPG
PLU..............192.7 YPG
Whitworth.....192.9 YPG
Linfield........194.4 YPG
Willamette....196.1 YPG
UPS..............211.6 YPG

Rushing Offense Per Game
Willamette....251.3 YPG
UPS.............193.8 YPG
Whitworth....172 YPG
Linfield........150.8 YPG
PLU.............144.8 YPG
L&C.............111.1 YPG

Rushing Defense Per Game
Linfield........114.3 YPG
Willamette....140 YPG
Whitworth....148.5 YPG
PLU.............155.5 YPG
UPS.............160.5 YPG
L&C.............249.3 YPG

Total Offense Per Game
Linfield........436.8 YPG
PLU.............387.6 YPG
Whitworth..377 YPG
Willamette..366.1 YPG
UPS.............325.5 YPG
L&C.............308.6 YPG

Total Defense Per Game
Linfield........308.7 YPG
Willamette....332.9 YPG
Whitworth....341.4 YPG
PLU.............348.2 YPG
UPS.............372.1 YPG
L&C.............421.1 YPG

Sacks Per Season

Turnover Margin Per Season

Monday, December 21, 2009

I love my 'Cats

WC11 did not make this but props to whoever did. Great spoof of the Oregon Ducks "I love my ducks" clip.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post Season Awards Rolling In For The 'Cats

Coming off their most successful season since the 2004 National Championship season, the Linfield Wildcats are having players and coaches being recognized on a Regional and National Level. All of these Wildcat players and coaches are very deserving and there are some 'Cats that were not tapped that had a strong case but that is the nature of post-season recognition.

However, WC11 does want to say that the AFCA and does these awards/post-season teams the right way. They only have so many slots and with over 230 teams in division III selecting these teams is not an easy task but I'm thankful they don't name every player and their cousins to these post-season teams and dilute the significance of the selections.

2009 AFCA Coaches Division III All-American Team
2009 All-West Region Team

Let's lead off with the program's 42nd First Team All-American.

Linfield senior offensive guard Scott Millenbach was named to the AFCA Division III All-American team this past Tuesday. Millenbach anchored an offensive line that helped the 'Cats average 40 points a game and avg. 432 yards of offense a contest. Linfield's offensive line was outstanding this season and was a MAJOR reason for the 'Cats 12-1 season. Scott was also named 1st team all-west region by and should be in the running for the All-American team that will be announced this Saturday before the Stagg Bowl.

Sophomore Safety Drew Fisher was named to the's 1st team All-West Region Defense. Fish has an outstanding 2nd season in the 'Cats defensive backfield and led the defense in total tackles (73), 9 pass break ups, 4 tackles for loss, 1 forced fumble, a blocked punt, tied for 1st in Ints (5 w/ Nate Dixon), and might have led the team with bone jarring hits (Jaymin Jackson and Bubba Kukahiko might object to that). Drew had a great season and it wouldn't surprise me if he was named to's all-american team.

Junior Defensive Tackle Paul Nishizaki was named to the West Region's 2nd team defense and for good reason. Nish was a major disruptive force for the 'Cats and IMO might just have been the Linfield defensive MVP. Nish has good but not eye popping stats: 30 tackles, 8.5 TFLs, 2 sacks, 3 QB hurries, 2 forced fumbles, but his true value was wreaking havoc between the two offensive guards and changing how offenses attack the 'Cats. Offensive Coordinators around the NWC hate Nishizaki and I think that is just about the biggest complement a defensive tackle can get.

Junior Quarterback Aaron Boehme was named to the 3rd team West Region offense. I think we all know that Boehme is one of the top QB's in Division III so I was a little suprised to see Boehme only listed on the 3rd team in the West Region but you have to look at the talent in front of him and it had to be a hard decision for the D3 staff. Whitewater's Donovan is a flat out stud and Monmouth's Tanney was a well known product before the 2009 season and had another monster year. Boehme's stat line is crazy: 3,261 passing yards, 33 passing TD's, 551 rushing yards, and 10 rush TD's. The crazy part, I think he'll be even better next season.

Senior Wide Receiver Trevor Patterson was also named to the 3rd team West Region offense and I couldn't be happier for Trevor. The NWC has some outstanding wide receivers and Trevor was the only one named to the all-region team. Honestly, Trevor was the biggest surprise to me in 2009. Before this season he was so held back by injuries that I didn't know he was this big play receiver just waiting for his opportunity. In some ways I'm a little sad that we didn't get to see a healthy Patterson for multiple years but if you are going to go out as a senior, catching 78 passes for 1,264 yards and 17 touchdowns is a pretty damn good way to go out. His big play ability is going to be sorely missed next season.

Head Coach Joe Smith was named the West Region Coach of the Year and I'm 100% certain that Coach Smith would say this kind of honor is a reflection of the work the entire staff put in this season and he would be right. The 2009 Linfield Coaching staff was incredible from the jump and should be saluted for not only their work during the season but in the winter, spring, and summer. However, Coach Smith is the man upfront that drives this boat and a lot of doubters (babies) were slinging arrows at Coach Smith. Externally, that never seemed to bother him as he knew that the team was on the verge of breaking through. Coach Smith never lost his confidence or his drive during the past few seasons and it made this season sweet to see all the "haters" get silenced and put to bed with a resounding swing of a hammer that was this 2009 season.

Congrats Coach Smith, The entire Linfield Staff, and players on the post-season recognition.

Monday, December 14, 2009

'Cats season ends with a tough 27-17 loss at Whitewater.

Our 'Cats dropped a 27-17 heartbreaker in the NCAA Semi-Finals to #2 UW-Whitewater. Anyone that followed the game knows that Linfield held a 17-10 lead early in the 4th quarter and looked to be in prime position to pull the upset and advanced to the NCAA Championship game but you have to credit Whitewater for making enough plays to overcome the Linfield lead and pull out the victory.

It was such a bittersweet feeling for the players, coaches, and fans of the 'Cats. Linfield has NOTHING to hang their heads about but everyone in the Purple, Red, and White knows that it was there for the taking but it just wasn't to be. However, that's part of football/athletics and in some ways life. Sometimes you are of the verge of doing something great and for whatever reason it just doesn't happen. In those moments you tend to find out really who you are as a person and from what I saw after the game made me feel pretty dang good. The 'Cats, even though they were bitterly disappointed, handled themselves with class and dignity after the game. True, there were tears, but they stayed together as a team and held each other up in a very tough moment. These guys truly care about the 'Cat next to them and are very proud of what they did this season as they should be. It was an incredible season by anyone standards.

I'm not going to get into a huge recap of the game with the usual "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" because it just doesn't feel right for me to break down that game. Bottom line, it was a awesome game with two excellent teams trading blows. Yes, Whitewater made the play to win the game but everybody at Perkins Stadium knows that game was up for grabs up till the finals minutes.

What I would like to write instead is just pour out some thoughts on the season. You know that I'm a Linfield honk in the highest regards. I have blind faith in the values of the programs and the people who run it. That may not be the healthiest perspective to have but it's for a good reason. This program will always try to put their best foot forward when it comes to preparing young people for their lives after Linfield and also try their best to put out a high quality product on the field.

That is what this 2009 team did this year. They worked everyday on putting their best on the line. Not just on fall and winter Saturdays but in the early mornings during Jan term and in the springtime when the eyes of the 'Catdome family were not on them. This group of young men earned everything this season. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect at the start of 2009. Sure, we had some very talented ballplayers but we were young in spots and unproven in many others. However, what we didn't know is just how tight the bond of this team was headed into the year. That believe in the player next to them is what carried this team to the heights they reached and will carry the program forward into 2010. They need to be applauded for their effort and performance. It was truly great.

To the Senior Class of 2009. Thank you. I don't know how else the 'Catdome can express what you men did for this program this season. Myself and others can't really know the pressures and frustrations that you all felt the previous few seasons when the program was so close but see the season end at 6-3. The classes of 2006-08 each worked very hard but they all had a taste of the success of the 03-05 seasons and that is something you guys had hanging over your heads coming into the year. Instead of letting that break you down, you guys came together and moved forward, formed your own identity, and carved out your own piece and place in Linfield history. What you did this year was special and it may be one of your greatest memories of your college lives and it should be. You once again set the standard for the teams that follow you and the 'Catdome family can't thank you enough.

WC11 wants to encourage any fans, students, or parents to drop a thank you in the comment section. You can do it anonymously or you can leave your doesn't matter. Just let the 'Cats know how much you appreciate their effort this year. Go 'Cats!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Around The CatdomeO'sphere

WHAT A RUSH!!!! WC11 is going to have to make it snappy this morning. I'm sitting here at the Southwest gate of PDX getting ready to go down to PHX before heading to Wisconsin. It's going to be a long day. Again, a boat load of links to articles to catch you up to everything Linfield related. Be safe out there this weekend and GO 'CATS!!!! Wildcats knock off Tommies, advance to D-III semifinals Linfield keeps marching on after quarterfinals win over St. Thomas. Wildcats move into the Semifinals. Tommies road ends at Linfield UST head coach says loss to Linfield was 'extreamly frustrating' One on One with UST football coach, Glenn Caruso Linfield football is one of this weeks "winners" The 'Cats Chris Buck a key on the 'Cats offensive line.

Theoutlookonline: Linfield's Drew Fisher is packing a wallop for the 'Cats Unlikely duo keys Linfield offense.

Eastoregonian: Pendleton grad, Linfield's Trevor Patterson, helps Linfield to Semi-Finals A terrific win Linfield thrives on winning tradition Follow the 'Cats on Gameday. Whitney Bermes Linfield vs UST football blog. Linfield student charged in bomb hoax. Four years of college down the drain. The 'Cats love their Hawaiian Punch. UWW Quarterback, Donovan Thriving under the spotlight Warhawks on the verge of another Stagg Bowl game. VIDEO. UW-Whitewater post game conference (Wittenberg) The Royal Purple News staff members pick the semi-final winner. VIDEO. UWW's marches on after toppling Wittenberg. Warhawks break a sweat. Whitewater vs Wittenberg Photo Gallery. Boxers get the green light to play at Lincoln Park Former Forest Grove HC navigates local recruiting trails.

WC11's quick guide to hooking up your CPU to your TV

Alright, I've had about 10 emails asking me how to hook up a CPU to a TV so you can watch the game on the big screen. First you need the link to that game: CBS Sports NCAA Broadcast of Linfield @ UWW Now there are two cables that you need to get ASAP and you can find at any local electronics store (i.e. Radio Shack).

The first thing you need to get is an S-Video cable (you'll need this if you want a picture)The Second thing you need to get is a 1/8th headphone jack to RCA cable (you'll need this if you want sound)

So what you do is plug the S-Video cable into your laptop/CPU. If your CPU doesn't have this there are other cord options but really just about every laptop/CPU SHOULD have a S-Video plug. Once you have it pluged into your laptop/CPU, then plug the S-Video cord into your televesion in one of your "Input" options. (Don't plug it into one of the "output" options or it won't work)

Now, plug in the headphone-to-RCA cord into the headphone input of your cpu (like you are listening to music) and then take the RCA jacks and plug them into the audio input on the back of your TV (The RCA jacks have to be in the input option as the S-Video connection if you want sound to be synced with the picture).

Now here comes the part that I can't really help you with. Each CPU is different. Some TV's/CPU's will pick up the S-Video signal automatically and you have nothing to worry about. Others you have to prompt to display on the TV by hitting a function key (most CPU's are Function+F8). Make sure your TV is on the right channel/input selection (where you S-Video and RCA jacks are plugged in should be labeled) and you should be off and running.

You can fool around with the display settings on your CPU to make the picture bigger but I dont' want to confuse you anymore if I have to. If you have other tips or pointers about hooking up your CPU to your TV please post them in the comments section.

Here's a YouTube video that gives you some more detail about setting up the display of your TV once you have the CPU hooked up.

If I where you I would test this out tonight so you're not scrambling on game day.

Best of luck!!!!

Coach Of The Year Update - Coach Smith was snubbed

The folks over a sent out a list of the 5 finalist of the Coach of the Year award for the Divsion III level and they are:

Steve Briggs - Susquehanna University
Greg Debeljak - Case Western Reserve University
John Gagliardi - Saint John's
Steve Staker - Coe College
John Troxell - Frankin & Marshall College

Well, that is just the way it goes sometimes but I'm pretty sure that any of those 5 coaches above would trade places with Coach Smith right now and be in the NCAA Semi-Finials. Great effort Catdome in getting Coach Smith into the top 15 on such short notice.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

NCAA Playoff Semi-Finals Preview: #5 Linfield @ #2 UW-Whitewater

KABOOM!!! Down to the final four of the division III playoffs and what a crew of semi-finalists we have. On one end you have Mt. Union pairing off against a fine Wesley team but there is only one game that matters for the Catdome and that’s when our ‘Cats head out to Wisconsin and play the #2 ranked UW-Whitewater Warhawks (Kickoff 10am PST). Wildcat11 will be headed out on Friday and will be on hand at Perkins Stadium when Linfield tries to overcome a Warhawk program that has made 4 consecutive trips to the Stagg Bowl. It’s no coincidence why the ‘Hawks have reached this level in Division III. They are just flat out a great program. UWW has great talent, great coaching, and great execution on game day. Whitewater is a goliath on the DIII landscape and it just very well may take a biblical effort by the ‘Cats to overcome this team.

We’ve already established that UWW has been great the past 5 seasons but many surrounding that program are saying the 2009 version just might be the best team UWW has fielded yet. That’s a scary thought but for good reason. The ‘Hawks are just stomping the competition this season by a tune of 44 to 8.5 points per contest. Dig further and UWW rushes for about 6 yards a pop while only yielding 2.4 yards a carry. Along with the rushing stats, UWW QB Jeff Donovan has thrown for over 3,000 yards and 27 TDs. But the biggest beast for UWW is running back, Levell Coppage. Don’t let the stats fool you (1,887 yards, 30 TDs) as those could probably be deeper in the 2,000 yards range and many more TDs racked up if Coppage wasn’t shut down by the ‘Hawks coaching staff when UWW had games in hand. He might very well be the best back the Linfield program has faced since Southern Oregon’s Dusty McGrorty (2000-03). You just don’t find the kid’s skill set at the Division III level.

On the other sideline this Saturday you have our Wildcats who just made it out of a stacked West Region bracket after beating #22 Cal Lutheran, #8 Mary Hardin-Baylor, and #10 University of St. Thomas. Not too shabby at all as our ‘Cats just keep rolling along. Obviously, Linfield is an under“cat” this weekend but Linfield positively has a chance to get it done. The ‘Cats have both offensive and defensive playmakers that have the ability to make enough plays to turn the tide in any ball game. Collectively, the ‘Cats will need to bring their “A” game to the Perk but as I’ve said before…I’m a believer in this team and so should you.

Wildcat11’s Keys To Victory:

Find a way to run the ball: The ‘Cats HAVE to have a run game this weekend. Just got to have it. If Linfield can make UWW respect the run then the ‘Cats can open up the other aspect of the offense. Whitewater is a great run stopping defense but Linfield just can’t throw in the towel and not try to rush the ball. The ‘Cats don’t have to put up 200 rushing yards but they have to make UWW respect it. IMO, this is priority number one on Saturday.

Wide Receiver Corp step up: The ‘Cats wide receivers are going to need to be razor sharp this weekend and grab every opportunity to make plays that comes their way. It just can’t be one WR this weekend to get it done…every WR that steps on the field this Saturday needs to be a playmaker or find a way to contribute.

Linfield defense has to win 3rd down: The ‘Hawks are converting 3rd down at a clip of 55%. If the ‘Cats can drop that to the low 40’s/high 30’s then Linfield will be able to keep the game close. First, Linfield has to put UWW in 3rd down situations but that’s another story.

Have to Start Fast: UWW is outscoring their opponents 132 to 7 (10 to .5) in the first quarter this season. The ‘Cats have to continue to be a strong starting team and not allow UWW to gain the momentum early. The longer the ‘Cats can stay within striking distance the better Linfield’s chances will be late in the game.

Make Coppage earn it: I’m not going to write “Stop Coppage” because that probably won’t be the case but we can certainly make him earn every yard he gets by putting a hat on him each time he carries the rock. Linfield’s defense has to maintain leverage and limit his cut back ability and be great tacklers. For Linfield/Oregon residents, Coppage is going to remind you of Oregon State’s Quizz Rogers. Not big but has great power and ability to exploit small gaps between the tackles. Coppage may very well break off a couple of big runs but if we can frustrate him the rest of the time then I’ll be a happy camper.

Continue to be defensive playmakers: Linfield has done it all year long and the ‘Cats will need that again this Saturday. I don’t want our DB’s to take unnecessary gambles on throwing downs but continue to be in the right spot at the right time.

Put on the Road Warrior gear one more time: It seemed like a lifetime ago that this team methodically won four very long road games in a row but I believe the lessons the ‘Cats learned about the overnight travel and being on the road could be a factor this weekend.

Not too tight, not too loose: Linfield has nothing to lose this weekend. All the pundits and DIII experts are going to pick UWW to win this weekend and head back to the Stagg Bowl. That’s fine because UWW has earned that type of respect but the ‘Cats have to remember that you don’t get to 12-0 by accident. You don’t beat 6 ranked teams by mistake and you don’t get a chance to play for a National Title because a computer or writers say you should. Just remember, that if the ‘Cats go and play up to this Linfield team’s potential and ability then there is no reason this team can’t win this game. All the pressure is on UWW to make another trip to the Stagg and for Linfield it’s a chance to turn everyone’s head.


‘Cats by 3. Yeah, Linfield is going to have to play an exceptional game but I 100% believe this Wildcat squad has the ability to come up with that type of effort. Without a doubt, there’s going to be adversity to overcome during the course of the game and how Linfield deals with the adversity is going to lead to the end result of the contest. All year long, this team has dealt with the peaks and valleys of these types of games with a steady and confident demeanor and that’s not going to change this weekend. UWW may be a great team but so are our Linfield Wildcats. Catdome!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great Work Catdome Family! Coach Smith made's Top 15

(Which one of these coaches has their team still playing?)

The Fan voting is over and Linfield's Head Coach Joe Smith went from about 450 votes to 1,492 votes in just a matter of days to secure a spot in the evaluation round of the DIII Coach Of The Year Award. The top 15 fan voted coaches will put through an evaluation process and the list of 15 will be cut down to 5 by December 15th.

Then the fans will get a chance to vote for the top 5 coaches and a committee will also vote to announce a winner on Jan 6th.

If Coach Smith can make the cut (WC11 thinks he will) we'll have to rise up once again and get voting away for a two week period. In the meantime, great work Catdome!

Shocker..Emory Hunt is taking UWW over Linfield

Once again the "Czar of the Playbook", Emory Hunt, is taking the other team over the Wildcats in the DIII playoffs. Emory, Emory, Emory....have you learned not to bet against the 'Cats yet?

Monday, December 7, 2009

'Cats Win! Linfield Tanks the Tommies 31-20 in West Regional Final!

(Photo by Brad Thompson: View Brad's Photos Here)

YEAHHHHH!!!!!! What a way to close out the 2009 home season by our Linfield Wildcats beating the University of Saint Thomas 31-20 in the West Region Finals (I don’t care what the NCAA calls it…that was the West Region Final) as the ‘Cats advance to the Semi-Finals of the Division III playoffs. Linfield is now 12-0 and in the incredible history of the Wildcat program only 5 other teams have reached that mark (1982, 1984, 1986, 1992, and 2004). You all know the 80’s teams won the NAIA titles by going 12-0, the 1992 team lost in the NAIA title game to finish 12-1, and the 2004 team would take it one step further by finishing the season 13-0 and winning Linfield’s first NCAA DIII Championship. Yeah, this 2009 team is in rare air but why stop now?

In regards to the Regional Final, UST was a fine football team and lived up to their billing as a big, physical team, with some great play makers. UST was able to create problems for the Wildcat offense that nobody has done all year long while their offense had moments where the Tommies were tough to stop. However, Linfield stuck to what they have been doing all throughout the season and the playoffs: the ‘Cats just keep making big plays on both sides of the ball, put up points with a more balanced offense, stretches of shutdown defense, and other aspects of the team rises and make major contributions. This season has been a complete team effort by Linfield. For the faithful: this year has been a wild ride for the Catdome family that has had the ‘Cats backs and never lost the faith over the past few seasons. This has been one to savor.

So the ‘Cats now advance to the DIII Semi-Finals for the 2nd time in program history and now have a chance to play for a birth in the National Title game. We all know who the opponent will be (The Warhawks of UW-Whitewater). DIII fans that have been around will talk about the 2005 Epic where Whitewater was able to knock off Linfield in what many people that attended the contest call the “greatest game” they have ever seen. However, there isn’t one player on the current 2009 rosters that was on either of those '05 teams. While it’s fun for the fans to talk about that 2005 epic, the game on Saturday is about 2009 for both Linfield and UWW. These young men are playing for Right Now and a chance to play for the 2009 championship.

Before we dive headlong into a week of previewing the UWW/Linfield game let’s reflect on the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of last week’s 31-20 win over the Tommies of St. Thomas.

The Good

Takeaway kings: It doesn’t matter if it’s Apple, Berry, or Cherry, the ‘Cats continue to create turnovers that have been a key to this season’s success and this weekend was no different. The ‘Cats came away with 5 turnovers (3 picks, 2 fumble recoveries) that helped Linfield lock up the win. That brings the total up to 16 Linfield takeaways in 3 playoff games. Outstanding.

Special Teams was special: I’ve been hounding the special teams group all year long for various reasons and the main one was the ‘Cats Kickoff coverage but Linfield’s special teams unit came though incredible huge by locking up the Tommies great return game, a huge punt block, a good kick return game, and a big 41-yard field goal. It might have been the best the Special Teams have played all year.

Goal Line Offense: Linfield’s offense front was able to punch in the rock 3 times from short distance against a big and physical defense. Linfield runs the spread even on the goal line so you really have to tip your cap to the earth movers up front and the RB core for getting the push up front.

Bend but don’t break team: Linfield had their chances to really boat race UST but give the Tommies credit for fighting back and taking the momentum on a 29-yeard TD by Fritz Waldvogel to make it a 4 point game (24-20). At that moment, a lesser team might have had the wheels fall off and let UST take over the game but Linfield calmly answered with a great kick return that set up a 10 play, 52-yeard TD drive to put too much distance for UST to overcome. Great composure by the ‘Cats.

The ‘Catdome Fans: Once again, the attendance number was only 2,864 but the crowd seemed twice that size with the amount of noise and energy the ‘Catdome was pumping into the game. The Linfield Student body FINALLY showed up in the South Endzone and made a difference. Good work by them but the older fan base was the crew that got it done all playoffs. Great work “old” cats for showing how you get it done as a home crowd.

The Bad:

Battered Boehme: St Thomas blitzed out of all sorts of different looks yesterday and was able to sack Boehme 3 times yesterday and put a number of hammer jobs on him though out the game. Two of the sacks didn’t come from UST beating guys but seem more like protection breakdowns in communication. I’m sure the O-Line and Running Backs will get on the chalkboard and get that corrected this week.

More Drops: I was really on the fence if I was going to mark this down as a “bad” because a few of those drops would have had to been outstanding efforts in order to bring the ball down but I know this WR core expects to make those tough catches so I’ll hold them to that standard. Needless to say Linfield has to get those drop off the books headed into this Saturday.

UST’s 4.2 avg per rush attempt: The ‘Cats defense got it done when it mattered most but Linfield has a bigger rushing challenge this upcoming Saturday, so I had to point out UST’s rushing average. Linfield really has to tighten that up.

The Ugly:

Nothing. A Linfield playoff win, a perfect day of December weather, a birth into the National Semi-Finals…what could be Ugly about that? I could point out some of the Linfield player and coach playoff mustaches but I’m going to leave that alone. That would be like mocking Sampson and his hair. Don’t mess with the power of the playoff ‘Stach!

Linfield Post Game Interviews (UST Game): Defense

Here is the defensive post game interviews that I promised you. We talked to Linebacker Paul Partlow, Defensive End Sparky Gonzalez, and Corner Bryce Comfort. Don't be alarmed by the 'Staches in the video...those are all about the Playoff Mojo.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Linfield Post Game Interviews (UST Game): Offense

After yesterday's 31-20 Linfield victory over University of St. Thomas, Wildcat11 tracked down Linfield Wide Receivers Chris Slezak and Ryan Henderson. Both of these 'Cats have played big rolls in the Wildcat offense this past year. We'll post up the defense interview early on Monday morning along with our game review around 1pm (PST) tomorrow. Go 'Cats!!!

Fox12 and KATU's Game Stories on Linfields 31-20 win over UST

Friday, December 4, 2009

Around The CatdomeO'sphere

Hi-YOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! We have a massive link dump for you today. It's HUGEEEEEEEE and should give you a Friday overdose on Linfield and St. Thomas as you head into your weekend. Tomorrow should be an awesome day at the 'Catdome and if you can, you should really get to the game by any means necessary. BTW, make sure you get to and VOTE FOR COACH SMITH...NOW! There are only 2 days left and we have to keep Coach Smith in the top 15 in order to move to the next round. The race is heating up so get clicking away. CATDOME!!!!! (The Oregonian): Wildcats Crush The Cru Linfield keeps rolling with a defensive mugging of UHMB 'Cats Cram The Cru Linfield vs UMHB Photo Gallery UMHB blitzed in 53-21 playoff loss at Linfield UMHB's Head Coach Fredenburg looks to tweak The Cru in the off-season UMHB's Fredenburg seeks answers, change after playoff loss Follow the Linfield vs UMHB game through Whitney Barmes blog

A Word With Kelly Bird: Eric Evenson's game live Linfield vs UMHB game blog. Tommies Crush Coe 34-7 (WITH VIDEO) Tommies hammer the Coehawks for 34-7 in 2nd round playoff victory. Coe's season is done after UST drops the Coehawks 34-7 (WITH VIDEO)

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wildcat11's personal Voicemail to all Linfield Students

Wildcat11 has tried calling out the students on the blog multiple times and even had a "Catdome 3000" campaign that brought our the alumni and older fan base but had no impact on the student body. So, WC11 decided to pick up the phone and call every last student in the Lindex. Below is the transcription of my voicemail:

"Hey, it's Wildcat11, I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you please make it out to the ‘Catdome this weekend? University of Saint Thomas went through my phone and may be calling you out. So if you can, please take your butt out of your dorm room and make it to the ‘Catdome. You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Bye."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

West Region Final Preview: Linfield Vs. St. Thomas

(St. Thomas and their fans invade the 'Catdome this Saturday)

CATDOME!!!!!!!! Sorry, I just needed to get that off my chest. Saturday is another HUGE day in the Catdome as Linfield will be hosting University of St. Thomas in the West Regional Finals of the NCAA Football Playoffs. Weather for Saturday is currently being forecasted as being partly sunny with a high of 44. In other words, it should be a picture perfect early December day in the Northern Willamette Valley. Man, I’m so geeked up that I’ve not been too functional so far this week but I’m holding it together.

After the Wildcats 53-21 2nd Round victory over Mary Hardin-Baylor you would think that the road might be a little smoother in the quarterfinals but as ESPN’s Lee Corso might say “Not so fast my friend.” The University of Saint Thomas is hands down the biggest and most fundamentally sound team that the ‘Cats will face the entire season. When I say biggest, I mean they are huge all over the field. Their starting 5 offensive linemen ave 295 lbs and check in at 6’ 5”, 6’ 6”, 6’ 3”, 6’ 4”, and 6’ 2”. On the division III level that is just incredible size. It just doesn’t stop there, their star running back, Ben Wartman, is a bruser at 6’ 2” and 205 lbs, and starting quarterback, Greg Morse, is listed at 6’ 5” and 215 lbs.

However, an a ironic twist the Tommies biggest playmaker is the only starting offensive player under 6 feet tall and comes in the package of 5’ 9” wide receiver, kick returner, punt returner Fritz Waldvogel. For Linfield fans, Waldvogel is a player in the model of Travis Masters (Linfield 2004-08) but even more explosive. This is a punishing running offense but they can hurt you with big passing attack when needed.

Defensively, the Linfield offense will see a huge defense that has only give up 14 points per game, racked up 32 sacks on the season, only allowed 35% 3rd down conversion, only give up 2.8 yards a rush, picked off quarterbacks 17 times, and only give up 276 yards of offense a game. Pretty much, they’re really dang good on defense too.

The more you look at UST the more you realize why they’ve punished teams all year long and in the first two rounds of the playoffs. The Tommies cram it down your throat, they don’t turn it over, make big special teams plays with Waldvogel, and their defense out physicals their opponents. Mary Hardin-Baylor has had the most talent of any team Linfield has face but UST will be the best coached and most outstanding TEAM the ‘Cats will line up against all year long.

Wildcat11’s keys to victory:

Linfield’s Defensive Line vs UST Offense Line: Bottom line, this is a paramount battle in deciding who is going to move on and who’s season is going to end. Linfield has to find a way to limit the push of the huge UST offense line and keep those big bodies off the ‘Cats linebackers and safeties. It’s cliché to say this game will be decided in the trenches but it’s cliché for a reason….it’s the truth.

Limiting Fritz Waldvogel in the return game: This young man is a crazy, crazy weapon in the special teams game. Waldvogel has 3 punt returns for touchdowns and 3 kickoff returns for touchdown. He’s fast, elusive, and a threat to break every time he touches the ball in space. He avg. 37.4 yards in kickoff returns and 14.5 yards in punt returns. The Linfield special teams HAS to get it done this week and not only give up the big one to Waldvogel but not allow UST to set up shop beyond the UST 40 yard line off of kickoff returns. The performance of special teams is going to have a huge impact in the outcome on Saturday.

Linfield has to run the ball: UMHB did a fine job in slowing down the ‘Cats rushing attack and UST is another fine rushing defense but Linfield can’t go away from attempting to establish a running attack. The better the ‘Cats can move the ball on the ground, the harder it will be for the Tommies to slow down the other aspects of the ‘Cats offense. If the ‘Cats can rush the ball effectively then the ‘Cats are going to score points.

Start Strong: The Tommies are rolling teams to start out in the 1st quarter to the tune of 124 scored to only 30 points allowed. UST likes to establish the dominance early and keep pounding away. Linfield has also been a strong starting team and is going to need to be able stay close with UST early in the contest.

Continue to handle adversity: Linfield has been great in not getting too up when things are going well and not getting down when things are going bad. As long as the ‘Cats are able to maintain steady composure through all 60 minutes of the contest then they are going to be in a good position to win the game.


‘Cats by 7. Like I’m going to pick against Linfield! Seriously, this is the biggest challenge to date and for good reason. With only 8 teams left standing, everyone is a top flight team and anyone can win this Saturday. If Linfield doesn’t perform then we’re not going to win this ball game, however, I really believe in this team and this staff. They are confident, intelligent, and I don’t think they’ll be afraid of the physical nature of this Saturday’s game. If Linfield is able to limit and overcome the adversity of the contest then look to Linfield to hold off UST and move on to the final four.