Friday, October 30, 2009

Wildcat11 is sorry for the lack of info this week.

Have to say that I'm sorry for the lack of a UPS game preview and a link dump but this is my busiest week of the year at work and in fact I'll be at work tomorrow during the UPS/Linfield game. I know "Whaaaaa! Wildcat11 can't go to a football game" I'm thankful to be working at a great job but I'll still have the 'Catdome on my mind. I'll get back on it next week and try to bring you a few different items since it's the bye week. Until then, stay safe and Go 'Cats!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Linfield/Willamette Post Game Interviews: Offense

After the 'Cats 30-27 victory over Willamette, Wildcat11 caught up with Linfield players, Maika Kunioka, Aaron Boehme, Aaron Williams, and Chris Saunders. Linfield slot receiver, Ryan Henderson, makes a cameo appearance.

Wildcat11 will not be in be able to make it to the UPS game this weekend (work obligations) so we won't have any post game interviews for next week. Sorry....

Monday, October 26, 2009

'Cats Win! Linfield takes control of NWC race with 30-27 victory over Willamette

After last year's drubbing at the hands of Willamette, Wildcat11 was in the Keck parking lot with some of the other Linfield faithful licking our wounds and a Willamette student who was celebrating his team's victory proclaimed to us that "Linfield is living in the past" and that it's a new era in the Northwest Conference. Obviously, the enthusiastic young Bearcat isn't a history major at WU or he would know that history has a way of repeating itself, as it did yesterday, with Linfield's hard fought 30-27 victory.

The win was Linfield's 4th in 5 games this past decade at the "Catdome Capital" and ran their total record to 8-2 overall this past decade against their Salem rivals. More importantly, the win moved Linfield to 7-0 on the season and 4-0 in Northwest Conference play. Linfield just has to win 1 of the next 2 to clinch a share of the NWC title and lock up the NWC autobid to the NCAA's. Of course, it would be much better to just win out and stand alone as conference champions for the 33rd time.

As for the game itself, it was a perfect day in the mid-valley and just a great example of what a great small college football should look like with a great crowd, great weather, and two fine teams slugging it out. It was a great day to be a Wildcat and we should all be proud of the young men on this team. They are a close group of players and it's satisfying to see their hard work paying off this season.

The Good:

Offensive Line pass pro: We talked about how Willamette came into the game easily leading the conference in total sacks (avg about 4 a game) but the big fellas up front gave up zero on the day and Boehme never really felt any heat back in the pocket through out the day. It was the biggest test of the year for this offensive line group and they passed with flying colors.

1st Half Defense: Outstanding defense by the 'Cats in the 1st half in giving up two field goals and really setting the tone for the 'Cats at the beginning of the contest. Great bend but don't break at the end of the 1st half where Willmette had a golden chance to punch in a touchdown but the 'Cats defense was able to hold and force the field goal.

Running game: The offensive line and wide receivers were great in setting up Aaron Williams and Aaron Boehme in the 'Cats running attack. (You have to mention the job the wide receivers do in the run game this year...excellent work by Coach Yen's crew). Williams was a tough as nails in finishing run after run while taking care of the rock and Boehme did a great job with his decision making in terms of pull down the ball and taking off in what seemed was 1st down after 1st down in that 4th quarter.

Special Teams: Awesome, awesome job. Special Teams really hurt Linfield in 07 and 08 vs Willamette but the special teams unit continued to show improvement and did a great job all game long. A lot of hard work by that group and they deserve "5 alrights".

Catdome Fans: It was really the "Catdome Capital" on Saturday as the Linfield faithful swarmed McCulloch Stadium and outnumbered the home crowd. It was a great showing as the 'Cat fans really brought great energy all game long.

The Bad:

1st half 4th down misses: The 'Cats really missed a golden opportunity to put some big distances between them and Willamette but Linfield was unable to convert two 4th and short opportunities deep in Willamette territory that might have resulted in additional scoring opportunites.

Schoettgen Got Loose: The Willamette Wide Receiver finished the day with 8 catches for 122 yards and two touchdowns. A few times Schoettgen just made some plays that few, if anybody, in Division III would have been able to defend but that was one area of the game that I'm sure the defensive staff would have loved to have another shot at.

The Ugly:

A perfect fall Saturday in the Willamette valley, a huge and vocal crowd, and a Linfield victory over Willamette to push the 'Cats to 7-0 and all that much closer to a NWC crown....there was nothing ugly about Saturday.

Brad Thompson's 2009 Linfield Photos: View Here

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get off the tracks when Boehme comes through

Linfield quarterback Aaron Boehme pulls down the ball and then puts down a Willamette defender. Just a great of many moments in a well played game down in Salem.

Linfield/Willamette post game interviews: Defense

After Linfield's victory we spoke with Sophomore Defensive End Sparky Gonzales and Sophomore Corner back Nate Dixon about the 30-27 win over Willamette.

On a side note, big thanks to the Willamette student who proclaimed Linfield #1 during the Dixon interview. The Willamette backer is at least smart enough to know who was the better team on Saturday. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Around The Catdome'Osphere

(Thanks to the Fishers for their Wildcat Carving Creation)

Holy smokes this week has sprinted by and we're on the eve of the NWC showdown of the year between our Linfield Wildcats and Willamette. It is that time of the year where the weather is turning along with the leaves. Halloween is right around the corner and we had some 'Cats send in their Wildcat creations (pretty darn cool). Keep sending in the Wildcat photos and we'll keep posting them up. Here are the Linfield/NWC stories from the past week. Go 'Cats!

News-Register: Steamrolled

Statesman Journal: Are you ready for a showdown? Wildcats have different offensive look headed into this years Linfield/Willamette game.

Statesman Journal: James Day is picking Linfield this time around.

Bearcat Press: Linfield/Willamette Preview

D3football Daily Dose: Pat Coleman has Linfield/Willamette game has top game of the week.

Bearcat Press: Bearcats avoid the upset bid of PLU's

The Mast: 'Lutes QB AJ Palazzolo keeps overcoming the adversity

The News Tribune: Rats Frosh QB cuts down Loggers.

Tacoma Weekly: Loggers drop another one.

The News Tribune: Loggers DB was once a QB

The News Tribune: 'Lutes big play man was a late starter.

Whitworthian: Rats get back in the groove.'s Around The Nation: Wildcat11 shares his "all-star" game experience.

(Thanks to the Jones for their Wildcat Carving Creation)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Game 7 Preview: Linfield at Willamette

What many around Willamette and Linfield had hoped for will come true this weekend as the 'Cats and Bearcats will square off in Salem this Saturday for basically all of the NWC marbles. The #6 Linfield Wildcats will have their shortest but toughest road trip of the year as they head 1/2 hour South to face the #17 and defending NWC champions. It's the biggest game in the state of Oregon this weekend as both the Ducks and Beavers are away and a lot of eyes around Division III will be watching closly on the outcome of this game.

Much is on the line for both teams on Satruday. For Linfield, they have a chance to bring home another NWC crown and a get in position to land a NCAA playoff birth (last time for both was 2005). For Willamette, a loss might spell doom for their NCAA playoff hopes as the competition for Pool C bids (runners up in auto-bid conferences) is thick this year and a loss by Mary Hardin Baylor might have made this game a win or no playoffs situation for Willamette. Add the fact that this is now officially a rivalry game again after Linfield dominated Willamette for the first 7 years of the decade to only see Willamette turn the tables the past two seasons and what we have is a HUGE division III football game. It really should be a great atmosphere in Salem and McCulloch Stadium should break the 2K attendance mark for the first time all season on Satuday.

Better Get To Know A Wildcat

#62 Scott Millenbach, Senior, Offensive Guard

Vitals: 6' 2", 280 lbs.

Hometown: Olympia, Washington

High School: Capital High School



Would you choose pizza from Primetime, 3rd Street Pizza, or McMinnville Pizza Company?
I would have to choose 3rd Street Pizza, its never let me down.

Favorite Movie(s):
My favorite "movie" is actually a t.v. series from HBO, "Band of Brothers". Somewhere second to that are the movies Taken, Boondock Saints, and anything John Wayne is in.

Favorite Music/Artist(s):
I'm an Country fan all the way. Two of my favorite artists are Jason Aldean and Craig Morgan.

Future Aspirations:
My future is still up in the air. I have a lot of options, and which road I will take I still don't know. I'd like to coach at some point in my future, but I am leaning towards joining the Navy after graduation.

Best part about being an offensive lineman:
The best part about being an offensive lineman is the camaraderie between the unit. I think we work the hardest out of any position, but we also have the most fun by never being too serious and always making fun of each other. When you are an offensive linemen the only glory you receive is only when the QB, WR, or RB does something great. We may not get stats, but we always have our brothers beside us.

A thing most people don't know about you:
I don't think people know that I am not as serious as I seem. I am actually fairly jovial most of the time off the field.

Favorite class/professor at Linfield:
My favorite class at Linfield was Aviation Physics. I had an opportunity to take some flying lessons while taking the class, and it was something I really enjoyed.

What do you drive:
I drive a 1990 3/4 Chevrolet Silverado. I'm not a fan of any of those imports. My dad bought it brand new, and we have had it ever since. We put a new motor in it and have fixed it up a bit in recent years, but it is something I take pride in.

PS3, Xbox, or Wii:
Can't say that I have time for video games, but I am a fan of the PS3.

Mac or PC:
PC, Macs are just so counter-intuitive.

Favorite Coach Smith saying/quote:
My favorite "Smithism" would have to come from this year's trip to Menlo. During our pre-game speech he said "Anyone, Any time." That sums up what the 'Cats are all about this year.

Yes or no on Linfield's All-Purple Uni combo:
I go with yes, only because it is extremely demoralizing to get beat by a team wearing all purple.

Wildcat11's Key To Victory

Find that right tension: Saturday isn't about 2008 or 2007. This is about Linfield going to play a very tough opponent on the road and trying to play the best Linfield football possible. No need to get caught up in any of the other junk that is floating around about this game. Just focus on doing your job the best you can and have trust the 'Cat next to you will do that same. Do that and the 'Cats are going to be just fine.

Line 'Em Up: I know it's very cliche to talk about the line play but the play of both Linfield's offensive and defensive lines is going to be paramount this contest. If you look at the NWC stats Linfield and Willamette trade off as #1 and #2 in just about every category of offense and defense but the one that jumps out huge is Willamette has piled up 27 sacks in 7 games (around 4 a game) while Linfield has only given up 2 the whole year. The ability to protect Boehme in the pass game is going to be huge. Linfield's defense line has been very physical but what killed the 'Cats last year was the inability to get a pass rush up the middle vs Willamette. That has to change this weekend in order to try to limit the Bearcat passing game.

Linfield's balancing act: Linfield has maintained a 54/46 run to pass ratio this season and the 'Cats have to be able to establish the run on Saturday if the 'Cats want to get the play action passing game going and score points. Even if Willamette bottles up the run early, Linfield must keep pounding the rock and maintain that offensive balance.

Be great tacklers: We all know the fly offense makes you honor various plays and creates one-on-one tackling situations. The 'Cats tackling last season sucked and it cost Linfield dearly in a number of big Willamette strikes. Watching the Whitewater/Willamette playoff game last year the Warhawks shut down Willamette in the 1st half because the first defender tackled great but as the game went along and Willamette was able to get the Warhawks out of position the first tacker started missing the next thing you know Willamette is moving the ball up and down the field.

Limit Willamette's Schoettgen: Easier said than done but Schoettgen is a fantastic receiver and a big play threat in the Willamette passing game. Schoettgen hurt Linfield last year and he has to be someone the 'Cats have to try to limit on Saturday. If Linfield can slow down Schoettgen then Linfield will slow down Willamette's offense.

Soild special teams play: If you read the Willamette game stories it seems that just about every game you read about a Willamette return punt/kick for touchdown or a blocked kick. This isn't by accident. Willamette always does a fine job in special teams and have hurt Linfield the past two seasons in this phase of the game. Linfield's special teams needs to continue to improve and kick, cover, protect, and return well. Don't overlook this aspect of the game.


Linfield by 7. I expect nothing more than a great game on Saturday versus two very well coached and hard playing teams. In my gut I just believe this Linfield team still has their best football in front of them and I want to see that complete 60 minute effort this Saturday. There are going to be ups and downs and how Linfield reacts to the adversity is going to be key but if Linfield can establish the run game then I think Linfield is going to be hard to beat. It will be a battle to the very end but when the dust settles I believe that Linfield will walk out of Salem with their destiny in their own hands.

Monday, October 19, 2009

'Cats Win! Linfield sends the Pioneers packing 59-14

(Photo by Brad Thompson: View his Linfield Photos Here)

Really every Linfield fan saw this coming. Linfield is just too darn good to give a rebuilding Lewis and Clark team a chance to hang in even for a quarter of play. The 'Cats did what they needed to do in coming out and hammering the Pioneers early and giving the 'Cat reserves a big chunk of well deserved playing time.

For Lewis & Clark, they know there is still much work to do but they have a very young roster and some good looking athletes. It's just going to take time to continue to build the depth and players required to be competitive week in and week out in the Northwest Conference. I believe they're on the right track and hope they continue to get the support they need to build a good program.

The Good:

Starters Ready to Play: The big concern I had was that Linfield's starters wouldn't be ready to play after coming off a crazy 4 game roadie and then having L&C at home. Those worries were put to rest after the first series as Linfield's 1st unit was sharp and getting after L&C. I loved their energy and readiness.

Special Teams Play: I've been getting after the special teams unit in my "The Bad" breakdown this season but the 'Cats special teams unit was dynamite on Saturday. PJ Sequeira had two huge early punt returns (was sprung by some great blocking) including a 52-yard return for TD and another 46 yard return that set up the 'Cats on the Pioneer 5 yard line. This is what Linfield's special teams unit should be doing against a Lewis & Clark type opponent and I was happy to see it happen.

82 'Cats played: Really cool to see so many 'Cats get a chance to get out in front of the home crowd and show their stuff. Linfield has some VERY good young talent and the future, along with the present, is bright at the 'Catdome.

The Bad

4 turnovers: The lone blemish on the day was the ball security of the 'Cats. Linfield has been stellar all year long in the ball security department but there were some ugly turnovers/fumbles on the day. Some of it was just guys trying to pick up some extra yards but even in a blowout situation the players need to put a premium on taking care of the rock.

The Ugly

All Purple Uniforms: I'm sorry but I'm still a hater on the all-purples. WC11 only gets to get to 3 home games this season (have to miss UPS game) and 33.33% of my Linfield home season is blemished with the all-purples. Maybe I can have that Menlo Mom write an opinion article to the News-Register about how we should get rid of this color combo? Yeah...that's a bad idea.
Brad Thompson's 2009 Linfield Football Photos. View them here.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

2009 Alumni vs Junior Varsity Game. Great time had by all.

The 2009 Linfield Alumni vs Junior Varsity game is in the books for another year and the alumni team pulled out a hard fought 14-7 victory over a hard playing JV team. The alumni team had a blast once again and one of the biggest victories of the night was that nobody on either side suffered injury.

What a great day put together by the Linfield football coaching staff and by Alumni Team coordinator and assistant coach, Brandon Hazenberg. The day started with the present Wildcats pasting the Pioneers and the day ended with the past and future of the program fighting it out.

The Alumni team had a great time and we loved the energy of the JV kids and that they didn't back down from us old 'Cats. Most of us wouldn't admit it during the game but we loved it that the young guys didn't put up with any of our crap. It gave us a sense of pride in how hard they played.

For myself, it was good night but I was happy the game was over and that I could go home and put my feet up. Some of the younger players on the alumni team made it down to 3rd street to socialize after the game and one texted me at midnight telling me to get my butt down to 3rd street. I couldn't because I was busy falling asleep on the couch to CBS's 48 hours mysteries. Game highlights are below.

(Big thanks to Seniors Ian Estrada and Aaron Heston for taping the game for the ADvantage)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Around The Catdome'Osphere

A loyal reader of ADvantage Catdome and a Linfield fan from Texas sent in this photo of "Gomez The Wildcat" sporting some Linfield gear. If you guys have photos you want to send in of you or your family with some Linfield swag on, just fire off an email to Wildcat11 at

I freaking love it that Linfield is back at the 'Catdome tomorrow in what should be a pretty dang cool day. Yeah, the weather folks are calling for rain but I can deal with mid-October rain for a few hours (just not during the Alumni Game please). We have more than just article links today as we have some video clips from the Spokane news stations and a radio interview with Coach Joe Smith too. Tomorrow we'll pump out our NWC picks before we head out to the 'Catdome and I'll see you back here on Sunday with game interviews and some clips from the Alumni/JV game. Be safe out there and Go 'Cats!

ESPN Northwest (video): Rats fall at Pine Bowl to Linfield (Video): "Bame" goes the Wildcats as Linfield downs the Rats.

The Whitworthian: Rats on the skids but thankfully they have UPS next week.

News-Register: Linfield finally gets to unpack bags and brings home 5-0 record in a snow globe as a present to their fans. (Does that one make sense?)

Statesman Journal: 'Cats add another year to The Streak but have bigger things on their minds.

Linfield Sports: Dynamic Duo (Player Focus Feature)

KPAM 860 (Radio Segment): Linfield Head Coach Joe Smith on the Radio. Good Listen.

The News Tribune: Loggers have two choices to lead their terrible offense.

The News Tribune: Menlo picks up first NWC win through the air over Puget Sound.

The News Tribune: Greg Ford goes BONKERS but it's still not enough as Lutes fall to Gusties.

Thre Free Press (Mankato, Mn.): Gusties pull out last minute win over PLU.

The Mast: Even though the Lutes lost they don't feel defeated.

Bearcat Press (via Bearcats keep Wagon Wheel by rolling Lewis & Clark Pios taking steps back to being respectable.

The Almanac: (Opinion) Menlo Continues Losing Ways. Why? (Widcat11's quick take: If you or your son has a concern then have your son step up and go to the coaches and not write this bunk on a public forum that can do nothing but harm a team and a program). SJU fan, Touchdown Tommy, and writer, Adam Johnson, run into an official that blew the 2000 Linfield/Central "Mishap In The Mud" call. I'm still pissed about that.

The Pacific Index: Boxer Head Coach talkes about where they are focusing recruiting effort and that he hasn't seen the "Boxer Army" at fall athletic events.

The Pacific Index: Pacific's athletic department is finding out that making a deal with the City is coming back to bite them a little with regards to scheduling.

The Pacific Index: Buckley's first hire is right out of Forest Grove's own backyard.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Game 6 Preview: Linfield Vs. Lewis & Clark

It's been a long time but it will be nice to be back home. The 5-0 #7 ranked Linfield Wildcats will be hosting the 0-4 Lewis & Clark Pioneers for Homecoming at the 'Catdome this Saturday in a game where much of the Wildcat roster should get an opportunity to play in front of the home crowd.

For Lewis & Clark they took a pretty bad beating last week at the hands of Willamette (69-24) but I hope you can believe me when I say the this is a program that is making positive progress in becoming a competitive team in the Northwest Conference. They brought in the largest freshman class in about 2 decades at L&C and are developing some nice players. They still have a long road to get back to viability but it seems the support is there and everyone in the NWC should be happy for them. It wasn't too long ago (2005) when L&C almost shut it down after canceling half of their season.

Better Get To Know A Pioneer:
#98 Andrew Foote, Senior, Placekicker

Vitals: 5' 11", 200 lbs.

Hometown: Denver, Colo.

High School: George Washington High

Favorite Book: Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoffer

Favorite Coffee Stops: Stumptown and Sip & Kranz

Favorite Class: Labor Economics

Future Aspirations: Wants to pursue a PhD in Economics

Here is a L&C put together video on Mr. Foote:

Better Get To Know A Wildcat:#6 Nate Dixon, Sophomore, Cornerback

Hometown: Kapolei, Hawaii

High School: Kapolei High

Vitals: 5' 9", 180 lbs.

Major: Finance

Minor: Economics

Favorite place in Mac to eat: Tequila Grill..but muchas always hits the spot

Favorite Movie(s): Oceans 12, Scarface, Dark Knight

Favorite Music/Artist(s): Hip hop/rap/ R&B/ Soul...I like anything that sounds really good

Future Aspirations: I hope to invest in things such as real estate and hopefully have my own business doing that.

Favorite TV Show(s): CSI MIAMI, Lie to Me.....

A thing most people don't know about you: Maybe that I can eat more than people think i can...

Favorite class/professor at Linfield: Human Sex was my favorite class so far....Professor Graff-Height is pretty cool

Dog or Cat: Mans best friend

PS3, Xbox, or Wii: XBOX 360 ANYDAY

Mac or PC: I like macs but I'll go PC

Favorite Coach Fendall saying: His jokes before the games are hilarious haha..i dont really have a favorite

Yes or no on Linfield's All-Purple Uni combo: I'd say no because we cant where black socks....but who knows if that will ever happen.

Wildcat11's Key To Victory:

Focus on Getting Better: For Linfield this week should be about improving in areas that the 'Cats need to tighten up on and also continue to strive and improve in what Linfield has been doing well. Really, the focus of this game is just how well can Linfield focus on their preparation and execution of the game plan.

Put The Game Away Early: There is no reason why Linfield shouldn't come out and make sure that L&C knows they are not going to be able to hang around for a half or even the full contest. Play great LINFIELD FOOTBALL early and get as many of 'Cats an opportunity to compete.


Linfield by as much as they want. That may seem disrespectful to L&C but this is a Wildcat team that has been playing very good football and I don't see that stopping on Saturday. L&C is going to come in and compete the whole contest but Linfield just has too much talent and is too deep for L&C to contend over a 60 minute period. I think this kind of prediction involving L&C is going to change a few years down the road but for now the game should be all 'Cats, all day long.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alumni/JV Game this Saturday at 7:30!!!!!!

The now annual Linfield alumni vs Junior Varsity game will take place this Saturday at 7:30 at the 'Catdome. It should be a great Saturday for football at Linfield as the 'Cats Varsity will square off vs Lewis & Clark at 1:30 for Homecoming and just a few hours later the 'Cats of the past will face off vs the 'Cats of the future. The Alumni Team coordinator and Linfield assistant coach, Brandon Hazenberg, has confirmed that there are about 55 alumni players that have confirmed they will squeeze into the Linfield purple and white once again. Below is a tentative roster and there will probably be additions/subtractions:

QB: Brett Elliott, Tyler Matthews, Trevor Scharer

Mort Kotler, Dan Lever, Jon Montalvo, Louie Penn, Pete Cruikchank, Riley Jenkins (Possible)

WR: Casey Allen, Brad McKechnie, George Carter, Brandon Hazenberg, Josh Vierra, John Torsey, Travis Master, Andy Jamison, Kyle Warner, Joe O'Neil, Sonte Wong (Possible)

OL: Dwight Donaldson, James Holan, Rob McCollough, Jason Bolin, Jared Hinkle, John Kemper, Bryan Swanson

TE: Joe Siefert, Ben Blosser

Kicker: Scott Cannon, Scott Birkhofer

Defensive End: Wildcat11, Taylor Summers, Nick Soo, Robert Acevedo. Kelley Bertrand

DT: Ricky Gaspar, Mike Ketler; Mitch Chadwick (possible)

LB: Phil Rombach, Ryan Caffall, Brodie Unger; Brandon Olsen, Cam Rogers

Rover: Andrew Bean, Ryan Boatsman

Safety: Brian Mehl, Neil Fendall, Rod Booth

Monster: Keone Twata, Ray Boatsman

Cornerback: Chris Boock; Phil Marr; Josh "Army" Armstrong, Gabe Haberly; Andrew Woods; Joe Smith

Coach Hazenberg would like all of the alumni players to meet after the team break AFTER the Lewis and Clark game is over. If not, be at the stadium around 4:30 PM to get you gear. All you need is a mouthpiece and cleats, as the college will have the uniforms (if we can still fit in them) but bring along your own stuff if you want.

If you are not on this list and want to play please email Coach Hazenberg at:

Also, the team is planning on conducting a silent auction during the alumni game and there should be a large amount of cool Linfield Wildcat football items that will be available. From helmet stickers, shirts to autographed pictures of some of the Linfield greats from the past.

Make sure you make it out to BOTH games this Saturday. Go 'Cats!!!

'Cats Win! Linfield Keelhauls the Rats

It was a cold but beautiful day at the Pine Bowl (btw, the Pine Bowl is looking good Rats) and the day was made even better by Linfield handling Whitworth and improving the 'Cats record to 5-0. Linfield dominated the 1st half to post up the 24-7 lead and went on to cruise to victory.

One of the best parts for anybody that's on the team or have been following Linfield from game to game is that the West Coast Road Trip of 2009 is officially over. The 'Cats logged over 4,596 miles on the road over the past month and came out with a 4-0 record vs a pretty stiff list of opponents. I have to say it was a pretty gutsy move by Head Coach Joe Smith and AD Scott Carnahan to set up the 2009 schedule with this huge month but risk has been rewarded with a 5-0 overall record and the 'Cats preforming as a pretty damn good football team.

On a personal note, Wildcat11 wants to say thanks to Mrs. 11 for being so great about this past month. Mrs. 11 rocks and I just want to publicly thank her for backing 11 and The 'Cats.

OK...enough of the mushy stuff let's get to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of last week's handling of the Rats.

The Good:

Road Warriors Finishing Strong: I have to admit I was a little concern when Coach Smith said that the team was tired during his press conference this past Monday but he was right. Everyone was tired after being on the road for so long but once again, Linfield had prepared well and was wound to that right tension before the game and came out and flat dominated that 1st half. Great team mental toughness.

Lock Down Defense: Besides the opening Whitworth drive that was stopped by a great one handed pick by Safety Kole Krieger, the 'Cats defense just spent most of the first half blasting the Rats offensive line and only surrendering 100 1st half yards and 243 total yards on the day. This group continues to improve and I love their physical nature as a defense.

Offensive explosion out of the gates: First two possessions = 14 Wildcat Points. That set the tone for rest of the game as the Linfield offense piled up 24 first half points and had stretches where Whitworth couldn't do anything to slow down the 'Cats offense. Aaron Boehme and the 'Cats WR really showed their skill during large chunks of the game. They have to be one of the better QB/WR batteries in DIII.

Linfield Pass Protection: The big fellas up front reminded me of a protection detail for the Pirate came close to Boehme all day long. Really, since the SOU game the 'Cats offense line has been lights out in their pass protection and have only give up 2 sacks during the entire year. Outstanding effort big fellas.

D-line and defensive play making: Whitworth is the type of team a defensive line loves to play against because there is nothing's just who's tougher up front. The 'Cats D-Line was great during the day in causing all sorts of issues for the Whitworth running game. They flat out got after it. Also, the Linfield LB's and DB's continue to make play after play in the backfield and created 4 more picks and 6 total turnovers. This is a ball hawking defense and they are a fun group to watch.

100 Yards and 3 TDs: A big day for 'Cat Back Aaron Williams and the O-Line as they produce another 100 yard day and Williams was able to blast across three short TDs on the day. I love watching this team run the ball with Williams, Abbott, and Avritt. Just wish that I could include Lamson in that list of RBs too....(continue to get healthy young man).

The Bad

Kickoff Coverage: Again Linfield was hurt in the special teams game with another huge kick return by the opponent. It was the only offense the Rats had in that first half and it did give them some life. Not to be an alarmist but Linfield HAS to get this worked out because we have an opponent in a few weeks that has a habit of making big plays in their special teams game.

Dropped Passes: The 'Cats had about 4-5 straight drop passes on the day. I'm not talking about a WR and DB going up on a fade and fighting for a pass but just dropping passes. I don't even need to really point this out because I know that WR corp wasn't happy with it and will be cleaning that up as the season goes along.

The Ugly:

Whitworth Injuries: I hate seeing it and it sucks. We've talked about it before that injuries are part of football and Linfield has their fair share of bad injuries in the past and currently (Lamson's collar bone break) but I want ALL of these young people playing football to stay healthy during the course of a game. They all work too hard on the field and as students to suffer bad injuries. I felt horrible for both Whitworth quarterbacks Andrew Durant and Cub Jansen who left Saturday's game with what looked like pretty bad injuries. I hope those young men can bounce back in a hurry.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Linfield at Whitworth: Post Game Interviews

Wildcat11 was able to talk to a few 'Cats about the 38-20 victory over the Whitworth Pirates. We spoke with Defensive End Ian Estrada, WR Gunnar Cederberg, Safety Kole Krieger, and OT Aaron Heston. We'll keep mixing it up throughout the remainder of the season in regards to players and I'll keep hitting them with the hard questions!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Linfield extends the streak and the game was streaked at Whitworth

The 'Cats extended their all-division college football record of consecutive winning seasons to 54 with a 38-20 hammering of the Whitworth Pirates this past Saturday. The win moves Linfield to 5-0 for the first time since 2005 and once again secures another winning season. One of the most impressive parts of Linfield's streak is that during this 54 year run Linfield has only three 5-4 seasons to maintain the streak. Incredible.

In regards to the Whitworth happened during the early portion of the 3rd quarter where about one second into the clip above you see the streaker in question zip past WC11's camera and into the opening field where a get away truck was waiting for him on the other side of the field. He had pretty decent speed and I think that Coach Tully may want to sign him up as another outside threat for the Rats.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Around The Catdome'Osphere

Time for a trip around the 'CatdomeO'sphere...get on board and buckle up. There were some good features on a couple of players around the NWC conference and not a peep on UPS this week. I know...shed your tears as a week without coverage of Puget Sound Football is like a week without sunshine. Hope you all have a safe and great weekend with family and Linfield football! Go 'Cats!

The Linfield Reveiw: 'Cats move to 4-0 after knocking down Menlo.

News-Register: Linfield Is On The Road Again

News-Register: 'Cats cut down Oaks.

Sports and Weather Right Now: Whitworth's Anderson could be shut down for the year.

Spokesman Review: Rats' Brandon Martin is man in the middle for Whitworth.

Statesman Journal: Transfer Linebacker fills big void for stiff Bearcat Defense and Linfield is "sick" of being of the road.

Whitworthian: Rats get clobbered by Bearcats.

Bearcat Press: Fast start sparks Willamette.

The Mast: Lutes defense leads to way to big 43-14 win over L&C

The News-Tribune: PLU's Scott Westering move up to the booth pays off for Lute offense.

The News-Tribune: Lutes transfer QB, AJ Palazzolo, keeps overcoming the adversity.

NWC Pick 'em: Week 6

Another week down of NWC picks and another hanging in the back of the pack. I do have company with Maddy, my border collie, as she's pretty much in dead last place. Mack continues to hang with the top of the pack but he's been slowly losing ground and sits tied in 5th place. You can check out the action by registering on and head over to the NWC pick 'em page.

Gustavus Adolphus over PLU: The Lutes have to make a long road trip out to Minnesota for a non-conference title vs the 1-3 Gusties. I know PLU got into the win sprit last week vs L&C but I'll take the home team to defend.

#17 Willamette over Lewis & Clark: Do I even have to explain?

Menlo over UPS: Menlo's defense isn't too bad at all but I'm not sure what the status is over their QB who might have substained a shoulder injury late vs Linfield. I like Menlo going to to UPS and beat a Logger team that has no done a thing on offense this season.

West Region Game of The Week:

#22 Occidental over #24 Redlands: Oxy has 5 wins in a row over Redlands but this might be the Dawgs best shot in a few years to knock off the Tigers. However, I think I'll stick to Oxy and their ability to continually get over on Maynard's boys.

National Game of the Week:

#12 Monmouth over St. Norbert's: Two undefeated teams headed into a huge MWC showdown. The Green Knights of St. Norberts have a impressive win over Wartburg on the year but I'll take the offensive firepower of Monmount to win out.

Mack and Maddy's picks: I wasn't able to shoot video this week as we were slammed with appts during the week so this morning I set up the picks where I put a wheat thin in each hand (Away Team: Left Hand, Home Team: Right Hand) and then had them each do their picks. Sorry this isn't recorded but this how they picked.

Mack: Linfield over Whitworth (Good Boy!), PLU over Gusties, Willamette over L&C, Menlo over UPS, Redlands over Oxy, and St. Norberts over Monmouth (he went to the left hand everytime).

Maddy: Linfield over Whitworth (Good Girl!), Gusties over PLU, L&C over Willamette, Menlo over UPS, Oxy over Redlands, and Monmouth over St. Norberts.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Game 5: Linfield @ Whitworth via Google Maps!

VIEW IN FULL SIZE CLICK HERE is hitting the road for the 4th consecutive week as the #7 Linfield Wildcats will be taking on NWC Rival the Whitworth Pirates (Rats). If you've never been to Whitworth's Pine Bowl you should try to make the trip. This is Wildcat11's 2nd favorite and 2nd ranked best place to watch a game in the NWC (The 'Catdome being an easy #1).

Remember to view the informattion all you have to do in move your mouse over the Wildcat with a "5" on it and click. A information bubble will pop up that will give you the run down. If you want to view the Wildcats' 2009 schedule on a bigger page just click on the link right below the map.

We'll hit you with a double shot of my NWC Pick 'Em post and take you on a trip around the 'CatdomeO'sphere.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Game 5 Preview: 'Cats at Rats

It's the last leg of Linfield's 2009 "West Coast Road Trip" and this week Linfield finds themselves traveling out to Spokane to take on the Rats of Whitworth. This is another in a line of HUGE games for our 'Cats as Whitworth is looking to bounce back from a tough road loss last week at Willamette and Linfield is trying to push their NWC record to 2-0.

Don't let Whitworth's 2-3 record fool you for a second. Whitworth has lost to then #5 HSU (Before the Feaster Injury), lost a close game to a pretty good top 25 Redlands team, and then dropped last weekend to #17 Willamette. The Rats have seen top flight competition this season so facing the 'Cats will be nothing new in terms of playing a quality opponette.

This game has me agitaged for few reasons. Linfield is headed into their 4th consecutive week in a row where they have to make a HUGE road trip and this time by bus. Heck, even Coach Smith said that the team is a little tired right now by having shorten weeks and little recovery time. So not only does Linfield have to battle a team that's had some very good recent success vs. Linfield but the 'Cats also have to battle through the adversity of the road once again. Then, you add in the flu bug that's been running through the roster the past few weeks. It's a major gut check for the 2009 Wildcats. Do they have enough in the tank to head out to Spokane and run their record to 5-0? We're going to find out soon.

Better Get To Know A Rat:

(This week's "Better Get To Know" segment is going to be a little light. The Whitworth players are already ahead of the curve and have all of their MySpace/Facebook profiles set to private so I don't have much to work on.)

#49 Layton Brown, Linebacker, Junior

Vitals: 6'3", 225 lbs.

2009 Stats (Through 5 Games): 18 Solo Tackles, 14 asst. tackles (32 Total), 3.5 Tackles For Loss, 1 Sack, 1 Forced Fumble

Hometown: Kennewick, Washington

High School: Kennewick High

Admired Athlete: Reggie White

Other Whitworth Sport: Baseball

Layton's 2007 YouTube Highlights at Whitworth:

Better Get To Know A Wildcat:

This week we interview one my Wildcat11 personal favorites, Paul Partlow. Not only are Paul and WC11 brothers (of the Theta Chi Fraternity variety) but I'm a big fan of dry humor (I'll admit that a kick to the groin always makes me laugh too) and Paul always seems to have a funny take anytime I talk to him. Not only is Paul a very good linebacker but from all accounts a very good young person.

Paul Partlow, Linebacker, Senior

Vitals: 6' 0", 220 Lbs.

Hometown: Portland, Or.

Major: Psychology

Minor: Math

Favorite Place in Mac to eat: Roof Top (Hotel Oregon)

Favorite Movies: Forrest Gump, Good Will Hunting, Amadeus, Cool Hand Luke, Zoolander

Favorite Music: Classic Rock

Favorite TV Show: The Office

A thing most people don't know about you?
I am a carpenter of sorts who does enjoy his Mozart every so often

Favorite class at Linfield: Seminar in Social Psychology: group discussions with Professor Gilden always seems to yield interesting conversations

Dog or Cat?
Definitely Dog. Espcially Black Labs

PS3, Xbox, or Wii?
Xbox 360, Call of Duty wouldn't be the same without it

Mac or PC?
PC, I wouldn't know how to play Warcraft without a right clicker

Favorite Coach Rombach saying?
"Sometimes, you just gotta lay out a scout team player, you know, to get the team fired up."

Yes or No on Linfield's All-Purple Uni Combo?
No, I prefer the juxtaposition of white and purple

Wildcat11's Key To Victory:

Come Ready To Play: The 'Cats need to be ready to come out and fire on all cylinders in the 1st half of action at the Pine Bowl. Just be "wound to the right tension" in that Linfield isn't too fired up that they expel all of their energy early and emotionally crash but Linfield can't afford to wait till the 3rd quarter to start playing Linfield football either. Be excited to play but understand the contest is 60 minutes long.

Defensive Line has to get it done: There is nothing fancy or tricky about the Whitworth offense. They are going to hit you with zone run after zone run and see if you're tough enough to slow the running attack down. It doesn't matter who's at running back for Whitworth because if we get physically manhandled up front the Rats are going to move the ball on us. It's a big changllenge and a huge key in the match up.

Attacking offense: I would love to see Linfield really challenge the Whitworth secondary on Saturday and not let the Rats stack the box vs the Linfeild run game. If Linfield can hit some shots downfield in the passing game then everything else is going to open up for Linfield.

Continue the defensive playmaking: Linfield's defense has been great in making plays and creating turnovers. The 'Cats need to continue this trend in being playmakers. Be Agressive!

Win on Special Teams: In my Menlo recap I mentioned about Menlo and SOU each getting a near momentum changer on specials teams in games 2 & 3. None of that this week. Let's win all day long in this vital phase of the game.


Linfield by 10. Again, this is another in a long line of huge challenges. The seniors on Linfield's roster currently sit a 1-2 career wise vs Whitworth and all three games have been close fought games where the outcome could have easily been different each time out. If Linfield travels out to Spokane with a great week of practice under their belts and play a physcial game while limiting mistakes then we should get it done. However, if Linfield plays like we did during the first half of the Menlo game then anything could happen on Saturday. I'm placing my faith that this '09 team knows they are on the verge of something special and will be ready on Saturday. Go 'Cats!

Monday, October 5, 2009

'Cats Win! Linfield climbs all over Oaks.

A solid effort for the Linfield Wildcats propelled the Catdome to a 31-7 road victory over Menlo College at the Oaks homecoming game. The home crowd witnessed a suffocating Wildcat defense hold the Oaks to a season low 159 total yards on the day.

The Wildcat offense faced what I thought to be a pretty decent Menlo defense and was able to methodically put up 31 points on the day. The 'Cats had to overcome a number of issue with being on the road and having players banged up or ill but once again our 'Cats fought through the adversity and notched Linfield's first NWC victory of the year.

The Good

Road Warriors: For the 3rd consecutive week the 'Cats made the most of a long road trip and overcame all of the trappings the road can offer. I think this speaks to the togetherness and mental make-up of this group up to this point. As a road team, you can't expect to get any breaks or calls so you just have to figure out if you're going to dwell on the adversity or overcome it. So far, this Wildcat team keeps blasting through the obstacles. Great job.

Total Defensive effort: The 'Cats defense was great on Saturday and especially in the 3rd quarter. The 'Cats gave up a touchdown early in the 2nd quarter but after that the Linfield defense hammered the Oaks in forcing Menlo to zero points in their next 10 possessions. The defensive line pressure was making life miserable for Menlo's passing attack and once again our Linebackers and DBs were playmakers in the defensive backfield. Just a fine effort.

Pass Protection: Last week vs SOU I was a little concerned about the amount of hits Aaron Boehme took vs the Raiders but the 'Cats offense line took to the challenge and had a much better effort this week vs Menlo. There were a few times Boehme felt the pressure and had to use his legs to extend the play but he didn't take a single big hit all game long. Great job big fellas.

'Cats stepping in and stepping up: Linfield had to leave some of our starters and rotation players at home and one starter actually became ill before the game so the call came to a number of 'Cats to step in and show what they had either as a starter or as a heavy rotation player. I think there were a number of players that took that opportunity and ran with it. It speaks to the depth the coaching staff has built in the program and it bodes well for the 2nd half stretch of the season when team depth comes into play.

The Bad:

I really would like to stop using the term "The Bad" for this team because but it just wouldn't sound right if this segment was called "The Good, The Could Do Better, The Ugly". I believe there are things the 'Cats could have done better on Saturday and this is just one 'Cat's opinion.

Missed Opportunities and Field Goals: I'm a big believer in Freshman place kicker Maika Kunioka but he just had one of those days where he didn't have his best stuff and missed 3 of 4 tries. Maika will shake that off and bounce back because we're going to need him down the stretch. Linfield also could have punched in a few other chances but Menlo's defense was able to keep the game reasonable at least during the first half.

Passing Game: Again, the passing game has been excellent all year long and will be during the 2nd half of the year but the passing attack just wasn't clicking as it has in previous games. The 'Cats completed 14 of 36 passing attempts and you do have to give Menlo some credit as their defensive backs played well but we didn't have our best stuff throwing the rock on Saturday. I fully expect Boehme and the WR corp to be ticked and come out blazing next Saturday.

Blocked Punt: Kickoff coverage was great, we had a nice kickoff return to start the second half, but getting that punt blocked late in the 2nd quarter almost allowed Menlo to get into the game going into the halftime. This is the 2nd week in a row where a special teams play almost breathed life into the opposition. We need this group to be stellar the next three weeks if Linfield is going to snatch that NWC crown.

The Ugly:

The Menlo PA system: You all have seen the bumper sticker that says "If it's too loud then you're too old" well I guess I'm freaking too old because the Menlo PA system is downright ridiculous. It looks like they've dragged out two speakers out of the basement of the Theta Chi house, posted them up on either side of the Menlo bleachers, and then crank them up to an 11 out of 10. Also, I don't think the Menlo game management realizes the make up of a crowd for a small college football game. Along with students, you have a number of parents, grand parents, and just a wide range of ages (very young to very old) that make up the crowd. I have nothing against 'Lil Wayne or Coheed and Cambria but I just don't think I want them blowing out my ear drums at a Menlo College football game. I'm not saying you can't have some current or relevant music but please I'm begging Menlo to turn it down about 30 notches and mix in some tracks that folks of all generations can nod their head to.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Menlo post game interviews

WC11 made the trip down and back yesterday to the San Jose area to catch Linfield's 31-7 victory over the Menlo Oaks. After the game we caught up with defensive tackle Paul Nishizaki, offensive tackle Chris Buck (with a guest cameo from offensive guard Jordan Barnes), and running back Taylor Avritt.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Around The Catdome'Osphere

Welcome back to our weekly Friday round up! Some good stuff in this week's Around the CatdomeO'sphere as Menlo is fired up about this weekend, 'Cats get rewarded for their play, and I take a cheap shot a Coach Speckman in my article title below (all in good fun!). Stay safe this weekend 'Catdome family and I'll try to get back to you soon.

PaloAltoDailyNews: Admission to Menlo's game with Linfield is free so in Coach Guidici words "We want a big crowd there to witness it"

News-Register: Linfield's balanced offense and play making defense throttles SOU.

Daily Tidings: Raiders try to reason why Linfield beat them down. Safety Drew Fisher and Punter Tommy George named NWC players of the week. You're welcome! Linfield/SOU game break hit counter.

Palo Alto Online: Menlo has some momentum headed into showdown with Linfield.

Statesman Journal: Good Story on Speckman and his new book "How I've piled up a 3-8 record vs Linfield" Wait...that's not the title? Oh, "Figure it out: Living in a digital world without digits"

The News Tribune: The Loggers get rolled in Wisconsin.

The News Tribune: UPS and PLU are trying to figure it out as they go along. Rats down Chapman for first home win of season. Adam Anderson might not be back for big game vs Willamette. Norm Maves is looking down the road at how injuries could shape up the Oct 24th Linfield at Willamette game.

NWC Pick 'em: Week 5

Well the good news is that I'm still picking games better than Maddy but the bad news is that I'm in 14th place and Maddy is in 15th. Pathetic. However, Mack continues to represent the WC11 name well as he is still sitting in 3rd place on the year. He's only one point off of the 2nd spot and is sitting pretty darn good. You can check out the action by registering on and head over to the NWC pick 'em page.

Here are my 14th place picks of the week:

PLU over L&C: Now is where we find out just where L&C is headed. They showed some improvement in their first two games (close losses) but we'll have to see how well they do vs NWC teams. PLU is also on the skids this season in only scoring one TD in their first two games. The game is at Sparks so I'll take the Lutes but I'll be checking out this game to see how the Pios made out.

#18 Willamette over Whitworth: I know folks are saying this will be close and granted Whitworth and Willamette have a history of close games but I think the Bearcat defense will really cream the vanilla Rat offense. I'd be surprised if it's a high scoring affair but I think Willamette will control the game throughout.

West Region Game of the Week:

#6 SJU over Bethel: Bethel has beat SJU this year but I think the magic could be back in Collegeville. Folks around the Johnnie program have been pumped about this year's offense and I think SJU will get it done at home.

D3 Game of the Week:

Hartwick over #20 Ithaca: No idea...just trying to pick against the grain in hopes of making up some ground (or I could fall back even further).

Mack and Maddy's picks!

Mack Picks: 'Cats over Oaks (Good Boy!), Willamette over Rats, PLU over L&C, Hartwick over Ithaca, and Bethel over SJU (I forgot to add that clip to the video but I swear that was his pick)

Maddy's Picks: 'Cats over Oaks (Good Girl!), Rats over Willamette, L&C over PLU, Ithaca over Hartwick, and SJU over Bethel.