Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 2009 Highlight DVD is in the can!

The 2009 Linfield football highlight DVD is officially in the can. Actually, it's been in the bag for a few months now but I don't consider it finished until the team gets the first viewing at the end-of-the-year banquet. Out of the 4 Linfield football highlights WC11 has put together this one was the most fun and stressful I've worked on yet.

The season highlights span an opening clip and Linfield's 13 contests during the 2009 season. The total run time is 1hr 14min and 59 sec and I think it goes by pretty dang fast. It wound up being an awesome production and 99% of that is because of the play of this team. They made this season easy to capture and provided a wealth of footage to chose from. There are a number of people that helped contribute to this project and I want to be able to publicly thank them for their contributions.

First I want to thank my home games camera crew. Brad Hazenberg works the visitors sideline and has been really fun to work with and has provided great shots. Aaron Haugen works the top/crow's nest shot for the scoreboard and provides ample and critical footage for the highlights and Evan Hilberg and Spencer Crepeaux work the home sideline for the scoreboard and has really captured some great moments. Also a shout to the master, Mike Rhodes, who shot the Whitewater game with me. Mike was the workhorse from the early 2000's and still is one of the best sports videographers I've seen. Thanks Mike!

We incorporated a number of still photos in the highlights this season too. I want to thank Linfield S.I.D. Kelly Bird for photos for the SOU and Whitworth game. Dan Harris for the Menlo game, Bill Olmsted (Photography Editor) of The Janesville Gazette for the photo use of the Whitewater game, and a real special thank you to Brad Thompson for use of his photos for the HSU, L&C, Willamette, UPS, PLU, CLU, UMHB, and UST games. THANK YOU BRAD!

We also had a number of radio voices on the highlight DVD. I want to thank Craig Dunkin for use of a call during the Oxy game, Bill Jacobs of his audio clips of the SOU game, the golden tones of Mike Allegre during the Willamette game, and finally the voice that guided the great majority of the season our very own Dean of Students and Linfield Play-By-Play, Dave Hanson. Dean Hanson along with his partner Ty Matthews were GIANTS in making sure we were able to get the radio calls recorded and provided that extra punch to bring these clips to life.

Need to send a special thanks to long time Linfield Public Address announcer Craig Singletary. You'll hear Craig's contribution at the start of the highlight DVD and it was an awesome bonus to have Craig agree to help. He was a total pro!

I also wanted to thank the Linfield Coaching Staff and Players for always looking out for Wildcat11. If it wasn't hooking me up with footage (Coach Yin), a ride on a bus, or the players being cool with me putting the camera in their face they always made me feel like I was part of the ride and I'm very appreciative of that.

Last, I have to thank Mrs. Wildcat 11. She is so supportive of the program and my small part in helping out. She never gives me a hard time about the time I put into these videos or the time away when I'm following the team. She's also provides great ideas and is my sounding board on what my vision is. Mrs. 11 is my rock and I can't tell her enough in how much I appreciate and love her.

The clips start up on Monday, March 1st so make sure you check in with us early and often. Go 'Cats!


Anonymous said...

Just got my copy yesterday and have watched 4 times already. Great work Wildcat11. This DVD will hold me over until next season, Thanks

Wildcat 11 said...

Thanks Anonymous. 4 times already? Nice! Hope you enjoyed the music selections...tried to span various genres. Some of the current 'Cats made some suggestions that really helped. (Jackson, Parish, Avritt, Keck).