Monday, February 15, 2010

Cutting Room Floor: Linfield @ Occidental

Not everything the cameras shoot can make it into the Linfield Wildcats Highlight DVD so instead of just having those clips waste away on Wildcat11's hard drives the ADvantage will be posting up some of the extras to kick start your Mondays.

This week we looked around our Occidental folder and pasted together some random shots of then #14 Linfield's 31-27 road victory over #21 Occidental Tigers.


doc said...

I dunno. Once the video got dark it brought back unsettling memories - especially the last 15 seconds when the team was gathering after the game. Wildcat11 and DO.C. were at the tee shirt box but poor Simon and his dad were just realizing what that second-to-the-last play meant for him.

Wildcat 11 said...

Well it turned out pretty dang good in the end DOC. It was great to see Simon come back at the end of the season and great to see Williams break out with Abbott and Avritt stepping up big time. Great group of RBs.