Sunday, February 28, 2010

Video Season Starts today

Today is the opening of's 2010 video season. Each Monday from now till mid August the mothership will be posting up a new video clip. Leading us off is the 2009 Linfield Scoreboard Video. This clip was fired up during Linfield's regular season games before the 'Cats hit the field.

The first few months are going to be segments from the 2009 Linfield Football Highlight DVD. Next, we'll have a month solid of Linfield Legends (May or June), then finish off the '09 highlights and wrap up the video season with some special segments (football camp, Linfield film room, '10 preview).

The reason why WC11 started these video seasons is to help the Catdome family get through the slow part of the off season and try to keep your mind on what's important....Linfield football! You'll also notice a change on the banner above. We've retired the Boehme ADvantage Banner but you can find that one archived on's Media page. This spring/summer we're going to rotate 3 ADvantage Catdome banners to just spread the love around a little. Brad Thompson was gracious enough to provide the photos for the first two banners featuring Sophomore Safety Christian Hanna and Sophomore WR Buddy Saxon (view and buy Brad's Photos here). The photo for the 3rd banner was provided by Dan Harris and features Jr. Linebacker Bubba Kukahiko and Safety Kala'e Parish (view and buy Dan's Photos here.).

WC11 is also working a new billboard for and I should have that up over the next couple of weeks. Last, we're still going to be posting Cutting Room Floor clips but they will now be posted up on Wednesdays.


Bubs said...

Great job once again RC...this one passes the goose bump test for sure.

doc said...

The Rutsch in stripes!

You've outdone yourself.

Wildcat 11 said...

Thanks Bubs...if that gave you goose bumps then you'll be fired up next Monday.