Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Linfield Google Maps Schedule is up.

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Hey 'Catdome. The 2010 Linfield Wildcat Google Map Schedule is now up and running. It's a one stop shop to help you find the location of the game, get links to game previews, audio, video, fast facts about who Linfield is playing, directions to the 'Cats tailgating area, and other need-to-knows (nearest In-N-Out burger, Linfield's breakstfast stop on the way to PLU/UPS games).

Click on the Wildcat Logo icons for information on each game and you can click on the link below the embedded map to the go directly to our Google Map page.

2010 Fall Camp: Monday Night Lights

Your Linfield Wildcats had a rare late night practice last night at the 'Catdome. The 'Cats kicked it off at 8:30 PM under the bright lights at Maxwell Field. It was a picture perfect night for the team to continue to work towards their season opener down in Thousand Oaks vs the California Lutheran Kingsmen.

Wildcat11 AND Mrs. 11 was there to take in the action. We'll have some video clips of practice up on Wednesday and Thursday but today I offer up up a photo slideshow. This was the first time Mrs. 11 went to a practice, and has a former hoops coach, she was curious to watch how practice was organized. On the way home she was impressed with the organization, fully utilizing time and space, and the progression of individual skill work that lead to team time. Mrs. 11 is one sharp lady.

Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Fall Camp: Controlled Scrimmage

Wildcat11 stopped by the 'Cats practice on Saturday to take in some of Linfield's controlled scrimmage. The 'Cats "official" scrimmage is next Saturday but the team lined up for some near 100% tempo action. The Coaching staff seems pretty upbeat about the progress so far. There are areas the 'Cats need to shore up and improve upon the next couple of weeks but the staff feels the men are moving towards game readiness.

The ADvantage will start moving towards our standard in-season reps this week as we'll have our Around The Catdome news segment on Friday, NWC game picks on Thursday but we'll still have some action from camp posted up too. So make sure you keep coming back everyday for something new. Go 'Cats!

Friday, August 27, 2010

2010 Fall Camp: Offensive Interviews

Wildcat11 sat down last weekend with three Linfield offensive seniors to discuss fall camp up to that point, the upcoming season, and just how they were feeling headed into their final season playing in the 'Catdome. All three, Aaron Heston (OT), Ryan Henderson (WR), and Simon Lamson (RB) are very thoughtful and honest in their answers and provide what I think is great insight into the mind of a typical Wildcat player.

The ADvantage will most likely not have an update tomorrow but WC11 will be efforting on some new material at camp on Saturday. Go 'Cats!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

2010 Fall Camp: Punt Coverage Drill

Ahhh Special Teams...the most often over looked aspect of football but one of the 3 major components (Offensive, Defense, Special Teams). Seriously, you could have a great offense, great defense, but if your Special Teams reek then it's going to come back and bite you in the backside on multiple occasions.

That's why Linfield puts a premium on the time allotted to special teams work. If you can't pay attention or don't want to work then don't bother trying to be a part of these teams. In the video above, Coach Hazenberg will put you through the paces of a punt coverage drill from this past weekend's practice. WC11 was just tired filming this action. Go 'Cats and remember Special Teams meets in the middle!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hotel on the Cheap for Linfield/California Lutheran Game

A former California Lutheran player and poster on D3boards.com "Kingsmen4" posted up a nice scoop on the NWC board with regards to a great hotel deal for any Wildcat fan making the trip down to Thousand Oaks.

"Thanks for thinking of us! We actually can set up a disocunt for CLU, it is 10% off of whatever our best available rate is at the time the reservations are booked. Our regular rate for a Friday or Saturday night is usually around $85 for one King or $95 for two Queens. Reservations made 3-6 weeks in advance usually have the lowest rates, as we offer discounts for "Book Early and Save". Anyone interested in staying with us just needs to let us know they are coming in to go to Cal Lutheran University and we will extend them the discount. They can also book it online and use discount code CALU. Let me know if you have any more questions.


Hannah Brown
General Manager
La Quinta Inn & Suites #2043

1320 Newbury Rd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
805.499.5910 ext.152 Fax 805.498.5783
www.LQ.com "

WC11 just booked his room today (one room, two beds) on-line using the "CALU" code for $76.50 a night. The LQ is about 10 minute drive away from the CLU campus. If you haven't booked your room yet then use the info above.

2010 Fall Camp: Practice Highlights

Welcome back to today's camp video. This time the ADvantage is bringing you a fast highlight of this past weekend's action (Aug 21/22). A lot of good stuff is going on in the clip above and the 4 minutes of video goes fast. Right now, Linfield is into their doubles but they have a special treat as tonight from 5-8 pm is Kids Day at the 'Catdome. The 'Cats will be putting on a clinic for youngsters that will put them through drills (NOT Drive Drill), off/def position work, throwing the ball around the yard, and will wrap up with dinner with the 'Cats.

It should be a fun night for the kids AND the players. Come back tomorrow and bring your cleats as we're going to put you through some punt coverage work.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 Linfield Fall Camp: Defensive Interviews

Wildcat11 pulled aside three Linfield Defenders to pepper them with "tell me a little bit about" questions (need to work on my interview skills). We sat down Senior Defensive Tackle Paul Nishizaki, Senior Corner Bryce Comfort, and Junior Monster Back, Kalae Parish.

Come back tomorrow and we'll have a mini-highlight of this past weekend's practices. Go 'Cats!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Linfield Fall Camp Opens with Fast Pace and High Quality

Strap in and hold on, we have a packed week here on the ADvantage! WC11 spent some considerable time at this weekends practices and I have to say that I'm liking what I'm seeing. The tempo is fast but the demand on quality is high.

Overall, the first thought that comes to my mind is a sense of urgency and great leadership from the older guys from the first couple of days being around the team. I saw offensive players cheering after a defender made a great play and the same thing when a offensive player broke out a gem. Don't get me wrong, each side of the ball was getting after it but you can tell the guys on the team like and care about one another. That's a good thing.

Another thing that jumped out at me is the competition on the field. We have a number of vets that are battling for that starting spot and we have a lot of new comers that look college ready. But the key is that the vets are still coaching up and helping out the young bucks with their technique and scheme. It's just the Linfield way and it's going strong.

I would have liked to post a clip up yesterday but my old laptop is on it's last legs. Seriously, I almost threw it against the wall last night. However, we have some kinks worked out and this is what you can expect the rest of the week: Offensive players interview, Defensive Players Interviews, A clip of random action from Saturday and Sunday's practice, work during special teams breakdown, and we'll kick it off with the big fells during drive drill. One-on-One pass rush was always my favorite drill but Drive Drill was a close second. Watch the clip and you'll know why. Keep coming back each day during the week for a new clip.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Fall Camp Kicks Off With the Family Getting Back Together

Oh man, football is back at the 'Catdome!!!! What seemed like so long ago now just feels like yesterday as 180 Wildcats and their families poured into the 'Catdome to kickoff the 2010 fall camp with the 'Cats annual BBQ. It's a great way to break the ice and help assure those new players (80 frosh) and their parents that their sons are in the right hands over the next 4 years.

In WC11's eyeball estimation I'd say there was around 400 total people in attendance last night as returners were able to catch up with each other and new players were able to shake the hands for the first time with guys that will be new life long friends. It's a fun and relaxing environment for all involved.

After the Catdome feasted, Coach Smith addressed the team for about 18 minutes on what values Linfield football is built upon and what expectations the returners have been living by since their time at Linfield. The Frosh will be introduced to these expectations over the next few weeks and during the season. WC11 doesn't want to get into that much detail but this value system has been around Linfield for the longest time but Coach Smith has does a fantastic job in communicating these values to the team and holding the program accountable. Coach Smith and his staff walks the talk...no doubt about it.

When Coach Smith wrapped up, the team broke out into position groups around the field for formal introductions. Some groups kept it pretty simple (Name, Year, what you did this summer) and other groups went into much more detail. In lurking around the most interesting thing that I found out is that if Senior WR Ryan Henderson could change one thing about himself is that he would add another 4 to 5 inches.......to his height. (Yes, Hendy added that pause to the height disclaimer.)

Finally, the night wrapped up with the Seniors poking a little fun at the Coaching Staff under the theme of "What would each of the coach's touchdown celebration be?" WC11 was headed home by that point but I'm sure that Coach Rombach took a beating for being too intense and that the seniors took a crack at Coach Smith's double digit career INT total while at Linfield.

WC11 won't be able to make out to camp until this weekend but we'll be bringing you plenty of video and blog posts over the next couple of weeks. Let's Go 'Cats!

Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Incoming 'Cats: Offensive Line

Welcome back to the final round of our special series featuring our incoming 'Cats of 2010. We're saving the big guys for last and I am bummed becasue we are missing about 1/2 the group this time around. However, I'm hoping the big fellas will give WC11 a pass and just chalk it up to O-Linemen getting overlooked once again. :) We have 11 inbound offensive linemen this year representing 4 states (Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Montana).

Video are in alphabetical order (Last name) and may have been edited to save time/space, and some indicate jersey numbers)

Dustin Grimps – Santiam Christian High School – Adair Village, Ore. (#50 white top, left tackle, wearing long black socks, single game cut up)

Kyle Jones – Mariner High School – Everett, Wash. (#71, blue top, singe game cut up)

Jacob Mayer – Maryknoll High School – Honolulu, Hawaii. (#62, highlight comp)

Andrew McDonnell – Broadwater High School – Townsend, Mont. (#50, single game cut up)

Jeremy Patrick – David Douglas High School – Portland, Ore. (#51, red top, center and defensive line clips)

Jesse Archambault – Roseburg High School – Roseburg, Ore.
Zack Hickman – Hillsboro High School – Hillsboro, Ore.
Casey Potter – Ridgefield High School – Ridgefield, Wash.
Steven Schultz – Wilson High School – Tacoma, Wash.
Kyler Spears – Mountain View High School – Vancouver, Wash.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Incoming 'Cats: Defensive Line

Welcome back to the 9th round of our special series featuring our incoming 'Cats of 2010. We're going to running a double post this week as we'll tack up the incoming offensive linemen at the end of this week (our last group). The 'Cats have 12 defensive linemen coming in from four states (Oregon, Washington, California, and Hawaii). STRONGEST LINK!

Video are in alphabetical order (Last name) and may have been edited to save time/space, and some indicate jersey numbers)

Nathan Herrick – Kentwood High School – Covington, Wash. (#54 in black top)

Brynnan Hyland – Churchill High School – Eugene, Ore. (pulled from 2 game films)

James Lohan – Ontario Christian High School – Chino Hills, Calif.

Kyle McLennan – Hillsboro High School – Hillsboro, Ore.

Mike Maierhofer – Capistrano Valley HS – Mission Viejo, Calif.

Kealii Poomaihealani – St. Louis High School – Kaneohe, Hawaii

Kyle Rehberger – Churchill High School – Churchill, Ore. (Jr. Year Highlights)

Nicholas Rhoten – Sprague High School – Salem, Ore. (pulled from single game)

Morgan Yarber – Central Kitsap High School – Silverdale, Wash.
Jeffery Waldner – Olympia High School – Olympia, Wash.
Aaron Hanson – Hockinson High School – Brush Prairie, Wash.
Chris Edison – Curtis High School – University Place, Wash.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Linfield selected as the 2010 NWC pre-season favorites

Not surprisingly your Linfield Wildcats have been selected by the NWC coaches as the NWC Pre-Season favorites. This is not new ground for the 'Cats as Linfield has been tabbed as the pre-season team-to-beat 9 out of the past 10 years. However, what we know right now is that the NWC coaches haven't exactly been Nostradamus the previous 4 seasons. Linfield was picked as the NWC pre-season favorites from 2006-08 and was edged out by the Rats in 2006 and 07 and Willamette in 2008. So, the NWC coaches FINALLY decided to give the pre-season nod to somebody else this past year (Willamette) and guess what happens? Yup, Linfield says "Whoa, do you know who I am?" and blasts their way to an undefeated season and the 2009 NWC title.

So you have to ask yourself, is the NWC pre-season Coach's poll the kiss of death? Heck no, it's just that Linfield is considered the historical top dog of the NWC and for good reason. Willamette made a good case to be the favorite in 2009 with their 2008 performance. It's as simple as that. WC11 is not so superstitious where he believes in things like the Madden Curse or the SI jinx. I have no problem with the 'Cats having a target on their back and being seen as the top cat. Linfield has earned that honor and with the talent the 'Cats have back the coaches would have to be on a 5 hour bender of sniffing model airplane glue not to select Linfield as the 2010 NWC favorite.

There's a few other things that we should take a look at with regards to the poll. Willamette finishing 2nd was a no brainer and the Bearcats are very much going to be in lock step with Linfield for the NWC title. The early October match up between the 'Cats and Bearcats is going to determine who has the NWC 2010 title by the throat. The Bearcats do return some fine talent and if they can survive their early season meat grinder they are going to be a big time threat.

My only real surprise was to see PLU edge Whitworth out for the 3rd place. Yeah, Whitworth had a down year and PLU showed some signs of life towards the end of last year but the Rats where terribly hit with the injury bug and losing their work horse, Adam Anderson, early in the season was a blow Whitworth could never recover from. With Anderson back for a 5th year, I thought that the Rats would gobble up that 3rd spot with little resistance...apparently not.

L&C has been terrible for the longest time and even a head-to-head win over UPS last year still doesn't changes the coaches mind in giving the Pios a little hope and picking them 5th over the Loggers. If Willenbrock was back at the helm for UPS then you might have seen the coaches give the Pios the nod for the 5th spot but a new coach at UPS gives them enough to get over on L&C.

As for the Pios...they are getting healthier. Are they good yet? Nope but their roster is about at 70 this season and I hope they can get up to the 85-90 mark next season and that's when I think they'll start making some stands versus the middle of the NWC pack.

Pacific understandably is bring up the last spot and they are going to take their lumps as they re-start football in Forest Grove but I expect the Boxers to actually be a pretty decent team sooner rather than later. I think Pacific wants this to go well and we all know that if your administration is behind football and you have a solid coach then you will have a chance to do well. I just hope for all of hoping that the Boxers don't beat L&C this season. That might be biggest death blow the Pios could get.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two weeks left in Catdomealumni.com's 2010 video season.

We're in the last two weeks of Catdomealumni.com's 4th video season and with the end of the video season can only mean one thing; Wildcat football is just a few weeks away! The Mothership has two more videos left of the Linfield faithful, the 2010 offensive and defensive preview.

Now a word about these previews...since these are not written previews these come with a slight disclaimer. This means there are 'Cats that are going to be important parts of the offense/defense this season that may not get their due in the upcoming videos. For example, if I had posted up previews last season Trevor Patterson probably would have little or no clips up due to the injuries he battled the previous 3 seasons and my lack of footage. And we all know that Trevor went on to have a monster year for the 'Cats. So keep that in mind with the clips that it's not the gospel but a snapshot of the returners that WC11 was able to capture on video.

With that said...WOW! There is some promise with this upcoming team but that's one of the main challenges this group is going to face this season: not resting on last year's accomplishments. As Linfield fans know, we celebrate the victories of yesterday but we all want to know what's next and we expect our 'Cats to play hard and produce. This year is no different and if this team is focused on themselves and what they can control then we can expect a top level effort in 2010.

Are you ready?