Sunday, September 7, 2014

'Cats wrap up 2014 Fall Camp with annual scrimmage

Your Linfield Wildcats wrapped up their 2014 camp with the 'Cats annual scrimmage.  Coach Smith was very happy afterwards as you saw the flashes of what could be as this team starts putting the pieces together.  Above is a clip of some of the action as Linfield ran close to a full game simulation during the morning hours at the 'Catdome. (note on video: I didn't have the audio on my camera for about 3/4th of the scrimmage so that's the reason for the little music track)

We'll start talking about Chapman on Wednesday but early notes from the Linfield staff is nothing but respect for the talent and coaching for the Panther program.  The 'Cats are fully aware they're going to get pressed hard by an explosive offense and fast defense.   One of the head pundits (Keith McMillian) is calling for the Chapman upset so there are some who feel a new look Linfield is vulnerable early in 2014.  The good news is we get to find out soon just what the 'Cats have and I'm fired up to see this hard working group get a chance to shine under the lights.

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