Friday, September 26, 2014

The 'Cats get some new threads

Uniform Photos provide by Linfield student Katelyn Henson
Linfield Sports announced on Tuesday that the Linfield Wildcats have made their 1st major change in their uniform look since 1998.  Linfield isn't going hog wild with all sorts of crazy piping or bad design that will look foolish 5 years from now as the program is sticking to their traditional roots while still providing a major overhaul in the cut and material of the home gear.

While I LOVED Linfield's now old uniform set I'm equally excited for the new gear.  Tackle Twill numbers and embrodered lettering isn't a bad way to go and the players have made a number of comments on the comfort of the material and fit. The 'Cats will debut their new look on the home opener on Oct. 11 vs George Fox.

The 'Cats will stick to their current road white for the remainder of the season but look for a new stromtrooper look for 2015.  Go 'Cats!

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