Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cutting Room Floor: 2005 Concordia Playoff Game

Welcome back to this week's ADvantage Catdome's Cutting Room Floor. We didn't have enough extra behind the scenes footage from the 2009 Puget Sound home game so Wildcat11 decided to back into the archives to bring you some stripped down moments from a FANTASTIC 28-14 home playoff win in 2005 over the Concordia Cobbers out of the MIAC.

The Cobbers really came out and surprised the 'Cats with a 14-7 halftime lead and then Linfield adjusted to shut down the Cobber offense in the 2nd half and the 'Cats offense did the rest. The clip above I think does a good job in capturing the great environment you get at the 'Catdome during these types of games. It brought me right back to that Saturday. We'll be back on schedule next Wednesday with the cutting room floor clips from the 2009 PLU game.

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doc said...

Ah, that was no cutting room floor because at the 1:55 mark it had a patented Hazenburg cut-back which is always a highlight in my book.