Friday, September 17, 2010

Around The CatdomeO'sphere

Wildcat11 needs to apologize for not giving you the Around The CatdomeO'sphere post last week but I was hip deep in traveling down to Thousand Oaks for the 'Cats game. We have lots of reading for you this week as just about the whole NWC and Wildcat future opponents (Menlo) are in action this week. Enough with the small talk let's get to the links.

Linfield Review: Loss is not sitting well with 'Cats (page 16 of on-line issue) Daniel not Danny was a major pain for Linfield in the 2nd half 'Cats let lead slip away CLU takes wild win over Linfield

La Verne Campus Times: Leopards look to start season right

The Sun: La Verne is looking to add back more starters in time for Linfield (1/2 way in article)

Abilene reporternews: Bearcats drop game in the middle of nowhere (aka West Texas) Scott Schoettgen almost singlehandly keeps Willamette in it (video): Will-a-met gets dropped by Hardin-Simmons

Victory Sports Network: SOU looks to remain balanced vs Willamette

The News Tribune: Lutes hang on for season opening win over Hamline

Hamline Oracle: Pipers unable to blow in a win vs PLU

The Spokesman Review: Clearly the local paper doesn't care about the Rats 35-7 win over Pomona.

Times Standard: Humboldt State is looking to chop down Menlo (yes that was lazy)

Palo Alto Online: Menlo opens the season at 2-0 after overcoming Chapman

Oxyathletics: Occident puts a pounding on Puget Sound Pacific opens their first home game in 19 years. Canzano writes on the death of Pacific player Eric Ross back in 1991. (video): Pacific opens first home game in how many years? I forgot.

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Cris said...

With with the PLU win over CLU, it looks like this year on the west coast is not going according to the script. Should be interesting to say the least.