Thursday, September 15, 2011

NWC Pick 'Em Contest: Week 3

Linfield has the week of before hosting La Verne.
It was a great weekend for the ‘Cats and a great weekend for WC11 and the 2011 NWC Pick ‘Em Contest. YOUR defending champion, WC11, went 9 for 9 last week and that brings my two week total to 13 out of 15 and I’m locked in a 1st place tie with (509)Rat (a Whitworth poster and one time NWC Pick ‘Em Champion). NWC Pick 'Em Page (must be registered to view)

In taking a quick look back on week 2, going perfect is always a good feeling but I came close to missing the Pacific/Menlo game as either Pacific is better than I thought or Menlo is crappier than I thought. We’re going to have to wait a little more to see which one of those turns out true. Everything else went down the way I thought but was a little surprised by PLU only scoring in the 20’s vs Hambone but we’ll chalk that up to being a 1st game for the Lutes in their horrible new uniforms that don’t match. Why PLU? Why?

Northwest Conference:

#17 Redlands (1-0) over Whitworth (1-1) (at Whitworth): The Rats got back on track last week in dumping a terrible Pomona Pitzer but the bad news is that Redlands comes to Spokane two weeks after the Dawgs made national waves in beating then #4 North Central down in LA. Redlands currently has a 4 game winning streak over the Rats and I’m just don't have the faith that Whitworth will hold down the home field against what looks like a very athletic and SCIAC championship contender.

#19 Cal Lutheran (0-1) over Pacific Lutheran (1-0) (at Moorpark College): The reason why I say this game isn’t at CLU is that the Kingsmen sparkling new stadium (littered with soccer lines, one sided seating, and a brick wall 3 feet outside the South End Zone) isn’t complete yet so the game will be held at a local Junior College. Getting to the game, this has disaster written all over it for PLU. The ‘Lutes have proved to be a different team away from home and that team isn’t stellar. I think the Kingsmen are going to jump all over PLU and roll them like a California sushi roll.

Lewis & Clark (1-0) over Pomona-Pitzer (0-1) (at Pomona-Pitzer): The Pios not only beat CMS last week but just took Mudd-Scripps apart. Even though the Pios are traveling this week I just don’t see a bad Pomona-Pitzer team putting up much resistance. In looking at L&C’s schedule the Pios have a real legit shot at starting the season 4-0 before hosting Whitworth on Oct 15th. L&C at 4-0? Hang on, I need to check something. *looks out window* Nope, I don’t see any pigs flying.

Puget Sound(0-1) over Sewanee (1-1) (at UPS): Oh come on Puget Sound. Sweanee? Really? I know you don’t have a 1st year program to play twice this season but you’re really flying out some randomly bad team from Tennessee to get over on? If Lewis & Clark student, Rainier Goubault (Class of 2010) was attending UPS you know he would have something to say about this obvious set up game.

Willamette (0-2) over Southern Oregon (0-2) (at Willamette):  This was a tough one. Easily could be a battle between two teams that could be 2-0 right now if they played different schedules but both teams have to be feeling pretty desperate to get their 1st win of 2011. I don’t care that the Bearcats are 0-2. They’re a good team that will be a NWC contender and the ‘Cats better be ready to play when we head to Salem in a little over 2 weeks away. Southern Oregon is going through an identity change with their new coaching staff and it looks like folks down in Ashland are buying in. This should be an entertaining game but I’m giving the edge to Willamette based on Speckman’s scheme.

Pacific (0-2) over Claremont Mudd Scripps (0-1) (at CMS): Here it is, this is going to be Pacific’s best and last chance for a win until late October. It would be ashamed if Pacific doesn’t get the win down at CMS because the Boxers have been playing some solid stretches of football and have been close two weeks in a row. CMS just didn’t impress last week at L&C and if they take the Boxers lightly then CMS is going to wind up being a footnote in Boxer press releases from now till the end of time. I’m taking the Boxers and their aerial attack to putting up big numbers in the air to break the seal.

West Region Game of the Week:

Concordia Moorhead (2-0) over St. Johns (1-1) (at Concordia): It was a sad day in Collegeville last Saturday as Wisconsin-Eau Claire (picked 7th out of 8th in the WIAC), rolled into SJU, and went Rick James on the Johnnie’s couch by the tune of 47-19. It was 35-0 at half and you could hear the Johnnie faithful puking up their Stiftungsfest burgers at the sight of Johnnies getting outclassed by the Blugolds. The Johnnies can stop some of the bleeding this Saturday and winning at “The Jake” is something SJU has done with authority in the past but not this time. I look for The Cobbers to continue the SJU misery.

National Game of the Week:

#11 Cortland State (1-0) over #18 Kean (1-0) (at Cortland) Kean with the HUGE splash win last week in defeating then #3 Wesley 31-28. I don’t know much about either team except that Cortland State has been one of the best out East (which isn’t saying that much) the past 3-5 years and I’m taking the Red Dragons at home against a team that might have a bit of a hangover after winning such a big game for their program.


Anonymous said...

Those PLU uniforms are UGLY!

BP said...

This ought to vault Willamette (who've gone to the gold pants full-time) over PLU in your NWC uniform rankings, right?

Wildcat 11 said...


100% correct. If I reorganized the NWC Uni rankings based on PLU's new tragic home uniform they slide all the way from 2nd to 5th.

The Jersey tops themselves are decent by themselves but when you put the whole look together it's brutal with the helmet being gold and the accents being bright yellow.

Also PLU went with that moronic 3/4th pants stripe and it looks even more cheap that the thigh and knee pad stitching is done with white thread so you can see it in the black leg stripe. ( look at the photo gallery and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Just Brutal.

doc said...

This was a witty review that had me laughing - and my stomach hurts because of it.
IMHO I do not think the nolutes uni is so bad in the action still.

hannaman42 said...

RC you were in rare form today, HILARIOUS!