Monday, March 12, 2012

2011 Highlight Opening Clip has just posted up the 1st clip from Linfield Football's 2011 Highlight Video.  For many years now the 'Cats start up their annual highlight video with an opening that does its best to strike at the heart of what Linfield Football is all about.  I don't know if we always nail it 100% but I think we sure do make a great effort to capture the emotion and togetherness of the program.

What's new with this years clip is the image quality.  We shot this past season in an HDV format and amped up quality of the flash video playback.  Basically, we're giving you a darn good quality of video each Monday for the next 3 months.  Also, as I mentioned last week each new video this year also has the ability to be played in "full screen" mode.  So dim the lights, crank up the volume, and hang on tight....the 'Cats are coming.

Video: 2011 Opening Clip of the Linfield College Football Highlight Video

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Chris said...

AWESOME! Wow, you are doing great with these videos! I can't wait for the season but for now I am hoping our Baseball and Softball teams can get back to winning and we can bring home a couple more national championships! Congrats to Catherine Street on a side note!!!!!